Woman Handcuffed and Jailed After Being Stopped for Walking Her Dogs Off-Leash

Officers handcuffed Dora Marchand on August 4. Photo by Richard Baron Penman.

By Lisa Kava

On Wednesday August 4th, shortly after noon, Dora Marchand, 29, a technology recruiter who had recently moved to NYC from San Francisco, left her Upper West Side rental apartment to walk her two dogs in Riverside Park. Later that afternoon, she found herself in a holding cell at the 20th Precinct, after being arrested by Parks Enforcement Patrol (PEP) officers for walking her dogs off-leash and not having identification on her. She was held in handcuffs for close to two hours in Riverside Park, she told West Side Rag.

A witness said he was alarmed by the incident. Richard Baron Penman, who was out for his daily exercise running laps around the 74th Street track, said “it was disturbing how they treated her like a dangerous criminal pulling her around by the handcuffs. It was so unnecessary.”

Marchand moved to the Upper West Side from San Francisco on July 28th. She and her partner had been working remotely and wanted to try living in a large East Coast city. They were drawn to NYC, she told West Side Rag in a phone interview.

In San Francisco, Marchand regularly walked her dogs without a leash. “They are used to sidewalks, they know when to stop, they wait at a stop sign.” Marchand was aware of the off-leash rules in Riverside Park but had seen dogs off-leash in the area anyway. “I knew my dogs weren’t supposed to be off-leash but I didn’t think I would be arrested for it,” she said.

On this particular day, Marchand left her apartment on Riverside Drive at 71st Street, without her phone, wallet, or the dogs’ leashes, she recalled. After letting the dogs play in the area by the 74th Street track, she was on her way home when she was approached by a Parks Enforcement Patrol officer, she said. “He called me over and said this isn’t allowed, you need to have dogs on the leash. I said I was sorry and that I was about to go home. I said I didn’t mean to cause any harm,” Marchand explained. The officer was about to let her go with a warning, according to Marchand, but suddenly another officer appeared from across the field asking for her name, address and birth date. “He wanted to write a ticket. I gave him my name and birthday but could not remember my address since we just moved. I offered to walk him over to the apartment I am renting to show him where I lived. I offered to go home and get my wallet but he said that isn’t how it works. He said I was under arrest for not giving out my address and put me in handcuffs.”

A video taken at the scene by Penman shows the officers with Marchand.

“It felt like he was a man having a power trip. There was no calming him down,” Marchand said. “I was in the handcuffs for two hours while the officers were figuring out what to do with my dogs since they could not be taken to the precinct.” Additional officers arrived on the scene with cages and shock sticks to try to coerce the dogs into the cages, Marchand said. Ultimately, a passerby used her cell phone to help Marchand contact her boyfriend, who came to pick up the dogs. “He brought my wallet which had my ID, but the 2nd officer said it was too late and they were just going to book me,” she said.

A spokesperson for the Parks Department wrote in an email to West Side Rag, “On August 4, Parks Enforcement Officers attempted to issue a summons to a female patron in Riverside Park for two unleashed dogs on the soccer field. When she could not produce identification, she was taken to the local precinct where her identification was verified.”

“This patron has not been compliant with officers after warnings in the past,” the spokesperson added. But Marchand says she never had any previous encounters with parks officers at all, having only moved to the city a week prior to the incident.

West Side Rag asked the spokesperson why handcuffs were used, and if there were any other offenses committed by Marchand.

“Unfortunately, in this incident, the patron refused to comply with the rules as stated by both PEP and signage on sight. The patron also became confrontational and did not cooperate when asked for identification information. For the safety and protection of our officers, handcuffs are standard when we are transporting anyone to the precinct in a shared vehicle.” But Marchand says she remained composed and complied completely with the officers throughout the ordeal.

Richard Baron Penman also said Marchand was calm and cooperated with the officers. “From what I saw she was very cooperative, didn’t say much and just stood there.” He witnessed Marchand in handcuffs for at least an hour while he was running laps, and thought the officers seemed aggressive. “I was there before the park police arrived when Dora’s dogs were playing in the fields. Then an officer called out to Dora while she was walking away. I think this made them angry and they went overboard trying to show their authority.”

“I talked to the officers. They weren’t apologetic,” he said. “They first said it’s none of my business and they don’t have to answer questions. But then a crowd started to form and they tried to explain themselves. They said since Dora didn’t have ID on her they needed to arrest her until they could prove her identity.”

Ultimately, after an hour in the holding cell, Dora Marchand was released with a fine of $200 for not complying with officers and $100 for having the dogs off-leash, she said. “I don’t want this on my record, and I don’t think I should have to pay for something that they put me through the wringer for.”

The spokesperson for the Parks Department did not respond to the Rag’s follow-up questions: why was Marchand placed in handcuffs for an extended period of time in the park prior to entering the vehicle; why was she still charged with not having ID after her boyfriend brought the ID; and do officers use devices to shock animals to get them into cages. West Side Rag also asked for a link to the rule stating that failure to carry identification in the park is grounds for arrest. The spokesperson did not respond.

How does Marchand feel about it all? “A bit powerless. I couldn’t sleep that night.”

She’s puzzled at the scale of the response. “Just thinking how at least 15 different people had to deal with me and not walking my dogs on a leash when there are literally murders and theft happening all the time in New York.”

Asked if she will take her dogs again to Riverside Park off-leash, Marchand replied “While I live here, I’ll take the dogs off-leash late at night. Or at least stay at the upper deck of the park where it seems socially alright. There are more serious crimes happening in NY than walking a dog off-leash. There was no reason for the situation to escalate this far.”

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    1. Crankypants says:

      I am 100% for enforcing existing laws like these, but it amazes me—with all the obvious, more serious infractions everywhere we look—this is the one that lenforcement decided to pursue.

    2. IdaB says:

      In recent weeks I’ve seen everything on the upper west side, from drugs being sold on the corner of 79th and Broadway, human excrement on the streets, numerous homeless people begging – sometimes aggressively.
      And the police put a woman in handcuffs for having her dogs off leash? Is there more to this story or did the police in fact over react?

    3. Glen says:

      I walk my dog in Riverside Park all the time, I’ve seen the Parks police on a number of occasions ask people to leash their animals, always *very* politely. I find it hard to believe this would have happened to Karen had she just said, “Certainly, officer,” and apologize by saying she’s new in town. As disturbed as the bystander claims to be, I posit that more people would be disturbed by untethered dogs running around and potentially defecating wherever it suits them.

      • Sarah says:

        No, actually we do really care more about cops arbitrarily arresting people than we do about off-leash dogs!

        • Bob Lamm says:

          I’m with you, Sarah. This story reads like a HUGE overreaction by the police.

        • Dave says:

          Wrong. We care about off leash dogs in riverside park Between 72nd and 79 at any hour. You might not know but this is the only sliver of park that is 24 hours no dogs off leash. It’s clearly posted.

          • Sarah says:

            Do you have a hard time with the idea that you might care about one thing, but yet care about another, more serious, issue more?

        • HJ says:

          HUMM, after being attacked by a dog, I am far more concerned with dogs off lease than I am with anything else in this situation. The cops making an arrest b/c they could not verify her address makes sense, so too with the time she was handcuffed, they didn’t know how to deal with the dogs safely, hence the wait.

      • Leigh says:

        Does every white woman in the news now have to be referred to as a “Karen”? So tired of this being overused and used where it doesn’t apply. Her story matches with the witness. And the spokesperson’s comments don’t jive with her history (ie new move, lack of priors)… so why the disbelief?

        Personally, I’m tired of dogs being off-leash when they’re not supposed to be. As someone with a toddler, it’s super frustrating to constantly be on high alert the whereabouts of others’ dogs. People may think their dogs are safe, but there’s no way parents can know for sure. This does seem to be quite an overreaction on the part of the officers. All for them enforcing the rules, but not so harshly!

        • Bob says:

          Yeah, the spokesperson’s suggestion that she had prior contact with the park police when that was all but impossible makes me think the second officer who bounded over angrily must have mistook her for someone else — and of course a police officer cannot admit to being wrong under any circumstances, so what choice did he have but to brutally arrest her to protect his ego?

          • Agnes Frank says:

            “Must have MISTOOK HER”? What language is that?

            • mh says:

              Ha ha ha!!!

            • A says:

              Mistook is English. Look it up. (Preferably before the snarky post next time).

            • Anna says:

              I don’t like that they did that. Haven’t we experienced enough fear this year without Parks Department staff bullying people who aren’t a threat? When two strong, young men treat a non-belligerant woman that way, I can’t help thinking they’re getting off on the power trip. What they did was way out of proportion in that situation, almost like they just wanted an excuse to use the handcuffs and didn’t care if it was a good one. (Handcuffs! Why???)

              That said, I do think she deserved a big fine. Dogs can be unpredictable and there are small children in the park. That story that commenter Wallenweller told about the pitbull mix coming up behind his wife and biting her was scary. There are good reasons for these leash laws.

          • geoff says:

            angry and brutal. hmm… over dog owners acting as scollflaws.

            was there violence? disobedience? resisting arrest? were you terrified?

            sounds more like your flavoured opinions.

          • DC says:

            Many people complain about unleashed dogs and it’s the responsibility of Parks officers to correct the problem. She has been in town for a week and that’s at lest 14 walks for her dogs. Why would anyone say it’s all but impossible to have been previously warned by an officer. In light of the fact that she said she will continue to walk them off leash but in a different part of the park I would not be surprised if that second officer had issued a warning. It’s distressing to witness anyone being arrested. I think she is 100% responsible for her discomfort and I suspect it will happen again to her.

            • RAL says:

              oh for goodness sakes – with the huge quality of life issues we have in the parks on a daily basis – scooter and mopeds s at 40 mph – parks department just sit and watch – and they decide to handcuff someone for dog of the leash. Was said dog causing imminent danger running around wildly? Just give the woman a ticket. Sounds like a macho man play to me – especially when they cannot site any laws or procedures for the arrest to the press? I walk around all the time – and run – with no ID – am I in danger of ending up in handcuffs?

        • Joe says:

          It’s crazy that they’ll arrest her for having dogs off-leash, but I’m constantly tripping over little children while their parents are staring at their phones.

          If thing should be on a leash, it should be children.

        • Kmac says:

          Not everyone is a “Karen” jack a$$. Witnesses corroborate her story. The video shows her being very peaceful. If you find it hard to believe that officers would be on a power trip and escalate a situation unnecessarily then you are not paying attention to what’s going on in the world

      • Kiana says:

        I care about this happening to her…and I’m concerned about your callous response. I find your response very disturbing. You sir are not to be relied on or trusted to be compassionate or human.

      • EricaC says:

        I agree the rule should be enforced. She should have received a ticket, and I think a sizeable one. But we are not required to carry ID in the US, and being arrested for what is at most a misdemeanor, and treated rudely (witnesses said she was cooperative) is unreasonable.

        • Mark Moore says:

          If you break any law including jaywalking and don’t have ID they’re most likely going to take you in until they can confirm your identity. The alternative is taking your word for it, and there are a lot of people who would lie and give a fake name. Carry ID if you’re going to break the rules.

        • RS says:

          For a ticket to have been issued an address and ID needed to be supplied.

      • Roger says:

        Her name is Dora. What’s with the “Karen” remark?

      • Monica says:

        Did you not read the article? And….. how rude you are…her name is not “KAREN” but your name is surely Mr. Pompous

    4. Sarah says:

      In NY, there is no requirement to carry identification. However, if you are arrested or being written a summons and refuse to identify yourself to an officer (this does NOT require an ID card), you may be detained until your identity can be verified. I don’t know if “identify” in this sentence includes the address, so I don’t know if the cops were technically within the letter of the law until her boyfriend arrived with her ID. Once he did, though, they were exceeding their authority.

      Even if they were, though, what spectacularly bad judgment. Sure, write her a ticket if you want (yes, yes, her dog shouldn’t have been off-leash in an onleash area, can we not have that argument), but the waste of resources for NOTHING in arresting her. This is a cop having a bad day and taking it out on whoever he thinks it’s safe to. If the cops want the support of the community, they need to stop acting like toddlers. And then not to out and out lie about her alleged prior encounters with the cops! How hard is it not to lie about this kind of thing, and why can’t we expect that from cops?

    5. Steven Stern says:

      Marchand will continue to walk the dogs off-leash because she is above the law. When women got the right to vote, it apparently gave them the right to do whatever else they want, all in the name of being a woman. Women’s rights, right on! Following the law is for other people.

      • Susan says:

        Men commit crimes at a higher rate than women across the board. I guess it’s because they’ve had the right to vote longer, if I’m following your logic.

      • Marci says:

        Steven Stern, misogynist much? When women got the right to vote?? How old are you that you even consider that any kind of argument?

      • Elizabeth says:

        Your comment is beyond ridiculous.

      • Veronica says:

        That’s so funny! I wasn’t expecting comedy when I started reading these comments. Nice one! Thanks for the laugh!

        • Joseph says:

          I agree, Veronica; I literally laughed aloud, disbelieving that this mentality still existed in NYC. I also find it hard to believe that anyone would advertise such misogynist pride by posting such a comment.

      • Women Rock!!! says:

        Steven Stern is an ass – what you think only women break laws? Grow up you chauvinistic pig!

        • charles says:

          How come when I use the term ass West Side Rag does not publish my remark.The rest of my remark is innocuous.

          Is this an example of reverse discrimination against males.

      • Giulia says:

        Really, Steve? Of all the ways to respond to this incident, you chose blatant misogyny bordering on “Handmaid’s Tale”-level fascism? I hope I never run into you on the Upper West Side.

      • SMH says:

        “When women got the right to vote”….wtheck is wrong with you?

      • Bob Lamm says:

        Utter misogyny.

      • aj says:

        huh? how was this incident extrapolated to all women?

        • Josh says:

          Often see these types of comments from men after they ask a woman out for a date and get turned down flattly. Kind of an attempt to get their dignity back.

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        I know you’re going for laughs here, but many won’t think it’s parody.

      • Robert Young says:

        Steven Stern has unresolved issues. WSR is probably not the best forum to work those out.

    6. Michael says:

      If the Parks Department came to Central Park and enforced 1) cycling on the pathways and 2) dogs off leash between 9am and 9pm, they would not only be making the park safer but would also cover their budget. Please please please come to Central Park.

      • James Demetrios says:

        Question: since when is it illegal to not carry your ID. Did we suddenly become Russia?

    7. Halcyon says:

      Might be a bit overkill, but hopefully a warning to all the owners letting their dogs run around unleashed. Some people are afraid of dogs. I’m not generally but it can still be quite scary when they run toward you barking and you don’t know if they’re going to attack. And then you don’t even get an apology. Happens way too often.

    8. David says:

      Seems a little petty. I think they would better spend their time going after a the motor scooters/cycles I see when riding my bike.

      • Concerned UWSer says:

        Totally agree with David: now more than ever, it’s dangerous to just walk on the pedestrian-only or shared walkways due to all the fast-moving motorized scooters and bikes~ wouldn’t it be great if the officers enforced those safety measures before someone else gets seriously hurt in Riverside Park?

        • RS says:

          Totally agree. Dogs off leash should be enforced, but those motorized vehicles on the bike paths are typically more dangerous and will eventually lead to injuries and possible casualties unless park “police” start cracking down on them. Just treat people with respect and patience.

      • Lisa says:

        Why didn’t she leash her dogs immediately upon being confronted by the officers? Sounds like she thinks it’s a stupid law and therefore doesn’t have to follow it. No sympathy for this chick.

    9. Charles says:

      Dogs off leash is against the law and the owner should be written a ticket and fined. Period. But how can you write a ticket to a person without ID. I am terrified of dogs off leash because 1. I was bitten as a child by one 2. I have a dog who is always leashed and it can be attacked and I would be helpless to protect him.
      It is irresponsible and selfish, and many people do this.

      • Josh says:

        I had a dog that was really great with people but not with other dogs because he had been abused and trained to fight. Our ONLY issue walking him in the city were dogs off leash coming up to him. The threat to other dogs was completely contained by our lashing of him, and we would just tell other owners that he couldn’t play because he wasnt good with other dogs. But if a dog is off leash, the other owner has no real control over their dog, and that is extremely unsafe. And if my dog would have potentially killed theirs, they would have blamed me. Even though my dog was on a six foot leash that I would shorten to a foot and half when approaching another dog.

    10. Ted says:

      I’ll shake things up. Look at the picture. You realize if the races of the cops doing the arresting and the arrestee were reversed, there’d be riots in the streets of NYC and other big cities and it would be leading every newscast and on the front page of every paper about “racist cops” , white supremacy, etc. No doubt.

    11. babrarus says:

      Two weeks ago, in Riverside Park, around
      79th street, at 3:30pm, two men were defecating on the walk way, while a
      few other people were around.
      A few minutes later, I saw a park policeman, stopped him and told him what I saw.
      He said that there’s nothing he can do
      about this.
      So – a woman walking her dogs without a leash
      gets hand cuffed and hauled to the station, fined a total of $300, yet, two men defecating on the walk way is something the cops can’t do a thing about.
      Welcome to New York city.
      What a place!

      • RAL says:

        the woman was easy fodder for a ticket – unlikely to cause a fight and unlikely to cause a riot – except in the WSR

    12. LetMeWalkMyDog says:

      These aren’t police officers, they’re Parks Enforcement Patrol. They have a thing out for off-leash dog walkers. I’ve seen them detain and terrorize others in this same way. Sure, write a ticket, but why the drama?

      On a related note, Riverside Park has become dirty and poorly maintained over the last couple of years. I know NYC’s parks budget is tight, but maybe we should shift some of it from the dog-walking Stasi to some cleanup efforts.

    13. RF says:

      While this does seem excessive, the argument that this adult women does not remember her address is an issue. In addition, if she was allowed to go home, what are the chances she would return, and what would happen to her dogs? There are signs in all the parks about when/if dogs are allowed off leash, and if her dog is the one pictured, she would have no safe way to bring it home without a leash. Leash laws are in place for safety, and also because many owners do not have full control over there dogs. If this woman’s dog had bitten someone, everyone would be complaining that there were no officers there to arrest her!

      • uwsgrl says:

        She just moved, so perhaps she didn’t remember the full address at the time, especially if flustered. Also, they could have walked her home. Be logical.

    14. John E. says:

      Seriously? As much as I detest dog walkers who feel like letting their dogs run wild in the park, the one officer who was going to let her off with a warning was doing the right thing.

      The other one decided to play “real cop” for the day. Jerk of a move on his part.

    15. Robert Shanley says:

      This kind of park enforcement is long overdue. I live near a designated “passive” lawn in the park at 91st (no dogs or active sports). On any early morning this area looks like a dog run. All the dogs are unleashed and out of control. Let’s restore the park rules and also enforce them.

      • UWSsider says:

        I agree with ticketing dog owners that keep them unleashed. I leash my dog. And if you don’t have ID for ticketing, that is unfortunate. The handcuffs and detention were agressive though. Did you catch. her response was not, “I will leash my dogs,” but “I will find a place and time I won’t get caught going forward.” You could buy several leashes for $300.

        I too wish they would spend more time on illegal scooter/motor cycles on the sidewalks.

      • Sarah says:

        Early morning (before 9am) dogs are allowed off leash in most of Riverside park, so your complaint isn’t relevant to this issue. Those dog owners are likely not breaking the rules.

      • EricaC says:

        I would actually like it a lot if they were similarly vigorous about enforcing the rules telling people Thanks stay off the lawns when the lawns are “resting”. It irks me to see people in those closed off lawns, as though the entire effort of the park is to permit those specific individuals to lie on the grass when they feel like it, even if it happens to be during the renewal period for that piece of lawn. But I’d want tickets, not full-blown arrest.

    16. Nancy says:

      What is happening in NYC? I wasn’t aware that one had to carry an ID with them when out for a walk! And handcuffing a person because they were walking their dogs off the lead? What a police state the city has become. Frightening. Glad I no longer live in the city.

    17. Maxine says:

      There are much more serious things going on in this city than this.
      But PLEASE- follow the leash rules, don’t put yourself and your pups in danger. She didn’t even bring a leash??
      I don’t understand how a grown, professional woman goes out with no phone, no ID, no leash and can’t remember her address.
      But again- they should have walked her home to get her ID. Arresting her is barbaric.

      • Marcus Bierce says:

        I agree. Her story does not add up.

        No leash with her either? And not remembering her new address?

        When you move to a new place, wouldn’t you want to be especially conscientious of the basic rules and… your new address?

        To answer others, sure, you can walk around without an ID, but then you better remember and be honest with the information in that ID, or face consequences such as this.

    18. MS.JG says:



      This is an example of excessive force by the Park Police. To arrest this woman is gross incompetence.

    20. Maria says:

      Hypothetical question: If she were hit by a car or mugged without ID, what would have been the consequences? Our tax dollars would be spent sorting her stuff out. Sorry. No sympathy party here.
      She needs to learn how to act as a responsible adult.

      • uwsgrl says:

        I hope you never accidentally forget your wallet, or choose to run an errand without it. Perhaps exercising more sympathy for others would help everyone.

    21. NM says:

      What a complete waste of taxpayer dollars. The Parks Department should be mortified! How about you deal with use of drugs throughout the park and all of the motorcycles that ride through Riverside endangering children and other pedestrians?! Get your priorities straight!

    22. disgusted nyer says:

      in defense of the lady she shouldve had a leash for the dogs to put them on when 2 toy cops came around ….in defense of the “toy cops” there is none. I wonder what would’ve happen if several “youngsters” were sitting on a park bench smoking pot drinking and loud music, most likely they went the other way

    23. Sjrotts says:

      “I knew my dogs weren’t supposed to be off-leash but I didn’t think I would be arrested for it.”

