Target Leases Second Upper West Side Location

Target fans on the Upper West Side will soon have two places to shop, according to a report in Pincus Media. The new store will be at 795 Columbus Avenue on 98th Street, most recently the home of Modell’s.

The new store will join a second Target that’s expected to open on 61st Street and Broadway later this fall. Currently there are zero Target stores on the Upper West Side.

The company signed a 15-year lease for the 24,000 square foot space with landlord the Chetrit Group, PincusCo. reports (via bisnow).

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    1. Guy In A SUV says:

      Great News 🙂

    2. UWSHebrew says:

      98th street? Awesome! Will enhance that already great superblock of stores.

      • chuck d says:

        Superblock? It’s all closed up. Welcome Target!

        • UWSHebrew says:

          once NYC gets to phase 3 they’ll open. some rare good news for our nabe these days. btw did anyone else see the horrific incident on CPW and 102nd at 1pm today? it was terrible. I saw it from start to finish.

          • Millicent Broderick says:

            What happened?

            • UWSHebrew says:

              I will only state what I saw if WSR decides to report on it. I am attacked enough on here, if I state what I saw, I’ll be attacked for one reason or another, because this involves race. Call the NYPD if you want to find out, two ambulances, four police cars, a police van and a fire truck arrived, aside from the one police car that was there from the start.

          • Paxie says:

            what happened?

          • Maria says:

            What incident?

          • chuck d says:

            no. what happened?

          • ben says:

            c’mon don’t leave us hanging!

          • WEAguy says:

            Just looked it up on the Citizen app…WOW. I was right at that intersection an hour before.

          • UWSbacksliding says:

            I found the info and forwarded it to WSR to please report on this for readers. I walk in that area all the time. I’ll think twice now or go with a friend. This person was has a long rap sheet of over 100 incidents and was quickly released. Thanks bail reformers.

            An Af Am man was just this second walking down Central Park West screaming, “Black Lives Matter!” He saw an elderly white woman and attacked her, started strangling her. Fortunately police were not far away. He’s just been taken away. The woman was put in an ambulance.

      • angel111 says:

        So Happy for this.

    3. Carol mills says:

      That’s a real plus looking forward

    4. RWC says:

      So Convenient !
      We now have a regular suburban shopping mall strip on upper Columbus Avenue. Who needs to move to suburbia for convenience.
      There are no small local stores to bemoan that it’s replacing, since those are all long gone.

      • woodcider says:

        A suburban strip mall…. exactly what no one wants or needs. Not even in the suburbs.

    5. Janice says:


    6. Wait… they’re going to open a second store when they never actually got around to opening their first? Which lonely outpost has been gestating under wraps since… was it the Obama administration?

    7. Anon says:

      Is this the Modells location?

    8. Citycatsman says:

      This is great news. There have been too many shuttered stores the past 2 years along Columbus between 97-100th. This strip should be a vibrant neighborhood asset. Now that Target is joining
      Whole Foods across the street as an anchor business, smaller businesses, including eateries, may follow

    9. DS says:

      Are the joking or what? They’ve been promising to open the 1st one on West 61st Street store for around 2 years but they’re still struggling and keep delaying. And with the virus pandemic it seems more impossible now to really get that store open never mind the 2nd store!
      I have to see it to believe it!

      • ben says:

        Slight difference between the two locations. The one on 61 is in a brand new building that was being constructed and interior done from the ground up, where as the former Modells location is already set up for retail. Yes they will need to re-do the interior too but at least they don’t have to wait for the building to be completed first.
        So hopefully this speeds up the process quite a bit.

    10. DD says:

      Promises, promises….. I’ll have to see it to believe it! They’ve been promising to open the first store on West 61 Street for around 2 years but they kept procrastinating and struggling to open it. And now with virus pandemic it seems even modre unlikely that they’ll open any stores on the UWS. Everything is up in the air…..

    11. Marci says:

      I know this is off topic, but does anyone know why the Chase Bank on 90th and Broadway is “temporarily” closed for weeks now? Just the ATMs are open, but nothing else.

      • HelenD says:

        If you call another branch they can probably tell you what’s going on. I had to do the same with my bank and it was just a case of lack of employees so they were staggering hours and closing some of the branches.

      • mary says:

        the chase on 97th & col has been closed also,except for atms

      • Banker says:

        Banks are closing in high COVID-19 areas to prevent infections for staff. Also, riots stopped them from opening sooner.

      • Old Stones says:

        Chase has closed branches all over the city; open and closed locations change over time.

    12. DrM says:

      OK – let me get this straight. Y’all are complaining non stop (a seemingly constant state of being for ‘old school’ UWSiders) about the sad loss of locally owned neighborhood shops. Yet you applaud the arrival of not 1 but now 2 giant corporate conglomerate locations sure to push out the remaining mom-and-pop entities? You make me sad.

    13. Elaine Brown says: