Openings & Closings: The Mill, Felice, JOKR, Brilliant Veterinary Care, Upper 90 Soccer, Key Food

The Mill, a Korean restaurant that had been around since 1986 at 2895 Broadway off of 113th Street, has closed. A note on the door says that “the pandemic, labor shortages and everything in between was too much to overcome.” The Mill was popular in the Columbia community. “Thank you for your support as this little restaurant helped to sustain our family for so many years,” the note said. Thanks to Daniel and Dave Cook for the tips.

Jazz venue Dizzy’s Club reopened with live and virtual performances on August 19. For schedule and tickets, visit Dizzy’s Club — Jazz at Lincoln Center.   See Dizzy’s Club menu here.


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Italian restaurant Felice has opened in the former of Oxbow Tavern at 71st and Columbus. Felice has several locations around the city. Check out the menu.

Another rapid grocery-delivery service called JOKR has registered LLCs for addresses on the UWS, at 121 West 72nd Street (the former 50 year+ home of Long’s Bedding) and at 2409 Broadway between 88th and 89th. The company did not respond to a request for comment. Thanks to Upper West Sider for the tip.

Brilliant Veterinary Care, a full service small animal hospital, is open at 91st and Amsterdam.  Founded by Nicole Brilliant NcPsyA, Deborah Bayazit DVM, and Karen Heidgerd, Brilliant Vets is “one of a very few privately owned veterinary practices left in NYC,” they tell us. “We are bringing back your neighborhood vet!” It has 4 exam rooms, surgical and dental suites, digital radiology and ultrasound, cold laser therapy, and full in-house lab equipment. Their website is and they are currently accepting new patients.

Soccer gear store Upper 90 Soccer is opening a new location at 2345 Broadway at 86th Street after closing its former spot at 697 Amsterdam Avenue at 94th Street several months ago. Thanks to Lev for the tip.

A new Key Food is coming to 95th and Amsterdam, and is about two months from opening,  construction workers on site told UWS SOS. Thanks to UWS SOS for the photo.

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    1. Joe Rappaport says:

      I’m sorry to see The Mill Korean restaurant go. I remember its predecessor particularly fondly, a hole-in-the-wall hamburger joint with excellent milkshakes. It was run by Holocaust survivors, and The Mill honored its legacy by keeping the name.

      • Helen Miller says:

        Thank you for noting that The Mill was around before 1986!!! I have such a clear memory of going to The Mill back in 1982-84. I kept thinking it was not a Korean restaurant but rather similar food to Tom’s. Thanks for allowing me to stop questioning myself!! Phew!

      • TomF says:

        I remember that there was an incremental transition from classic luncheonette-cum-newsstand to Korean restaurant. For a time, you could get lime rickeys and egg creams at the counter on one side of the place and kimchi and barbecue at the tables on the other. Only in New York.

        • Deanna Martin says:

          I remember the egg creams! They were one of the last places that made them…sad to see them go.

        • Kyle D. says:

          If that’s your thing, the re-booted Wu & Nussbaum (the deli formerly known as Nussbaum & Wu) has a similar Chinese-and-Bagel deli setup. Plus ça change…

      • Kim says:

        Thank you for that bit of information on the name The Mill. I always wondered why a Korean Restaurant was named The Mill. They had good Korean food there!

    2. sg says:

      Best of luck to all new openings, but especially to Felice Columbus. Would have loved it when we lived in the neighborhood (2010-2018). We were regulars of Felice 15 on Gold St while we lived on Wall St.

    3. Rich says:

      The link to Brilliant vets is broken. You have a “.we” at the end that needs to be removed.

    4. dc says:

      Just tried newcomer Felice, and enjoyed it very much. Best of luck to them!

    5. Sunnys Mom says:

      Does anyone know what store is coming to W75 and Columbus northwest corner? The construction has progressed and they put in an elevator, very curious and no sign up yet but they allow you to peek in – there are window cutouts to look into the space.
      Curious westsider ~

      • Fred DuBose says:

        The long-vacant Muglai? The Da Capo eatery that abuts it has been doing well of late, so maybe they’re taking over the larger space.

    6. MaggieMay91 says:

      We were so sad to see The Mill has closed. We’ve been dining there for years and since my husband is vegan and we prefer ethnic food with some spice, it was one of our go-to places for tasty nutritious food. They are selling most of the items in the restaurant including $1 beer and $2 sake.

    7. Ann says:

      FYI: The “new” Key Food is just the old Key Food on 97th st moving to the new location at 96th st.