      Well, now you know.

    24. Mark D. Friedman says:

      Ridiculous, cops won’t stop a driver for no blinkers or running lights, bikes running lights, motorcycles going the wrong way or a multitude of other serious infractions but let’s arrest a woman for no leash. Ridiculous

    25. Ellen Jacobs says:

      1) The off leash laws need to be posted at the entrance to the park. They are nowhere to be seen.
      2) Handcuffing someone and bringing her to the Precint is incredible overkill, especially when bikers, and now, motor bikes are speeding through the park turning a walk in Riverside Park into a stroll on the westside highway. have never seen a bicyclist or a motor bike rider stopped. When I mentioned this to one of the park attendants, he looked at me and said: “I’m gonna risk my life.” So instead they go after dog owners. Why does Riverside Park not have the same of leash rules as Central Park (9am to 9pm) where at least one never feels threatened by entitled cyclists who give you the bird when you complain about their unchecked speed.

      • robert says:

        They are clearly posted at the park entrances. You might have missed them as a dog owner I have always kept my dog on a leash. There are always folks IE self-appointed community leaders that have a fit when they see a dog of leash and will call parks on them. The best ones I love are those biking on pedestrian paths or the promenade that yell the most about dogs in general.

        • Josh says:

          Bikes are allowed on the promenade. So yeah, an off leash dog can be very dangerous to someone riding a bike. And this can also be very dangerous for the dog as well.

      • Josh says:

        The signs are everywhere in the park.

    26. CMUWS says:

      The boldness of Ms Marchand. After all this, she’s quoted in the final paragraph saying that she’ll keep bringing her dogs to the park off leash. Why in the world don’t people think the laws apply to them?

      • uwsgrl says:

        She said late at night. There are areas where dogs can be off leash after 9. Perhaps that is what she meant.

    27. robert says:

      You can blame all of our neighbors that thought they could play games with NYPD/Park Police. For years people gave phony names like Gretta Garbo to them when they gave out tickets. If you can produce ID when asked to you can be held at the precinct until your ID is cfm. This law has been tested many times and found to be constitutional by SCOTUS. This woman was not “arrested” as she claimed, she was detained. This is a big difference and does not create an arrest record in the system.

    28. Sheila wolk says:

      Stupidest thing I have seen so far, those cops were out of control, we here in Manhattan are much nicer than this and the cops could have walked with her to her new place and not scare the hell out of her… I bet she moves out of NY soon which would be our loss

    29. Janice says:

      This story reads like–and I believe the eye witness and the victim–like an ENORMOUS overreaction by the police.

      I think the cops here should be penalized. I mean, I get writing her a ticket, but handcuffing her and using shock sticks for the dogs.If I were this victim, I would sue the cops for this. Cause this is WAY over the top.

    30. K9 says:

      Good. You people and your dogs are a plague of entitlement and low spatial awareness on this neighborhood.

    31. Estelle Kraushar says:

      Ms. Marchand knew the rules and chose to break them. If she gets a pass, everyone should. Then no one will have their dog on a leash. She could have just used one of those illegal expandable leashes that stretch beyond the 6 foot limit. Everyone gets away with that.

    32. robert says:

      She mentions that she will keep walking her dog where it is socially acceptable, pls be advised that the fines go up sharply for 2nd, 3rd etc offenses.
      Believe it or not its actually against NYS law to dispose of dog poop in a public trash can, your supposed to take it home, I guess?!!?

    33. Mark P says:

      All of my sympathy is for the officers, who have the unpleasant job of enforcing rules that are frequently and flagrantly broken by people who are often dismissive at best and aggressive not infrequently.

      None of my sympathy is for the woman, who knew the rules and cared so little that she didn’t even have leashes on her. She didn’t mean any harm? Drunk drivers don’t mean any harm either. Dogs off leash can and do harm – that’s why we have these rules! I know, because several years ago I broke my collar bone trying to avoid hitting an off-leash dog that ran across the road to the surprise of its owner.

      That dog owner was very apologetic. I don’t see any sign this woman is. Pointing the finger every where else but herself. I’m not saying she’s a bad person. Her behavior, though, IS.

      • Richard says:

        Jaywalking is illegal, but not enforced. Should the police start handcuffing jaywalkers?

    34. Elizabeth Inserra says:

      I must say that leaving the house without ID is one thing, but leaving with two dogs and zero leashes is a whole other thing. I don’t see a male power trip here, I see a whole lot of stupid everywhere.

    35. Spence says:

      Outrageous. A fine, yes. Handcuffs and jail in this case are an abuse of power and the officers should be re-trained.

    36. Ish Kabibble says:

      What a joke. Those officers should be fired. No ifs, ands, or buts. Common sense must play a roll in their enforcement. What a complete waste of resources. I wish I could say what’s really on my mind about this, but I’m sure it would be moderated.

      • Phoebe says:

        Ish: You’re probably right. I think I was “moderated” because my final statement said that she probably wasn’t carrying poop bags either. As for “buts,” she was probably smoking and flinging butts. Sounds like she was “cool like that.”
        And yes, I disagree with you. Love your name, though.

    37. CM says:

      The hubris of Ms Marchand saying she plans to continue walking her dogs off leash after all this makes it easy to believe the officers when they say she was confrontational and uncooperative. She has decided the leash laws don’t apply to her.

    38. Mike says:

      I was outraged by this. Then I got to the last paragraph: “Asked if she will take her dogs again to Riverside Park off-leash, Marchand replied “While I live here, I’ll take the dogs off-leash late at night…” and I have to believe with that continued insistence on defying the rules there must be a bit more to this story. But…with all the dangerous situations currently going on around us, this seems like total BS and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

    39. Ronald D. says:

      What phenomenally poor judgment on the part of the police, for all the reasons that have been stated here. Power trip indeed!

      And so I was completely on the side of Ms. Marchand until I got to the part where she said that she would continue to take the dogs off-leash. I hope they catch her again and that the fines increase for successive offenses. What chutzpah.

    40. Paul says:

      Why would ANY responsible dog owner leave their apartment in NYC with two dogs and NO LEASH…even as a back up? Good dog owners, and good neighbors, don’t do that. So that makes everything else about her sob story suspicious.

    41. mkmuws says:

      She was in the wrong, and her determination to continue to flout the rules is outrageous. And yeah, what about the blatant thugs on motorized two-wheelers?

      But I have learned from bad encounters reported by this site and other local news to carry my ID, which I also used to not do for a harmless stroll or outdoor activity nearby. We live in a police state and also have high crime. This is really unacceptable for what in many other ways is such a great city. Do we need to defund PEP now?

    42. HERB BARDAVID says:

      Outrageous. Little boys playing cops. They should be ashamed of themselves. And lying as all cops do to justify their actions

    43. Carol says:

      Seems like somebody with no boundaries using their power to take out a personal issue on an unrelated individual.

    44. BonnieO says:

      So just put the dogs on leashes. The fact that the copes over-reacted doesn’t make it right. I am concerned that she plans to do it again, in another part of the park. It is illegal to walk a dog without a leash anywhere in New York city except in specifically designated locations. If you don’t like that run for city council.

    45. Anik Oulianine says:

      Just leash your dogs, please!!!! For the safety of all…dogs, people, squirrels, birds, whatever.

    46. Otis says:

      Today on my commute to/from work I saw three people jump the subway turnstile.

