Fireworks are Blasting All Night; ‘I Actually Have to Consider Moving!”

Fireworks blasting at all hours have been keeping Upper West Siders up this month — and there seems to be no resolution to the issue. In fact, many of the complaints have been classified by 311 as “unfounded” or “unnecessary.”

“As someone who gets woken up by them and needs to plan dog walks in the evening for my anxious dog around them, I can confirm there are more of them and they are far more sophisticated than last year,” wrote Charlotte Morrison, who took the photo above from 100th and Columbus.

Fireworks are being reported all around the city. Dozens of complaints about them have come in this month from throughout the neighborhood above 96th Street, according to 311 records.

Over the same period last year, there were only 2 fireworks complaints in all of June in the neighborhood.

Pretty much every night on the UWS there are fireworks going off,” wrote another Upper West Sider. “Since Memorial Day. Waking up my kid. And either no one knows or no one cares, but it’s so tiresome at this point.”

Another said she’s been hearing an “aggressive amount” of fireworks near 103rd Street.  “It’s been every night for nearly 3 weeks,” wrote Lauren Jensen. “My dog is losing his poor mind. I actually have to consider moving! Often around midnight and 3 am. I know I’m not the only one frustrated by it not being handled.”

One problem with getting people to stop shooting them off in the middle of the night is that an officer would have to see a firework being shot to take action.

“Our office made the recommendation to call 311 to a constituent yesterday,” wrote Sarah Crean, a spokesperson for Councilmember Helen Rosenthal. “The NYPD has to catch someone in the act of setting fireworks, which is not an easy thing to do. We have all been hearing the fireworks — but so far one person has contacted our office about the issue.”

The 24th precinct covers much of the area where the complaints are coming in. Deputy Inspector Naoki Yaguchi, commander of the precinct, told us the precinct is aware of the issue, though no arrests or citations have been made.

“As mentioned in your tip, most of these incidents are happening on the grounds of the Frederick Douglas Houses,” he wrote in an email to West Side Rag. “We have additional complaints/calls on W. 108 St./W. 109 St.  Many of the calls that we receive are that people heard fireworks so to the extent they can help us with exact locations with where the fireworks are actually going off would be helpful in deploying our personnel to that location to catch them in the act. We are also working with our Housing counterparts to address this issue.”

It’s often difficult to figure out where fireworks are coming from — and many may be getting launched near the Douglass Houses but not on the property. A reporter spending time at the Douglass Houses on Thursday night did not see any fireworks being set off in the vicinity.

The question too is whether the police should be enforcing this kind of activity — at a time when many New Yorkers are pushing for a deescalated response to non-violent crime.

“In Brooklyn, a sharp divide has opened between residents aggravated by the noise and threatening to call authorities and others who cautioning that could lead to the type of dangerous police action they’ve just spent weeks protesting against,” NBC reported.

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    1. Glenn Richter says:

      We’ve been hearing these very powerful blasts night after night for about a week, apparently coming from Douglass Houses. It’s really unfair to folks in the project, in the neighborhood, and I fear that someone will injure himself. What makes this so ironic is that the 24th pct adjoins Douglass Houses.

      • Mary says:

        Kids who play with Fireworks, usually do injure themselves. Sorry, to hear of the frustrations, not a pleasurable experience. It sounds horrible.

      • Vivian Awner says:

        They just went off. I’m at 102nd and Broadway. They sound like they are being set off to the SE of me.

        Last night was particularly bad, to the extent of being frightening.

      • Dennis Keller says:

        Get used to it. The criminals run nyc now

    2. Susan says:

      How I pine for the good old of Giuliani /Bloomberg where you rarely heard fireworks around July 4.

      • Josh says:

        The irony is it was the policies under Giuliani and Bloomberg that caused this pressure to build that is being released right now. This explosion was destined to happen due to the over policing that you say you miss. Had the policies continued, the pressure would continue to build, and the explosion would be even worse.

    3. Jerome36 says:

      This has got to stop! Last night they were going past midnight. I have no idea where the reporter was at, but obviously he is not very observant. They have been going off around 104th and manhattan acenue for the last week. When are the cops going to act!!

