UWS Target’s Expected Fall Opening Date May Be In Jeopardy

Target is planning to open a new “urban concept” store at 1865 Broadway on the corner of 61st Street, and the store has already begun hiring. But the original opening timeline — the company previously said it would open in the fall — may have been a little too ambitious.

When we asked about the opening date this week, a company spokesperson gave a wider date range:

“Target is excited to join the Upper West Side community, with plans to celebrate our Columbus Circle store grand opening in the coming months. We’re committed to taking all necessary steps to ensure every store is planned and completed in the best way possible for our guests and we’re currently finalizing all approvals and putting the finishing touches on the store. As we get closer to opening our doors and serving new guests on the Upper West Side, we’ll have more specific details to share – including how the shopping experience will be tailored to serve local guests and the grand opening date.”

We continue getting questions about the opening date from excited Upper West Siders, and will let you know as soon as we do. Sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of everything in the neighborhood.

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    1. Anonymous dog says:


    2. Marcia Kaye says:

      Thanks for update. Looking forward to getting access to a lot of useful items we used to have readily available here on the UWS. You’ve saved me a walk over to the site to check on anticipated opening date.

    3. Ashley says:

      Thanks for the update I have been looking this up online hoping it would be open for the holiday shopping season but evidently it will not be open.

    4. sotos says:

      Love the ‘OUR GUESTS” “local guests” etc. meaning “paying customers” If this is how
      they want to lure us away from free shipping
      from Amazon how about “friendly staff,’ or
      “Knowledgeable staff” or even “real people”

    5. Sheila Gray says:

      Can’t wait for you to open!

    6. Melissa says:

      When is target officially opening on the westside.

      I just hope the open before the holidays arrive.

      Melissa a long time resident of the upperwestside.

    7. Mark Moore says:

      These places rarely open when they say they will. Trader Joe’s didn’t. Gyu-Kaku hasn’t.

    8. Phyllis Barcena says:

      Nobody in New York City ever opens on time.

    9. Christine E says:

      The headline seems sensationalized. Can’t we just say “delayed” instead of “in jeopardy” … there is already so much causing anxiety these days, I prefer WSR not add to that mix!

    10. B.B. says:

      Recently opened Target on UES (Third Avenue in former Gracious Home space) isn’t much to write home about. Over glorified cross between Duane Reade and K-mart IMHO.

    11. Allison says:

      Love Target so much, can’t wait for this to finally open!! I just wanted to share a saving tip for any fellow NY’ers who are looking to save on transportation. I was complaining about how much money I’ve been spending on Uber’s and a friend recommended saferides.org; it’s a non-profit and much more affordable than ride-shares. You can book rides in advance and it’s great for large groups. Just in case anyone else is tired of draining their funds with ride-sharing apps!