      There are real crimes out there that the NYPD should be attending to. This was police overkill by two power hungry clowns and this woman should get a good lawyer to sue the NYPD.

      • Phoebe says:

        Her sense of entitlement is more of a violation than
        jumping turnstiles. If you need it to be explained, I’ll come back later.

        • Otis says:

          She has no “sense of entitlement”. She’s a woman new to the city and she is unfamiliar with local laws and norms. She is not a danger to anyone.

          And yes, hopping a subway turnstile is a quality of life problem that impacts us all.

    47. Marco Aurelio says:

      I feel sorry for this lady but the fact is she needs to learn to follow the rules.

    48. MarkG says:

      Seems the police response was excessive. But, really, what was this woman thinking? Let the abuse with no money,, no id, no leash. On a walk through Riverside via NYC STREET? I’m a dog owner. That irresponsible. Welcome to NYC. Check your SF anarchy at LGA.

    49. Rima Grad says:

      I was with my dog in a fenced area in Roosevelt park. My dog was off leash and in an area marked no dogs. Two female park dept officers approached me, asked for ID and gave me a summons and I was free to go. What happened to this woman is inexcusable. What a way to welcome a newcomer to the city.

    50. Susan Sputz says:

      Just appalling! What an outrageous abuse of power. I hope these men lose their jobs or at the very least will be suspended without pay for an extended period of time.

    51. Vince says:

      Recently, I witnessed the same two PEP officers ignoring two motorcyclists racing down the pedestrian only promenade in that same area. They could have easily stopped them. Why didn’t they enforce that event? Yes, the woman broke the law but I guess it’s easier to just pick on a helpless woman, than confront two male delinquents.

    52. Melissa Marlin says:

      Are these even NYPD officers? Doubt it. 2 idiots with too much authority. What an embarrassment for the once great city of NY. Horrendous. A fine would suffice but really …? in todays climate.
      And for these 2 idiot bully’s who reinforce defund the police i hope you get all you deserve on this simply stated … not meant for a position of power. I am sorry to the lady who moved here from SFO to experience such a ridiculous and horrible NYC.

    53. kdiaz says:

      Good. This neighborhood is overrun with dogs, and I am glad they someone is finally enforcing the leash rules. They should do the same to people who allow their dogs to crap in the middle of the sidewalks.

    54. Hollander Susan says:

      Oh my god. Homeless people sleeping on every other bench in Riverside Park and the police are worried about a few dogs off leash. Ms Merchand should have been given a warning, no excuse! Yes dogs should be on a leash other then indicated pet play areas but what the police did was over the line and excessive!

    55. Papa Ra Della says:


    56. Janet W. says:

      Men in uniforms confronting a cooperative female – boyz having fun playing Cops ‘n Robbers. Take their uniforms off & the boyz are suddenly just average Joes – which they don’t like to be. They need the uniform & the badge & the COP talk to feel like they are special. And they targeted a woman. How sad. To Glen: Her name is Dora. Can you read? To S. Stern – you are beneath contempt.

    57. Ben says:

      Im glad they are enforcing the rules but it sure seemed like the cop was on a power trip of some sort. There was simply no need to go to such great lengths, especially after the boyfriend showed up with the ID. Write her a ticket and let her go.

    58. Maxine DeSeta says:

      That is sad. I never have ID with me–just my dog, treats, and keys. My dog has to stay on leash because he is a hunter and not as well trained as these dogs. They should have just waited for her Id and given her a ticket for off leash. Totally unecessary.

      • Paul says:

        Your dog has to stay on leash because of the laws and the need to respect others.

    59. Wallenweller says:

      My wife was bitten by a pitbull mix while walking to work through central park. She never even saw the dog before the bite. It just came up behind her and bit her on the tush. The owner was a complete pill about getting us a copy of the vaccination records. My wife has PTSD from the incident. She would never admit it but I see the fear when off leash big dogs are around. Previously she had no fear of dogs. So while I love dogs I do understand why there are leash laws and why they need to be enforced.

      When I was in school I had a job that required me to enter backyards. Everyone said their dog was friendly but around a stranger my experience said, “not so much”. Dogs are awesome but people’s safety comes first.

    60. ryetoast says:

      PEP is a waste of taxpayer $; they ignore menacing homeless, illegal drug use, public urination, defecation, and littering. They cruise park pedestrian sidewalks in patrol cars instead of interacting with the community they should be serving. In my 3 encounters with PEP, they were rude, aggressive, and ill informed re park and general civic laws. As a New Yorker and daily park patron, I am ashamed of the treatment Ms. Marchand received in their hands. Handcuffs? Dog crates? ID?

      and I hope Steven Stern gets some professional help.

    61. lynn says:

      I agree that Marchand should have had her dogs on a leash, but there was absolutely no reason for her to be treated that way. Keep in mind that the police can arrest you for anything they perceive to be an offense. When I was on the UES I saw a man came out of a swanky store carrying gift bags, and he handed money to a homeless person in front of the store. The homeless man ran up the street to the deli and someone told the police that he must have stolen the money, and the police had him face down on the car and handcuffed before he could even speak up. When the man who gave him the money tried to explain that it was all a misunderstanding he was also handcuffed and put in the back of the squad car. He shouted to me to please go into the store and tell them to contact his wife. I was in utter shock. Neither man did anything wrong and yet they were both handcuffed and taken to the jail. 🙁

    62. Mauled says:

      After I saw news that 19 month old kid was mauled by a pet dog and died from over bleeding, dog off-leash should be strictly controlled by law. Dogs could be mentally violent after the covid stress.
      Under arrest in NYC means, few hours later the arrest will be released anyway. Not a big deal. The same crime is repeatable again.

    63. K says:

      The headline is a little misleading – it doesn’t seem like she went to jail for walking her dogs offleash – she went to jail for not providing officers her true information. Obviously there are more serious crimes, but it’s annoying that people think they « should » be able to break the rules. I’m a dog owner – I would love to be able to have my dog offleash when I want to. I can’t. So my sympathy for someone who thinks she can is kind of low.

    64. Gabby says:

      Dog owners need to realize dogs are not humans and they need to be leashed. I am fully supportive of upholding the laws.

    65. denton says:

      I’m sure glad this is getting all this publicity and comments. Hopefully some of the commenters are dog owners who will now keep their dogs on the leash. Like we do.

    66. Amitah Cohen says:

      Moral of the story. Carry id and don’t have your dog unleashed. DONE.|

    67. Concerned UWSer says:

      I dealt with Officer Baptiste, pictured, last Friday. He stopped me coming down the bike ramp leading down to Pier I. He was very menacing, threatening, and accusatory. Threatened to take my bike because I did not have ID on my – I was on a bike ride, i don’t normally carry my ID. Wrote me a $50 ticket for lying when I said I was cruising down the ramp with my foot on the group, not biking. The encounter was so disturbing I started taping the audio on my phone half way through just in case he did something violent or even more out of bounds. I was on the fence about reporting this guy to the City, but definitely will do now. I’m all for dogs on leashes and following the rules, but this guy was on a major power trip and has no place in the neighborhood. And the gaslighting by the Parks Department is out of control.

      • Matt H says:

        You should use the ramp that’s been opened leading from 68th Street to the north rather than to the south, that one’s designated for bikes. PEP has been writing summons for the other ramp forever.