    4. Upper West Sider says:

      The fireworks between 100 and 105 are a huge disturbance problem – they are rampant now and go past 10pm with huge cherry bomb explosions and loud sequences that sound like guns. It’s only mid June, this a legitimate change from last year. And the idea the cops would be seen as possibly more dangerous than these out-of-line offenders is exactly whey we need police reform – they need better training if they can’t figure out how to address these legit complaints and give a warnings and/or fines instead of crazy arrests.

    5. Katherine says:

      When I called 311 to report hours-long explosions at 108th/Manhattan Ave., his answer was that this is just 4th of July “stuff” and was normal. I said we’re not living in a normal year, that people are dying here, and have died, and others are grieving, and others are exhausted from long, grueling shifts at the hospitals in our neighborhoods and come HOME, here! – for rest, and respite, and sleep.
      We live here together, and we’re in this together.

    6. jhminnyc says:

      What’s the celebration the fireworks are for, or is it just to be annoying to others?

      • UWSHebrew says:

        it’s called lawlessness. once it was seen police won’t stop looting, then anything else is free game.

    7. It’s great that there’s a venue for putting a focus on issues like this that make people’s lives hellish: excessive noise in the city that doesn’t (can’t) sleep. And the fact that “many of the complaints have been classified by 311 as “unfounded” or “unnecessary.” makes it so much worse.

      We pay more in taxes than anyone anywhere and this (nothing) is what we get for it?

      While I don’t hear the fireworks (yet), I have a commercial exhaust fan on the roof directly above my head that sounds like the world’s loudest coffee grinder, so believe me when I tell you I’m sympathetic.

      One thing that endeared the Bloomberg administration to me no end was their focus on noise… and now we’ve devolved to it’s “unfounded and unnecessary”.

      Please keep up the good work; the city gov’t may not want to hear about it, but we do.

      ALL HAIL THE FOURTH ESTATE! The press is the (only?) friend of the people!

    8. Hank Orenstein says:

      I understand the conflict and tension from asking the police in this environment to do more. The noise disruption has to be stopped somehow as it clearly disruptive to people needing to sleep, children and pets. It is also potentially dangerous.

      I see that the police need to be able to catch the perpetrators in the act. Since it is know approximately where the fireworks are being set off, why can’t the police patrol or have a presence in those specific areas?

    9. UWSer says:

      Fireworks have been set off nightly on W87 also. Seemingly from street level, meaning they could potentially injure pedestrians or cars.

      I don’t understand the enforcement question:

      “The question too is whether the police should be enforcing this kind of activity — at a time when many New Yorkers are pushing for a deescalated response to non-violent crime.”

      Are we assuming that non-violent crime should be completely ignored (even though non-violent crime can become violent, for example if someone/something is hurt by the fireworks). Are we assuming that police cannot show up and issue warnings and/or tickets? that their only response will be escalated and violent?

      Fireworks enforcement provides the opportunity for the police to prove that they can resolve problems while respecting human rights. A deescalated response does not mean no response at all.

    10. Patricia Gilman says:

      They are doing the same thing in Inwood.

    11. gigi says:

      During the ‘questions from the press’ section of deB’s morning sit-down today, he was asked about the fireworks and said he heard them last night and, in response to the question, not to the fireworks, he said was going to speak to the police department. Really?

    12. Michele says:

      A ridiculous argument that the criminal needs to be “caught in the act”. Here’s an answer : Have the police PATROL THE STREETS

    13. Jsc says:

      The reporter needs to be in the area between 10PM and 4AM. Fireworks are timed beautifully so just as you are falling asleep again, another set goes off.

    14. UWSHebrew says:

      Last night was the worst night so far. It stopped for a while and then it ramped up after midnight. Those later ones sounded like bombs.

    15. QL says:

      Keep protesting.
      Keep looting.
      And defund the police.
      Get rid of the police altogether.
      Then you can dial 911, 311, or any police number.

      • S. Mueller says:

        Ironically, no police are coming to deal with this anyway. Either way, we’re not getting any solution to the problem.

    16. RM says:

      There are two clear solutions to this problem, in my opinion. Have police patrol the area, for, despite what Ms. Crean said, you don’t need to catch him in the act, you can also PREVENT it from happening. Another, call Ms. Rosenthal’s office. It was noted that her office has only received one call. Time to call her, tweet her, etc when this happens again. That’s an easy fix.