    8. lynn says:

      Does anyone know what’s happening with the Gristede’s story on 86th and Broadway? I haven’t been over there in awhile but if I’m not mistaken the store next to it (Banana Republic?) was also closed. It would be a great spot for another grocery store.

      • GG says:

        I can take this one….

        Nothing and nothing. And it has been that way for over 5 years now.

        I remember when 86th and Broadway was super prime retail real estate on the UWS. Oh well.

        • lynn says:

          Thanks for the update, lol. Pre-Covid I would take the 86th crosstown bus from work and stop at all those stores on my way home. I hope things pick up in that area soon.

          • charles says:

            These are turbulent times. 86th street Broadway will pick up again when owners of the property are realistic about rents in the commercial property market.

    9. Susan says:

      Always good news reading about new restaurants and businesses opening!

    10. Muriel Epstein says:

      I don’t have any pets now but if I did I would definitely go to Brilliant Veterinary Care. Deborah Bayazit was my Vet at Animal General many years ago and I was very sorry to see her leave.

    11. David says:

      When is Cipriani opening at Waterline Square?

    12. Rita S. says:

      I well remember the pre-1986 Mill; it made great egg creams. I always personally preferred to Tom’s which was similar in menu. I only frequented the Korean food incarnation a few times and it was fine.

    13. Jane Schauben says:

      I brought my kitty in for an annual exam. The experience at BV C could not have been better! Lovely, caring professional staff and the office is airy, friendly and welcoming! I’m so glad that they are open!

    14. DJay says:

      UWS is due for a real Korean BBQ joint. A restauranteur with a bit of prescience and good sense should start canvasing Columbus/Amsterdam for a location spot. It would do really well as the only Korean joint (aside from Mokja) for the UWS and MHeights communities.

    15. Leon says:

      I was sad when Upper 90 closed so glad that they are opening in another spot. That is a small location but I’m glad that space on Broadway is being filled with something useful. Best of luck to them!

    16. Steevie says:

      The Mill prior to 1986 was sort of what we used to call a candy store. They had a counter where you could eat, but they also sold magazines and newspapers. When I went in there to buy Penthouse the old man looked at me with a sad face.

    17. lynn says:

      This may be old news, but I was on the bus and passed 78th and Broadway and noticed a sign for “The Cottage,” in the old “La Caridad” window. I can never get my phone out fast enough to take pics. I hope they’re opening soon!

    18. sally says:

      I was a regular at the Mill from the mid 70s onwards. Breakfasts were cheap and delicious. Plus you could play the “numbers” courtesy of the fry cook Tony. The old couple(arm tattoos very visible)who owned the place were sweet and horrified to learn that their nephew had been stealing from them in the mid 1980s. He was supposed to have taken over when they retired. Instead the couple sold to “Tom” the current Korean owner. He didn’t get on with Tony and Renee the Spanish cooks. He introduced Bim Bim Bap rather shyly and brought in his wife to cook. It was a success. A nearby Korean godfather who owned a stationary store on 111th brought in flashy looking Korean investors. With their money the place was transformed little by little into it’s current shape. The work happened at night. Lunch counter meals were still available during the change. Eventually lime rickeys and egg creams were all that was left in homage to it’s lunch counter days. That was good business. People still came from all over to try those two drinks.

    19. MAD says:

      I loved to have breakfast at The Mill when I was at Columbia in the 1970s. Loved to sit at the counter and have coffee and a toasted corn muffin. I lost track when I moved to the UWS years ago, so thank you for these good memories.

      • Nina says:

        Same here. It was a classic luncheonette: lunch counter and candy store and newsstand.
        Our classmate worked the cash register as his parttime job.

    20. Dan says:

      The Mill Luncheonette features in Paul Auster’s fiction and memoirs. I believe it was where one protagonist buys a red notebook, which is mentioned in several works. I remember the luncheonette and its owners. Interesting how it transitioned into a completely different place.

    21. Jeff G says:

      Beard Papas is closed.
      Was open for about a week. But now it looks gutted inside.

    22. Mark Chandler says:

      Bummed. My favorite restaurant. I arrived NYC Fall of 1987 thus only knew The Mill in its Korean reincarnation. Other than Tom’s I think it might be the only restaurant on Broadway north of 110 that hadn’t turned-over since 1987.

    23. Heather says:

      The Mill has been my favorite restaurant on the UWS for the last 20 years. I am heartbroken.

    24. Karen Radkowsky says:

      Upper 90 Soccer is now open