      • Matt H says:

        Ahem, misspoke in my previous comment. The new biken-designated ramp leads south from 68th street, the old one which is not legal for riding leads north, more directly to pier i. Ride on the south one, not the north.

    68. SM says:

      Can’t give her a ticket if you can’t figure out who she is.

    69. Maxine Spector says:

      This does seem shocking. However, I am wondering how they can enforce the leash laws when the person doesn’t have id. Maybe they should be able to make a phone call so someone could come and id them. The other side of it is – it is the law and just because people ignore it doesn’t make it ok.

    70. jan Baran says:

      Seriously? She should file a complaint. I would.

    71. Vincent Mcgowan says:

      Common sense is missing in Park Enforcement Police actions it seems.
      These officers need a attitude check up.
      The citizen was wrong for what she did but the PEP officers were not using common sense. This is exactly why PEP are not armed enforcement.
      At this time in NYC history we need government agencies to respond to the peoples needs.

    72. Paul says:

      Obviously, once the boyfriend showed with her id and leashes they should have writen her the most expensive summons possible and left it at that.

      That aside, the notion that she didn’t know she had to leash the dogs in a city of 8,000,000? Absurd and likely wilfull ignroance. How insandly stupid to emerge from an apartment building in Manhattan, onto a street, then cross streets with two dogs and no leashes. Like there aren’t cats, rodents, ground birds, trucks, cabs…

      • JK says:

        Not to mention the dogs just moved here, don’t know the area, could be jumpy etc. And no leash on the sidewalks or at the apt building either?

    73. Lori says:

      Outrageous behavior on the part of the police, power trippers.

    74. Rita says:

      What an unjust and terrible way this woman was treated! First of all, there are VERY few signs in Riverside Park letting you know that there are only very specific areas for off leash time. Her dogs were not attacking anyone and this so easily could have just been an explanation of the rules and a warning. Instead some one had to show that he was the “ big man on campus” but instead comes off looking like a total jerk!!! This was hardly a case where someone should have ended up in handcuffs with a possible record.

      • Brandon says:

        She admits she knew rhe rules. I bet this did start out as “you have to leash your dogs” but them she didn’t have a leash so she couldn’t comply. Gi en the warning and her not complying, writing a ticket was a correct and reasonable response
        But them they couldn’t do that because she didn’t know her address. All the escalation in this story seems to be because ot the woman’s actions (or lack of action)

    75. Mark r says:

      This is a good start…need to get the city and parks under control.

      Next stop should be tickets for all the bicycle laws being broken and motorized vehicle abuse such as mopeds in the park.

    76. carl g silverman says:

      WSR, fallout from The Coopers Incident.the Police should arrest muggers, burglers, real criminals.the Keystone Cops need to be disciplined. Carl Silverman

    77. Charles says:

      After nearly being hit by a motorbike RSP Upper level, I told a police car in the park, they told me they were prohibited to go after anyone on bicycle, etc. due to safety concerns of bystanders. And that ALL bikers knew this, so they have no fear. They were very sorry they had to tell me this. If these dogs had attached and marked a child while police were there, they would have been crucified! They were just doing their job to protect public, and following the procedure they were told to do.

      • Nevets K says:

        Once again, I must refer to Kohlberg’s levels of morality.
        Progressives need to review these as they often assume that nearly all people live their lives at a high level of morality. (Conversely, conservatives assume that nearly all people live their lives at a low level.)
        Kohlberg’s Lowest Level of Morality: “I behave, because if I don’t, I will be punished.”
        Ms. Marchand, numerous bike riders, numerous e-bike riders, all illegal motorbike and illegal motorcycle riders, car owners who have amped up their mufflers to make those remarkably annoying sounds, car owners who take the HH Parkway at 100 mph, a dozen more examples of retrograde humans, all operate at this lowest level of morality. They no longer need to behave because they have no more fear of punishment.
        It may be only five percent of society who operate at this lowest level, but remove the threat of punishment, as we have done, and this five percent rules.
        Hopefully, the threat of real punishment will be restored and the five percent will crawl back into their holes.

    78. JL says:

      @67- UWS’er

      >>”Wrote me a $50 ticket for lying when I said I was cruising down the ramp with my foot on the group, not biking.”

      For clarity, please elaborate on “Foot on the group?”

      I bike/walk both ramps all the time – 72nd and 68th. I’ve had previous interactions with the PEP (not recently), all pleasant conversations not involved in tickets. Some of them ARE armed, I did not know they actually arrested people without involving the NYPD for transport of suspects. At some point, without any verifiable ID, she became a “suspect” in their minds.

      Re: article
      She was wrong.
      They(he) overreacted, abuse of power? I’m not in law enforcement, I don’t know if it was “by the book” if you take race, gender, size out of the equation. I don’t know what their assignments are normally?

    79. EJ says:

      I agree that the officers were ridiculous and wrong in how they handled all but leash up your dogs. It’s the law or bring the me to an off leash dog park.

    80. Hepi says:

      It sounds like these officers were out to prove the exercise of law enforcement is colorblind. Good thing Parks dept. doesn’t permit weapons. I’m glad she and the dogs were not physically harmed, but still totally outrageous given crime and looting is rampant in the city.

    81. Hyde says:

      What about people smoking weed outside near children ?

    82. Carolyn says:

      I understand the issues for the Parks Department but wish they would address some time and energy and attention to a real hazard, the potholes near playgrounds above 110th Street and the condition of the walks: some hazards have been there for years. Does nobody important enough to worry about use those playgrounds or walk on those dangerously littered and broken pavement on walks on the upper level? Sheer neglect on the part of the Riverside Parks people. Perhaps new officers in training should be assigned to arresting the agency responsible for dangerous conditions.

    83. Dave says:

      I have dangerous dogs I rescued them. When we were living near Central Park we had issues because everybody walked the dogs off leash so we searched for a neighborhood where dogs weren’t allowed off leash. We found Riverside Park between 72nd and 79th had no off leash dog rules at all hours. We moved here because of this. these rules are clearly posted on giant signs that no one seems to read. Because no one follows the rules I have to walk my dogs with muzzles to protect other peoples dogs. It’s amazing to me how many people walk right into us staring at their phones with their dogs off leash. This is the only park that I have found with 24 hour no off leash dog rules and yet no one seems to care. I commend these officers for doing their job. If you want to walk your dogs off leash in Riverside Park between 79th and 72nd there is not one not two not three but four dog parks you can walk to or you can wait till after nine and walk them off leash north of 79th or go to Central Park. I don’t understand why it is so hard for the few of us that only want to walk our dogs on leash to have this tiny piece of Park

      • Matt H says:

        There are very broad areas of Riverside Park that are supposed to be on leash at all times (outside of the dog runs within them.) Good info on all this here: https://www.nycgovparks.org/parks/M071/map/Riverside_Park_Dog_Owners_Guide.PDF

        From 79th to 72nd is one of those areas.

        My pet peeve is riding my bike on the pathways in an on-leash area and seeing offleash dogs there. I have to slow down a lot when I see this. Which is sensible, but it’s not the compromise between different park users that the rules are supposed to convey.

    84. Brandon says:

      She shows no remorse. In fact she says she will continue to disobey the leash laws. “While I live here, I’ll take the dogs off-leash late at night. Or at least stay at the upper deck of the park where it seems socially alright.”

      I hope she is ticketed again. Just follow the rules like most of us do.