    17. ROB says:

      There are two clear solutions to this problem, in my opinion. Have police patrol the area, for, despite what Ms. Crean said, you don’t need to catch him in the act, you can also PREVENT it from happening. Another, call Ms. Rosenthal’s office. It was noted that her office has only received one call. Time to call her, tweet her, etc when this happens again. That’s an easy fix.

    18. Intheneighborhood says:

      The people demanded an end to broken window policing. Here you go.

    19. Wendy says:

      it’s going on til nearly 2 am in Brooklyn. if it stops by midnight on UWS, consider yourselves lucky 🙂

    20. UWS RSD says:

      This is happening all over the country.
      I’ve been 20 mins outside Phila and it goes on all night, sounds like it’s on the block but 5 miles away. It’s pretty unnerving, perhaps intentionally so. Makes you wonder who’s supplying the fireworks – they’re not cheap, and would cost an individual $12 each, so thousands $$ for the 6 hrs we hear every night. These are not just kids having a little fun.

    21. Aaron G says:

      Haha. So cute to be discussing things like leashing dogs and fireworks on this website. People please wake up – there is no law in this city. No enforcement. No policeman in their right mind will risk anything to enforce these things. I hear a lot of talk a lot the right that people have. The right to do this, to act this way, to demand such and such from their government etc. what about people’s responsibilities? What about the responsibility people have to behave in a way that’s accountable to their community and country to obtain their rights? Silence on a topic that requires hard work and discipline.

      • ST says:

        No enforcement under DeBlasio and there never will be so long as he is mayor. Am proud to say that man never got my vote and am a Dem.

    22. BronxBoy says:

      Where are these fireworks coming from? When I was a kid, merrily experimenting with demolition, it was pretty hard to get hold of fireworks and we saved most of ours for the 4th. To have enough to set off for hours on end means there’s an arsenal somewhere.

      Generally, they came from out of town, people would drive down to South of the Border in South Carolina, load up, come home and sell the extras at a markup to subsidize the trip. But you couldn’t fit enough in a car to do multi-hour displays for multiple nights.

      • Ray says:

        Now it is a 90-minute drive to Pennsylvania cross the border and there are fireworks Mega stores they go in vans or rent a truck
        it is impossible for the police to do anything about it now those days are gone

    23. jsv says:

      I find it hard to believe that we cant figure out who is setting off fireworks, repeatedly, at length, night after night, in a 5 block radius.

      • BronxBoy says:

        “I find it hard to believe that we cant figure out who is setting off fireworks, repeatedly, at length, night after night, in a 5 block radius.”

        They disappear in a puff of smoke.

    24. UWS Dad says:

      I live in the 90s and have seen the fireworks every night for the last week, from about 10pm to 1am. They seem to be coming from around 96th to 100th St, in between Columbus and Amsterdam. They are typically exploding around 10 to 15 floors above street level. The noise keeps waking up and scaring my kids, who are already increasingly anxious given all the events of the past 3 months.

      • Uws dad too says:

        The fireworks are being set off on 90th st by the new playground. You can see the used fireworks in the morning.

      • EBPUWS says:

        If you and other people are seeing them that high up (10-15 stories), stands to reason they must be being launched from rooftops.

        Maybe that knowledge can help solve this..?

    25. Mark Moore says:

      Why would cops want to enforce this now? Nobody’s getting hurt and it’s a great way to make it look like they’re important. Plus they just open themselves up to being filmed for another #BLM tweetfest. I’d bet the cop unions are telling them to ignore it.

      • Boris says:

        Why would cops who have been vilified by so many on the UWS care to help them solve their fireworks-induced sleep and anxiety problems? They’re not immune to the attacks on police that emanate from the BLM protests.

    26. Joey says:

      There seems to be a pattern to this illegal fireworks. Shouldn’t be too hard for the Precinct ANTI CRIME TEAM to quickly seize the illegal fireworks, make arrests and restore peace & quiet to the neighborhood.

      This fireworks problem is another example of what happens when you have bonehead leadership making decisions in a lunatic city administration.

      Bring back the BROKEN WINDOWS theory of policing. That was real COMMUNITY POLICING.

