Update: Target Store Now Expected to Open ‘Later This Fall’

Upper West Siders have been waiting for months for the Target Store at 1865 Broadway on the corner of 61st Street to open. Initially it was expected to open last fall, and then the opening was pushed into 2020. Covid-19 complicated things even more.

“As external circumstances continue to evolve, there will naturally be some delays and shifts,” a Target spokesperson wrote in an email to West Side Rag. “As a result, our Columbus Circle Target store, located at 61st Street and Broadway, is planned to open later this fall.”

For a brief moment, it looked like the store might open sooner. On Sunday, reader Joe C. pointed out that Google Maps was listing it as opening on July 19.

But by Monday afternoon the listing was gone.

It will be the first Target store in the neighborhood, and there’s been some excitement from Upper West Siders, and also some hand-wringing about big box stores.

This is not the first time that this has happened. Last year, another such listing popped up saying it would open in December, only to be taken down again. Why are you flirting with us, Target?

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    1. C says:

      Cannot imagine wanting anything less in the neighborhood to open. Who cares?

      We need independent local businesses, restaurants, bars, boutiques, bakeries back.

      • Transplanted potato says:

        Hmm. When the locally owned hardware store is charging $10 plus for Clorox that you can buy at target for $2…..I want them open. And yes I’get economies of scale but I also think price gauging is unacceptable.

      • Woody says:

        Target will be paying rent, employing hundreds of people and paying taxes.

        It will also be offering a wide selection of products at reasonable prices.

        I don’t see why this is a bad thing.

        • stevieboy says:

          Yeah, I bet there’s a lot of things you don’t understand.

          Some critical analysis and empathy go a long way in life.

          • Rob G. says:

            So does sensibility, Stevieboy. And it makes sense for a business, yes, for even an evil big box store like Target to fill the void that the little guys no longer can. Cheap prices, multiple job creation for locals, and a rare non-empty storefront? Most sensible people will take that any day.

            • stevieboy says:

              Some of you will never get it.

              By the way, I’m not that worried about what “makes sense” for Target. I’m sure they will be OK. (Can you believe this guy?!)

              Why is it that some of you just can’t wait to make the UWS into a suburban strip mall or a gated community. So sad. If you want to shop at Target and eat at the Cheesecake Factory that is your right…you are just going to have to go to New Jersey to do it.:)

            • Rob G. says:

              Might be a good idea to focus next time you read someone’s comment. Like you, I could care less about what’s good for Target. But what makes for you, me, and our neighbors to have a Target there rather than another empty storefront. But maybe you can parlay some of your outrage to make enough money to subsidize the rent for a mom-and-pop store to open up there instead. Personally I’ll take a book store or wine bar. But until then, we’re stuck with Target.

    2. Bob says:

      Why don’t they open a window and start selling alchohal and drinks like everyone else on the UWS.

    3. naro says:

      Target is just Walmart but more expensive. Good luck UWS

    4. Will says:

      Target always has mediocre products anyway. The neighborhood can do better.

    5. Ben David says:

      Welcome news for folks who can’t afford small store pricing on certain heavily marked up items, as lovely as it is to have local businesses. And a solid source of employment for many young people.
      I hope Target redesigns this store to be an armed fortress and bunker, as the looters should be back in about two weeks. None of the heavy duty looters were arrested, and those that were detained were released by our kind and fair governor.

      • EdNY says:

        And how exactly does the governor have any control over county district attorneys or police?

    6. Barry Manasse says:

      Chunky Soup Fairway $3.99 Duane Reade $3.69 or more. Target $2.29

      Canned tomatoes Fairway $2.29+ Target $0.99

      Please open the store ASAP. More competition needed in the neighborhood

      • lynn says:

        I had to ship necessities to someone in the midwest during the pandemic and Target was the only place that had supplies and came through with a timely delivery. I was very surprised when the total came to less than $200, for items that would have been over $500 at BBB. I’m not even taking into account what it would have cost at a smaller home goods store.

        I’m all for supporting small businesses, but wasn’t everyone here complaining about the cost of TP even before the pandemic AND then the price gouging and lack of product during the pandemic? I don’t understand why you’d have a problem paying a much lower price for TP, and other essential items, now that Target is finally opening.

    7. EdNY says:

      Re: the usual handwringing about big box stores and Amazon putting mom-and-pop stores out of business: nobody forces anyone to shop these large retailers. It’s the same thing that depressed manufacturing in the US and sent it overseas: the majority of people tend to make decisions with their pocketbooks. I doubt that’s going to change anytime soon.

    8. gone says:

      Target and Walmart can be accurately called “China Distribution Centers.”

    9. ben says:

      I’ll gladly take reasonably priced goods from Target than the exact same stuff over-priced from people running ‘mom and pop shops’ based solely on ‘supporting local’ sentimentality.

      • stevieboy says:

        Yup, and that is why you are part of the problem. At least you are open about the fact that you don’t care about people, small business, the economy, etc.

        As long as you get a bargain on some Chinese made “stuff”.

    10. Ted says:

      I’m so ready to get out of UWS. The comments against Target are the whole problem with the Neighborhood. Old rich people walking around with some false romantic sentimentality of a time that really only existed in Woody Allen movies.

      Enjoy your Westsider Books that can’t even support itself with actual book sales! I’m done here.

    11. 20 Year UWS Resident says:

      I love Target and can’t wait for them to open on the UWS!! ❤️ I order staples online regularly from Target and they are always shipped timely and free. I relied on Target especially during the past 3 months of the pandemic when we were all staying home and afraid to go to the local supermarkets. Target is affordable, convenient, reliable and carries quality merchandise that everyone can afford.