    85. Paula Bernett says:

      This is beyond outrageous and beyond the pale. Leaves me speechless. Those officers should be disciplined at the least but probably fired would be more appropriate. What a way to welcome a new New Yorker. I am appalled.

    86. dm says:

      The whole things seems silly – but very telling that she would still take her dogs out with out a leash where she isn’t supposed to.

    87. Joanne says:

      2 thoughts.

      As an owner of a rescue pit mix who is dog reactive, these off leash dogs drive me crazy and I want these laws enforced, including in Central Park.

      With that being said, the employees of Riverside Park are so rude and nasty. Those at Central Park are much nicer. I have had bad experiences with both male and female staff. I stopped donating for a few years because of it (gave more money to Central Park instead) but resumed after the pandemic.

    88. Chocolate sugar queen says:

      Years ago while riding my bike across the walkway at the great lawn… age 64 and quite overweight so not going fast, just short cutting from west to east side, an officer pulled me over and asked for ID. I gave him my license. He said on any other day he wouldn’t even be here but the then Mayor Bloomberg wanted all bikers off the walkways due to the marathon weekend coming up… it was a Wednesday. I was issued a ticket. I thought I could just send in a few bucks in but in fact I had to go to criminal court where I was given a court appointed lawyer and told stay out of trouble for 6 months and no fine and this misdemeanor would disappear. I was in a courtroom with people fined with drunken behavior , loitering, urinating in the street, and other petty crimes. It was a ridiculous day. Of course I will never bike across Central Park in walkways which later became the law. But it was an unnecessary waste of court time. I would have happily paid a fine by mail and never biked on the park walkways. Judgement guys. On the upside I love going to China town so I had fun that day!!!

    89. Steph says:

      Her being arrested seems very extreme, but does seem odd that she didn’t know her address. Even if you’ve “just moved”, how do you not know where you live?? She does seem like she definitely had an attitude, especially given that she said she will continue to walk her dogs off leash. I hope she doesn’t run into those PEP’s again!

    90. JS says:

      We love dogs though don’t currently have.

      But upsetting to see the increase (since Covid) in dogs off leash; dog poop on sidewalks; and people letting dogs pee on school buildings, churches etc.

      Sounds like Marchand will continue as she pleases?
      That is not OK.

      NYC cannot function if residents will not respect the common good.

      • Bobby says:

        Yes. Everything this person says screams that she is offended at having to comply with rules she does not like, and outraged that clear deception was bought as a reason to just let her skate. Clearly, having to leash ones dog is for the little people and those who we have enforcing for us, are supposed to buy any rubbish one serves up in order to avoid consequences. I applaud these public servants and I see no abuse in their actions. It would have been easier for them to walk away, obviously and let the next sucker deal with it. They did not do that. They did their job instead, needless to say, not violently at all. They followed the rules, just she should have, and apparently will still refuse to do. How arrogant is this person? pretty damn arrogant.

    91. karen rodriguez says:

      How Stupid. REALLY. Please let’s focus on important matters.

    92. Lenore says:

      The PEP should enforce the rules against motorbikes and other motorized vehicles in the park! Is it true that they have been told not to do that?? What about the NYPD?

    93. Veronica says:

      Yes, she was wrong to walk the dogs off leash, and it would be interesting to know how many others Toody and Muldoon have handcuffed and arrested for this offense.

    94. Martin says:

      Break the rules? Face the consequences. Having a dog doesn’t absolve you of lawless behavior, no matter how many UWSers thinks it does.

    95. lcnyc says:

      Why aren’t the Parks officers wearing masks in the video? They’re holding her in close physical proximity…

    96. Love Your Dog, Leash Your Dog says:

      This issue deserves a more in-depth, balanced treatment. This post may exceed 100 words, so I am requesting in advance that it be posted in its entirety.

      I am a dog-owner and a daily park-goer. I keep my dog leashed at all times, for its safety and for the safety of others.

      I strongly support the strict enforcement of leash laws, and think that “off-leash hours” should be eliminated completely. Here’s why:

      Earlier this year, my dog and I were accosted by a young man with a pit bull running off leash. The 80-lb, unneutered male pit bull aggressively approached my dog and me, and made physical contact with both of us.

      Complicating the issue was that another young man was walking nearby with 4 large pit bulls off-leash. If the dog had attacked and caused a pack-behavior response, anything could have happened. It was a very dangerous situation.

      When asked to control his dog, the young man instead began menacing and following us, and repeatedly approached us and released the dog. I ended up having to call 911 and park and police officers responded.

      The Parks Enforcement officers were extremely polite and understanding, and acknowledged that off-leash dogs were a danger, and that this was occurring throughout the park.

      The NYPD officer who responded was initially less understanding. In fact, I would characterize him as belligerent as he upbraided me for “wasting police resources” because some guy was being a jerk.

      I explained to him that the young man was in fact using his dog as a weapon to threaten and menace and attempt to intimidate me in response to my asking him to control his dog and let us walk away.

      The NYPD officer’s position was that leash laws in Central Park are so convoluted as to be unenforceable, with signage in some areas, no signage in other areas; park rules allowing off-leash dogs at certain hours and not others; and with other areas where dogs are never supposed to be off-leash. And irresponsible dog owners always feign ignorance as to when, where, and what.

      It’s one thing for a little old lady to let her 10-lb poodle run off leash, but it’s quite another for an irresponsible person with an aggressive and dangeorus PIT BULL to allow the dog to run off-leash. But the police’s position apparently is that the rules are too complex, and that they can’t or won’t enforce the laws, until and unless someone is injured, or perhaps killed. And only maybe then, if you can identify the dog and its owner.

      In addition to park-goers like myself and my dog, we have all seen groups of nursery- and pre-schoolers walking though the park tethered together. An out-of-control pit bull or pack of pit bulls could make minced meat out of a group children in that situation.

      I appreciate the Parks Enforcement Officers for trying to make the park safer, and i question why so many of the commenters here are willing to give credence to Ms. Marchand’s version of the story, and attack the officers for doing their job. The officers do not appear to be ‘out of control’ in the bystander’s video; on the contrary they appear to be calmly doing their job.

      Leash laws should be clear cut and easily enforceable for officers. Eliminating off-leash hours completely would make for safer parks for everyone–adults, children and dogs alike.

      Responsible dog owners should ALWAYS keep their dog leashed.

    97. Bobby says:

      Misogynistic comments aside, nothing here has anything to do with gender, or for that matter…race. It has everything to do with a person, doing as they damn well please and upon being confronted playing dumb, i.e., I don’t know my address as a further show of disrespect for rules and authority (in this case she) does not like. I could buy not knowing ones address if they had moved here an hour ago…perhaps, but no, this is obviously an entitled person with a plan to evade consequence, getting some comeuppance. She…in this case, was not abused, but simply held to account which apparently was a surprise as we are supposed to believe no one is held to account where she comes from…even is the case of obvious disrespect in the form of obvious lies told in order to keep doing just as one pleases…pay no fine, and continue down ones arrogant path where rules don’t apply to you…

    98. Todd says:

      Let’s put our big people pants on folks! Manner and rules lubricate society. Common rules/laws and courtesies are a definite deterrent for these actions…you know these things, stopping for a red light, waiting in line accordingly, not having your dog bark incessantly at 6am etc.
      I love this area and have called it home for 20 plus years but the UWS entitlement is something that is definitely getting worse.
      We very recently had to say good bye to the third member of our family, 18 yrs wonderful years.
      He loved the park and really loved our family walks off leash but 9am came around and he was on the leash and didn’t care either way. He was friends with all the dogs in the neighborhood and also the ones passing through.