      • Uncivil Civilian says:

        Re: “Shouldn’t be too hard for the Precinct ANTI CRIME TEAM to quickly seize the illegal fireworks….”

        NYPD Commissioner Shea, bowing to librul pressure, is DOING AWAY with the Anti-Crime units. Shea seems like a good-guy and I would NOT ever want to be in his predicament, so let’s not be quick to condemn him…nor his uniformed officers.

        B/T/W: NONE of the sensation-seeking lefty media has EVER mentioned that our NYPD is NOT all ‘white’ but rather “looks like the people it serves”, thanks to former ‘Commish’ Ray Kelley.

    27. WEA Gal says:

      The sounds were particularly loud and seemed to continue for a much longer duration late last night to past midnight. Because it went on for so long I ruled out bombs!

    28. Ben David says:

      Get used to it, folks. The NYPD will not make arrests around Frederick Douglas Houses unless perhaps they see a murder in progress.
      The protestors won. We are beginning to see a police force in retreat, living in fear of even arresting anyone. Meanwhile, the good people in the neighborhood, including so many in NYCHA buildings, will pay the price.

    29. John M says:

      My God.
      The comments here are unbelievable.
      You threaten an organization like the NYPD with defunding and what do you think they are going to do?
      Stop the looting? No.
      Respond to your dog off the leash complaints. No.
      And the cyclists, oh God the cyclists who wake up every morning wanting to run you down.
      Change is difficult. Reforming a government is a messy business.
      They are firing mortar rounds in my neighborhood. Get used to it. People are smart and when they sense weakness or discourd they will strike.
      Find a decent candidate for Mayor who is firm but fair with everyone. Then vote.
      In the meantime get used to indifference and dirty streets. It’s what we deserve.

      • Abdul Sayeed says:

        When I was a high school teacher and I was criticized by a student or a parent, I stopped teaching all my classes.
        When I collected garbage for a summer and was criticized by a homeowner because I left a few scraps of garbage on his property, I stopped collecting garbage for the whole neighborhood.
        But when I became a policeman and me and my fellow officers were criticized, I REALLY DID IT, I DID,

        Who do these people think they are to walk away from
        their jobs, their responsibilities, and their oaths?

        Start all over. Raise their starting salaries enormously. Require them to live in the neighborhoods they serve for their first five years of service. Too many live in the suburbs and have no connection with the cities they serve — the root of so many problems.

        • Phoebe says:

          It would have to be mandatory, because cops are afraid to work in the neighborhood where they live.

    30. Matt says:

      I have a video of people unloading a large Rubbermaid container of fireworks from their suv and distributing them. I also have videos of them lightening off. Often, they hit buildings with open windows. I have called 311 and 911 (when they hit a building). No one responds to these calls. The operator does not want the videos.

    31. biffmeister says:

      Call a community activist or social worker. Let’s see how the new police reforms work out for everyone.

    32. Stephen Sunderland says:

      It is so frequent it would not be hard to find out the source.

    33. MB/UWSer says:

      These are more than just fireworks. There are M80s put in garbage cans! One night it shook our building at 11:00 pm. The next night, at 9:00 pm, one exploded in the garbage can at the corner of our street (between Amsterdam and Broadway).

      Please, everyone reading this, understand we are all coming out of a deeply stressful time. Such booms are extremely dangerous all around! This is not about whining, kvetching or entitlement. It’s about respect for one another.

    34. MeInWhySee says:

      They were being set off in front of residential bldgs near Morningside Park at 12:30 AM last night (as has been the case nightly for the last several weeks). I looked at 311’s site, which said 911 should be called if any fireworks are in the process of being used. I didn’t want to call 911 bc not an “emergency” so I called the 28th Precinct. The officer who picked up my call said they’d been getting tons of calls about fireworks and were planning to have a patrol car drive around to inspect “but you can’t really catch these guys, so what can you do?” I told him I could give him an exact address less than 2 minutes’ drive from the precinct, he said “our hands are really tied, it’s just a cat and mouse game.” And then he hung up… without hearing the location of the fireworks in progress. I fully appreciate why police would feel less than eager to chase down fireworks complaints in the current atmosphere, and I also don’t think that a general nuisance is the end of the world, but there was some legit concern about safety (burning embers blowing back against bldgs and into windows) and I was sort of disappointed they didn’t even care to know where this happening (meaning it’s not being tracked).

