Openings & Closings: Brooklyn Fare, My Pie, Juice Cube, La Beaute Salon

Brooklyn Fare market will open on October 15th in the former home of Western Beef on West End Ave and West 62nd Street. Local electeds have pushed for the new market to keep prices low, and apparently are happy with how things turned out. Thanks to Danielle for the tip.

My Pie pizzeria and juice-maker Juicy Cube at 166 West 72nd Street near Broadway have closed, according to several tipsters. The two operations were apparently owned by the same person. A note on the window at My Pie said “We tried so hard to survive and serve this neighborhood during the most difficult time, Covid-19 but we could not survive because of the high rent and loss of business.” Thanks to Gabe, Isabel, and Peter for the tips.

La Beaute Nail Salon is opening in the former home of Avanti Nail & Spa at 110 West 86th Street. Thanks to Upper West Sider for the tip.

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    1. Dolores Del Rio says:

      That’s a real shame. My Pie made awesome pizza like no one else in the neighborhood.

    2. Ish Kabibble says:

      My Pie was really good, imo. I didn’t order from them enough, and I regret it.

    3. Politicians taking a victory lap for supposedly low prices BEFORE the store has even opened??? How very special…

      Based on exactly what “preview”? As in, details?

      Shouldn’t those details be part of said boastful victory lap? Or is this just another dismal refrain from that old political tune, “Trust Me, We’ve Got You Covered”?

    4. NakedHikerNYC says:

      Brooklyn Fare is a good supermarket; I live near their Boerum Hill store. But it’s not inexpensive.

      • Lady Di says:

        you’re right – I used to live in midtown on the west side before all the Hudson Yards development started and Brooklyn Fare on West 37th had recently opened – great food, great produce and great pantry assortment, etc but not inexpensive (depending on what the item was). What was terrific was their frequent user program; the threshold was low to reach and I got money off my purchases on a regular basis. Hopefully they’ll have the same program at the new location.


    6. Curious Westsider says:

      What store is going in on West 75th the North West corner where the Indian restaurant used to be for so many years? Does anyone know the new restaurant/store going in? No sign yet.

    7. SadforUWS says:

      My Pie is no loss. I am infatuated with Pizza Collective nearby.

      • Ethan says:

        My Pie ran rings around Pizza Collective. (What a pretentious name, by the way.)

        • UWS-er says:

          My Pie was good. Pizza Collective is also good. And they’re similar styles, so if you miss My Pie, definitely recommend checking out Pizza Collective.

    8. Jeanne Farley says:

      Brooklyn Fare is not affordable!

    9. Ethan says:

      Goodbye, My Pie.
      Why? Why?

    10. Jean Luke says:

      My Pie used to be quite busy before the pandemic but seems like they lost a lot of business since then. I thought they had great pizza and Juicy Cube juices were great as well. Not sure what other concept would survive in that location as those were good concepts.

      Seems like 72nd St. retail is turning into a lot of non-retail uses as with the Dorm taking over the bag store and a Cardiology office taking the place of Rickys.

    11. SoSad says:

      My Pie was soooo good. And very affordable. Pizza collective is 2x the price.

      • SadforUWS says:

        My Pie had smallish slices. Pizza Collective slices are huge. Pizza Collective still offers a deal of buy any two slices get a classic slice free.

        • Pizza Collective Client says:

          Pizza Collective has raised the price for over half year. The deal is buy any two pizzas and get a third classic cheese for $1.

    12. Otis says:

      How exactly did Linda Rosenthal “ensure that another affordable grocery store” took the place of Western Beef.

      For starters, she has zero authority to mandate to Brooklyn Fare what its pricing strategy should be.

      Furthermore, can she explain how exactly this new supermarket is “affordable” and how she made it “affordable”.

      There are numerous supermarkets within walking distance of Brooklyn Fare. If its pricing strategy is not competitive it will not last long.

      Ultimately it’s up to consumers to determine if this supermarket is affordable.

      As usual, Linda Rosenthal is taking credit for doing absolutely nothing for her constituents.

    13. Cj berk says:

      Can anyone else help us get rid of the eyesore and rat infested pile of empty pallets that takes up the curb in front of Shop rite owned Fairway? Many of us have written and called and complained and yet the pike of junk remains. Its no wonder that blocks of stores remain empty.what merchant would want to be here? Add to this, we have the wandering mentally ill, the half-dressed in your face pan-handlers, the filthy streets, and on and on. Thanks to anyone Who can speak out and get us some help.

      • Charles says:

        Perhaps, letter writing and calling by some is not the answer?

        Maybe it is at the point where “WE THE PEOPLE”, in numbers, need to stand in front of the business with signs, cameras and social media accounts in order to create change?

        Was this problem waiting for someone like you to ORGANIZE equally upset neighbors?

      • Dani says:

        Aren’t those citywide issues though? I can’t imagine that those are just UWS problems.

        • Cjberk says:

          Thanks never see this in front of Morton Williams or Whole Foods or Westside Market or any other markets here. I tried to help a handicapped person into a cab but they couldn’t get near the curb due to Fairway inventory/garbage blocking the way. Even security guards comment on how this dangerous eyesore is allowed to exist. We also wrote to Gale Brewer. Next stop is exposure in the NY Post. But unfortunately, the group I was working with have moved to the east side. As they said, this was the final indignity. The east side has come alive; new stores, cleaner streets etc. A safer atmosphere. It was suggested and its probably true, this is old fashioned “mob” control….and we know the rest. The UWS can’t survive this right now.

      • Mark Moore says:

        If there are rats near Fairway take some pictures of them and post them on Twitter and tag Fairway, the NY Post and the Daily News. They’ll fix it. It worked before when they had rats inside the store.

    14. Also seems like Blockheads at 175 W 90th St also closed! Just walked by the location yesterday and it was all boarded up. Not sure if it is closed for good or just for renovations.

      • Mark Moore says:

        They boarded it up? I thought it was closed temporarily because of staffing issues. They were always busy when they were open.

      • Mike says:

        I saw a “for rent” sign yesterday on the windows. Too bad enjoyed blockheads.

    15. MB says:

      Blockheads on 91/Amsterdam is closed for good. But the Starbucks on 81/Broadway is back open!

    16. Fred DuBose says:

      “Thanks to Danielle for the tip.” — West Side Rag

      I’ve tried more than once to learn how to give WSR a tip — but to no avail. Help, please?

    17. RK says:

      Ditto for My Pie – really good, similar to Farinella which used to be on Amsterdam.
      Juicy Cube was also good, and both cheaper and more efficient than Juice Generation on the other side of 72nd. That place is often crowded because it takes the people FOREVER to make a smoothie.

    18. JE says:

      Juicy cube was awesome and had very friendly service. I went multiple times a week. Sad to see them go – I wish the landlord could have worked with them to keep the rent down.

    19. Isabella says:

      My Pie was the absolute best pizza in our neighborhood. For many years(since 1999) I have tried every pizza place within my delivery zone. When My Pie opened I finally found the best pizza! Sad to see them close. The only other pizza that came close was Farinellas and they too closed…. However have recently reopened near Columbus Circle. I tried Pizza Collective several times, but unfortunately, they are not nearly as good as My Pie

    20. w says:

      Bummer. I love My Pie.