      We have access a wonderful park that we ALL have to share.
      There are also areas of refuge for wildlife and migrating birds that clearly state no dogs off leash and certain owners continually let them run free in these areas destroying, causing disrupt and sometimes killing other animals. I’m curious as to the image these people have of themselves that they feel like these rules don’t apply to them 🤔.
      To the caring and considerate dog owners(and we do outnumber the entitled ones), keep up the good work!!

    99. JMF says:

      I know this was parks and not NYPD, but how many times have we heard from law enforcement that they were powerless to act with minor disturbances. Motorcycles + bikes violating all types of traffic laws through the streets at all hours: nothing we can do. Motorized vehicles plowing through riverside: not much we can do. Bicycles nearly plowing down pedestrians throughout the parks: maybe we can put some speed bumps in?

      And then you have this woman who was clearly doing the wrong thing and would have no basis of complaint had she been written a ticket. And I know that these rules are applied sporadically. nearly the time there are warnings and maybe a fraction of the time a ticket is written.

      The time it took to bring this woman down to the station could have easily been used to wait for the boyfriend with proper ID. And is there a rule that once you cuff someone you HAVE to book them?

      If anything these employees just opened themselves up to weeks of needless headaches between the bad PR, potential investigation of their actions, and potentially a lawsuit (I’m sure there is some basis somewhere; even if limited in merit).

      And for those who are dwelling on the fact that she broke the rules. Well, some rules are minor enough that we don’t really care. Jaywalking? Briefly Double parking to unload groceries? Do we really want to live in a city where ever technical infraction involves ticketing and arrest?

      The fact that some dogs are WILD and out of control is troubling. But if these dogs were well behaved then I think it DOES make a difference. I imagine if they were two Pomeranians the officers (and you the complaining public) would not be so quick to overreact.

    100. D-Rex says:

      Not comment on if anyone was “right” or “wrong” but rather:

      If you are outside of your residence, always have an ID with you. Period.

      Otherwise something very small can turn into a big deal, because there is no way to establish who you are.

      • Chris says:

        You do not have to carry ID in NY there is no ID law

        • Ace says:

          I don’t have to carry ID, so I’m not going to do it. This is just plain dumb, having an ID would have prevented this whole episode or, more importantly, what if you get hit by a bike or car, or suffer some kind of emergency? It’s a lot easier to carry an ID than lie in a hospital or morgue unidentified for days.

        • Bill D. says:

          Did you mean to reply to a different post? I didn’t see anywhere in the previous message that said there was a law requiring carrying ID. The OP gave common sense advice that having an ID can avoid many problems when having to proving identity is actually required like when buying adult beverages… or being fined for walking dogs without a leash.

      • LetMeWalkMyDog says:

        Sorry, but we don’t (yet) live in a police state. You do not need to carry your papers with you. What if you’re an immigrant without ID, are you not allowed outside?

    101. EdNY says:

      I wasn’t there. I’m willing to bet the truth lies somewhere in the middle. And I never buy the argument that laws should be enforced unequally – yes, there are bigger crimes, but when you don’t deal with minor transgressions, they increase. That’s not to say this wasn’t an overreaction on the part of the officers – but if you don’t have ID and can’t properly account for yourself, there are consequences.

    102. Concerned says:

      If what is written in this article is true, then the officers committed a 4th Amendment violation, IMHO. She was held for an unreasonable amount of time. They have no probable cause. The excuse the officers gave about her not having ID is not reasonable since the BF did bring her ID and she was then able to produce it. The dogs off the leash is a violation and not a crime. I say the officers violated her 4th Amendment rights. She should sue. NYCLU take note.

    103. Dog lover says:

      Yes, it’s a minor offense compared to violent acts, but that doesn’t make it OK. We have a similar sized dog, always leashed in that same park b/c 1)kids can get spooked, 2)Noone ones to picnic or play soccer where there’s dog poop, 3)It’s negligent to the dog’s safety no matter how well trained they are. There are speeding bikes that hit dogs and when she crossed the street with two dogs unleashed to get to the park, they could have been hit by a speeding car. Trust me, it happens right in that very neighborhood. I saw a man get killed by a speeding car only last month and I saw a dog get loose a few months ago that went running into traffic. There seemed to be no ID tags on the dog either. Just follow the rules’ it’s not that hard. Take dogs to the dog run right nearby so they can go off leash there! That stupid entitled woman deserves the fine and the humiliation.

    104. john says:

      Arrested for walking dogs.
      But will not arrest all the folks flying around on electric mods of transportation breaking every law on the road.

      • Jay says:


        Ms Marchand was detained by the Park Police, not the NYPD. It’s the NYPD that’s largely responsible for ignoring all tho scooter drivers and throttle e-bike drivers breaking every traffic law.

    105. Snoopy says:

      Keep her in jail! She didn’t learn her lesson.

    106. Jay says:

      “On this particular day, Marchand left her apartment on Riverside Drive at 71st Street, without her phone, wallet, or the dogs’ leashes, she recalled.”

      Riverside Drive and 71st street is not an address in Manhattan.

      Riverside Drive unequivocally ends at West 72nd Street.

      I assure you, WSR, that Ms Marchand meant Riverside Boulevard.

      And no, Ms Marchand shouldn’t have been arrested, but she also shouldn’t be insisting that she’ll do it again, but elsewhere in the park.

    107. arnold zimmerman says:

      This is so disturbing. Clearly, this new arrival to our city is the victim of police overreach. Yes, she should have carried her ID, regardless of what the law does not require and along with that, the leashes for her dogs but impoosing your will on her, is disgraceful. It ceratinlky looks like a case of payback for the Karen Cooper incident, whose simialiarities are relegated expressly to the dogs, No humans were involved in her forgetfulness. Their actions are not helpful. It could have all been avoided but she should not be there without a leash ID, reagrdless of the hour.

    108. Paul Hutchins says:

      If the two puppers only had opposing thumbs they could beat the two PEP Officers @ chess while waiting to bail their human out of the hoosegow. A shame these two nincompoops couldn’t be issued those magical “shock sticks” to help them with all the felony assaults, rape and robberies I’m sure they prevent in the parks every day!

    109. JL says:

      Fake News.

      The unbelievable thing here is that a young adult went outside her home for a lengthy period of time WITHOUT her phone?! It’s amazing she survived for a few additional hours without it.

      The NY Post also picked up the story using a similar title. I don’t know if that bodes well for the WSR. The dogs are beautiful tho.

    110. Kevin Davitt says:

      Why weren’t the Parks Department employees wearing COVID masks?
      The young lady obviously was.
      I think they should be fined as a reminder.

      Kevin Davitt

    111. Julio says:

      I feel sorry for the dogs. They have an owner who breaks a law she admits to knowing about, didn’t have a leash on her and “forgot” her own address. Suer the cops over reacted but not by much.

    112. Mela says:

      I get wanting to let the dogs be free off the leash so they can run and play but perhaps a crowded park crawling with officers eager to bust off-leash dog owners is not the best spot to let your dogs off leash. And you should at least carry a leash with you for the dog, just in case you need to put one on them in case of a situation like this develops.

      Bummer for the dogs but it is what it is.