      I wish I knew:
      1. Are the same people setting them off daily or is it something that everyone will eventually take part in? (Like I’ll find out “you’re on duty next Tuesday, make sure your mask is fireproof”?)
      2. Is there any specific meaning? Is it an expression of protest, or just kids letting off steam as the school year wraps up? I can imagine there are a number of possible conclusions but it would be more effective if the message were clear… without widely communicated specifics, the result is just a bunch of people complaining about sleep.
      3. Where are the fireworks coming from? I have no idea how much they might cost, but even if they’re not expensive, the cost must add up based on frequency and volume? I’ve seen mostly young people (late teens, early 20s) setting them off… do they just have huge fireworks budgets?

      I’m genuinely interested to understand more about it, because it seems likely this is not just coincidence.

    35. Marco says:

      I love that people on this page are blaming lack of enforcement of fireworks on the demonstrations!! Or another way of saying it Black Lives Matter. Guess what! I’ve lived in the 24th precinct for near 40 years. I have had car accidents, cars stolen, reported vandalism, reported muggings. Do you know how many times the police came out and wrote a report on any of those incidents? Once!! When my car was stolen outside my building. So dream on. Cops are going to go looking for those setting off fireworks?? Not gonna happen. We have a police department focused on some crimes and not on others. Who seem more interested in messing with protestors than confronting looters. Even while we are very heavily taxed.

    36. Bryanna says:

      Every single night around my house there are these powerful loud fireworks and I cant sleep because of that and now we might have to move.

    37. Dagmar says:

      I live at 100th and Central Park West and it sounds like a war zone every night. My dog is terrified and shaking, her poor little heart pounding, when those fireworks go off, This is not a question of “non-violent crime.” It’s not “4th of July stuff.” It’s animal cruelty. Do whoever is setting off those rockets hate animals?

    38. Jerome36 says:

      11:15pm.fireworks starting just in time for bed! Cannot wait for the midnight show.

    39. Marianne says:

      Given the current tense situation, these loud blasts sound more like a war than upcoming 4th of July celebration. I hear it right now. Last night it went on past 4am. It’s horrendous and scary. And as a woman I won’t investigate in the middle of the night where it’s coming from. It’s the job of the police!!! My friend’s cats won’t come out from under the bed that’s how scared they are. And us humans can’t sleep and feel disturbed. ENOUGH!!!!!

    40. Stressed says:

      What about sending up a drone with a camera?

      • Marni says:

        Drones are a great idea,
        But nothing can done. Even if you find the hundreds
        Who are setting pff fireworks
        This problrm is ubiquitous all over.
        Lower central park is blasted as soon as the sun sets,
        The city has enough tension without these morons
        Inundating our senses with this useless bombardment of
        I wish i had a solution.
        Does anyone

    41. UWS_parent says:

      Just cross the border into PA and you can legally buy all the fireworks you want.

      No doubt easy to get whatever you want in Chinatown too in June/July.

      Sure it is illegal and probably annoying but it is cheap entertainment for people in the projects who are probably more stressed out regarding money and food than the average WSR commenter.
      Haven’t noticed it here in the mid 70’s/RSD area.

      • Bothered says:

        Yes, it is easy for you to describe it as “cheap entertainment” when you don’t hear it.

        It is nerve-wracking, sleep-wrecking, and constant.

        And a reminder of some people’s selfishness, among other things.

        The barrage is going on as I type.

      • HelenD says:

        I’m in the low 70’s and I’ve been hearing it every night. Between that and the helicopters and the sirens, plus the people out in the street, it sounds like a war zone. 🙁

    42. Barbara Aubrey says:

      before 10pm okay, but 1, 2, 3 AM really? I have been living on the upper west side for over 50 years and this has been the worst year.

    43. Gerry valentine says:

      Easy to get fireworks in Penn. Right over the border via rt.78 there are two gigantic fireworks stores.


    44. Corey Dore says:

      I Love Fireworks but I don’t want to hear it every single day & during late nights it has to stop.

