Target Projects Opening Date for Second UWS Store as Signs Go Up

Photo by Joe Gall.

Target opened last year at 61st Street and Broadway, and now the neighborhood is on the cusp of getting its second store.

Target rented the space that used to be Modell’s at 795 Columbus Avenue at 98th Street in the Columbus Square development. The company signed a 15-year lease for the 24,000 square foot space, according to previous reports.

A spokesman wrote to West Side Rag that this Target “is planned to open later this summer. We’ll have more details to share as we get closer to opening.”

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    1. “…A spokesman wrote to West Side Rag that this Target “is planned to open later this summer. We’ll have more details to share as we get closer to opening.”

      So that means in 2 years, like the last one…

    2. Jean Siegel says:

      I worked for Modell’s for about 6 years nights and weekends to help earn $$$ for my husband, myself and two boys.

      Glad something else is going up in its place.

      • I hope you can get some work at the new Target there; I do miss Modell’s. It was a good place to shop, and now I don’t know any other place, certainly on the UWS, for the fitness gear, especially the dumbbells, that they sold.

    3. Lianne Ritchie says:


    4. Jsc says:

      Be still my heart! This can’t open soon enough!

    5. miriam k. says:

      In the past the Target store expansion schedule opens new stores in March and October.

    6. Mark says:

      These major corporations are taking this opportunity after Covid to capitalize on new positions and further dominating Manhattan until one day not so far away it will look like a freaking New Jersey mall.

      • Otis says:

        Yes, the neighborhood would be a much better place if this giant space remained empty.

        It’s terrible having a Target there that can pay rent, pay taxes, provide affordable goods for the community and employ hundreds of people.

        • janet says:

          Calm down there. Otis. maybe Mark just means that it would be nicer to have family owned businesses on that site instead of another big box store.

        • SNY says:

          You’re right, Otis!
          Look at the all the giant retail spaces that continue to sit EMPTY and make their blocks look desolate, depressing and shabby…still with no tenants along Broadway in the West 60’s…the Gracious Home site, Lowe’s site, Century 21 site, Brooks Brothers site, Banana Republic site,…and the list goes on. How sad for this once very vibrant and upscale stretch between Alice Tully Hall and Verdi Square. These empty store frontages greatly damage and depress the overall neighborhood.

      • JS says:

        Major Target takeover of Manhattan – besides West Side, already multiple Targets in lower Manhattan, midtown, East Side.

      • Cato says:

        What’s a “freaking” New Jersey mall? How does it differ from other New Jersey malls?

    7. Brenda says:

      I walked past yesterday & the signage seemed to suggest it was to be a drop-off/pick-up facility.

      • Boris says:

        What does the signage say that indicates this? What would one drop off at Target?

      • lynn says:

        I think this signage means you can pick up/drop off your FedEx and UPS packages there. Walgreen’s and CVS have that (free) service and it’s been a great alternative to having my packages dumped/stolen from the floor of my building.

    8. Elizabeth says:

      I just checked their opening soon page and this one is listed for August 15. Fingers crossed!

    9. Janis says:

      With so many empty, brand new retail spaces in the neighborhood, I’m thrilled that the Target is opening. It will not only provide tax dollars by the company itself, but the hundreds of people it hires will now be paying taxes too. (Although sadly at our ridiculously high NY & NYC rates.)
      In fact I’d even like to see….wait for it…..wait for it….a Walmart in the neighborhood.
      (Gasps and pearl clutching to begin in 5…4…3….

    10. RAL says:

      yep good to see things opening up and taking over empty space. Realistically – only a chain is likely to take over a space that big anyway. Look on the bright side – its not a bank…

    11. Marco says:

      Astonishing that New Yorkers are dying for mass market stores like every mall in suburban America. These stores are well known to push small businesses out and then if they don’t make their bottom line, they leave as well. Like Duane Reade and Modell’s did. We once had small family owned businesses throughout the UWS bringing with them a sense of community, a uniqueness, and eyes on the street. We were known by our merchants and they were known by us. What has happened to New York and New Yorkers? Why not live in Albany NY where they have all the big box stores you could possibly want at half the cost of living. Hugely disappointing.

      • Kathleen says:

        Absolutely agree with you, Marco. The answer always is landlords and real estate, which now
        run our City.

      • David Natoli says:

        Thank you Marco. I understand and agree about the need to fill all the vacant retail space but hard to believe that people actually seem to get excited about banal, suburban big box stores opening in the neighborhood.

      • Jay says:

        You shop where you want to shop and I’ll shop where I want to shop.

    12. Yoleij says:

      Bring it on!… People need jobs.👌

    13. Kathleen says:

      Just what we don’t need….another purveyor of all things made in China. Many of us in Hell’s Kitchen boycott the one here in hopes it will go away.

      • Huh says:

        All your favorite local stores also carry mostly items made in China.
        Try a differentargument Kathleen.

    14. Yvonne says:

      Opening date: August 15th