    45. ConcernedUWSider says:

      Not sure if I was “screened” for some reason earlier but I’ll try again. I was in a Duane Reade at 9:30pm last night on Amsterdam & while entering, a man with his arms full of snacks and drinks walked right out ignoring the staff and the security guard. It was bold, brazen and no, he was not someone starving. It was defiant and was unsettling walking past him as he had an angry look. The staff knew not to pursue him (whether for fear for themselves or of being sued).

      My point? After 20 years here, it’s obvious people are more brazen & do not fear the consequences. Is this a good thing? You tell me. I’m concerned how much more bold it will get.

      • Peter says:

        Which cross-street?

      • lynn says:

        This has been going on for years, and we’ve been told more than once that DR would rather eat the cost than hire security. OTC meds (now under lock and key) were once regularly stuffed into backpacks at B’way locations while customers and employees were verbally threatened. So DR finally came through with a security guard and nothing was done because the guy stealing the snacks looked bold and brazen? Was he hired just to appease the neighborhood? I suppose it’s pointless to ask if anyone called the police. It’s beyond frustrating.

        • ConcernedUWSider says:

          It was 79th and it seemed like the staff and security guard were frustrated but were following a protocol. Seemed that this is how DR is handling this rampant stealing. I’ve talked to some cops & they are constantly at DR’s (and McDonald’s of course – #1 store for 911 calls here) but most logical answer is there is no penalty that means anything to those that do it. If they get off and nothing ever happens, what is going to stop it? Was very sad and uncomfortable to see firsthand.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        Meh. It’s a way of life around here. I’ve lost count at the amount of people I’ve seen at Whole Foods fill up a container of food at the buffet / salad bar, and just eat it all as they stroll around with their cart. Some were well dressed. All white people, men and women, lots of seniors. The most brazen I’ve ever seen was a few years ago, where a tall white guy wearing a backpack filled up three large containers of food by the buffet, and just walked out. Nobody stopped him, including the security guard at the entrance. Glad I won’t have to see that anymore, as the buffet has gone the way of the dodo.

      • Mark Moore says:

        That’s nothing new and it happens at the DR on 94th and Columbus too. Thug losers walk in a take stuff and brazenly walk out with it. It’s not worth it for them to try to stop it. Theft is a big reason why a lot of DRs have closed on the UWS lately.

    46. Mack says:

      For all those who are proponents of defunding the police, take a glimpse into what you’re going to get. This is just the beginning and fairly trivial compared to where it’s headed when that happens.

      And frankly, I’m tired of being preached to about systematic racism without it being balanced with some serious discussion of miscreant behavior and self accountability for one’s actions.

      • iggy says:

        So long as it’s a “serious discussion of miscreant behavior and self accountability” for EVERYONE, I am all for it.

        That’s what #BLM demonstrations are fundamentally about–the systemic racism and the lack of justice in the criminal justice system–the fact that Black Lives Matter too!

    47. Marco Fracchia says:

      Almost every night on 90th street b/w amsterdam and columbus, at ridiculous hours of the night/morning. Absurd.

      • Wendy says:

        Why are there helicopters over Morningside park at 118th tonight 6/19 at 10:25??? Anybody know what’s going on?

    48. Peggy A.M. says:

      From my bedroom on 101st St, the cherry bombs have been coming from the corner of 101 and Manhattan Ave. in the street not on Douglass property. And on Tuesday night I was able to see those doing it — and they were NOT kids but grown men. People at that corner were screaming at them but to no avail. It goes on all night. I agree with the comment below that just some police cars roaming around would likely have an effect in prevention. No need for a heavy hand.

    49. John M. says:

      Right now I am watching a Grant Houses fireworks show with 2 police SUV ‘s parked on the corner and the cops are laughing going into the deli. So yes, you can count on the next week being quite noisy.

    50. burgy says:

      M80s on 108th scared the living crap out of me on Monday night, sounded like a bomb shook windows.

    51. Whatever says:

      Some of you ppl in these comments are complete boneheads and I pray for the sake of society that you have not and cannot reproduce.

      1. Protests are about the racist & unfair treatment ONLY certain groups receive from the police and our so-called justice system. George Floyd is one of many.

      2. Defunding the police does not be getting rid of any officers. They removed $1 billion from the $6 billion they receive for community investment. I’m sure they can function with $5 billion a year. And unless you’ve read a budget breakdown of any city agency, ever, you can’t argue this point.

      3. These fireworks, all over the city, for hours a day/night, weeks on end so far are costly. Where exactly are they coming from and who the hell has the amount of money and storage space to keep this going nightly?

      4. Instead of complaining and making dumb ass comments, why don’t you group together and go to your local officials and make them do the job they get paid six figures yearly to do.

    52. Bingo says:

      Much worse up here on 135th street. Very powerful blasts interspersed throughout the night consistently every night until 5AM

    53. UWSer says:

      1255am, 6/20/2020. From a box someone placed in the intersection of 87th and Columbus Ave, someone shot off massive fireworks which created loud booms and could easily have shot into an apartment window. Btw right next to Helen Rosenthal’s office. Pointless to call 911 because, according to this board, police will not respond. I tried to file on 311 and that system tells you to call 911 for fireworks activity. Ridiculous.

    54. Okay, 81st & Amsterdam 1am, 3am, 4am…: either a Russian artillery brigade has landed on the Upper West Side to save trump’s job… or there’s some heavy fireworks action going on somewhere outside; it’s the first I’ve heard, this far south.


    55. Jacob O. says:

      It’s not only in Manhattan. I live in the Ditmas Park area of Brooklyn and the fireworks have been going off since late May and it’s only gotten worse. Last night they started at 5pm and went late into the night. 9+ hrs of the damned things. It’s driving my dog insane. There’s a certain point when it crosses over from nuisance to criminal harassment and we’re way beyond that point too.

    56. Marina says:

      This is it! Fireworks went off last night at midnight and 3am near 88th street and Columbus ave, there was no party, just a peaceful night in the block and bam! This crazy war noise just popped out of nowhere for no reason, really annoying! Gave me a chock!

      • UWSmaven says:

        This has quickly become a huge quality of life issue on the UWS, going on unchecked all night. I think the WSR really needs to devote some reporting to this, demanding answers from Helen Rosenthal, 24th Precinct, etc on enforcement…

      • UWSer says:

        The 3am 6/20 fireworks were shot off from the rooftops of 59-67 W87, with the shooters running and tresspassing from roof to roof. First time ever from the roof, according to 30+ year residents of the buildings. The situation is completely out of control.

    57. Sam says:

      Glad to find this news site and people’s comments, as I had no idea this was so widespread.
      Will just add that it is happening on Lower East Side. Similar pattern: very loud cherry bomb type booms lasting till at least 2 a.m.
      …Annus horribilis, as the queen would say.

    58. Rosalind Ortiz says:

      Last night 6/19 at 89thst Columbus Ave was terrible at about 12:30 midnight then again at 3:30am. My dog was so scared all night.i live in the senior bldg could not sleep all night. Please do something before someone gets hurt or dies.

    59. Catherine says:

      I live on 86th street near Columbus, and the fireworks last night were raining down outside my courtyard-facing windows at random intervals between 1am and 4am. My one-year-old was screaming in terror and got no sleep. My dog was shaking and panting for hours. I got about 3 hours of sleep. Multiply this by all the affected people on this block and surrounding… I just emailed Helen Rosenthal and encourage others to do the same. This is much more than a nuisance– it’s an emergency.

    60. Will says:

      Y’all it’s Juneteenth weekend, 50th anniversary of the pride march/uprising, and the end of the worst phase of lockdown. Buckle up because it’s going to be a noisy few weeks, just be patient and it’ll be over soon. This is city life. I grew up on 106th with drag racing and Rob Bass It Takes Two blasting out of Saab’s and BMW’s all night.

    61. monique says:

      The constant fire works explosions have become absolutely unbearable, everyday and night.Last night at 4 am, 4 very loud pops woke me up and some of my neighbors too. We are victims of this awful new type of assault in NYC, and we are totally powerless. The sound bounces against buildings and the source impossible to locate. Where are these fire works purchased,are there any regulations? We are in Brooklyn, close to DUMBO and the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

    62. Lori FM says:

      Hello West Siders, from the Boston area – we are having the same fireworks problems here also, and it appears to be across the country. By googling, I think I solved one mystery – since the manufacturers won’t be selling most of their fireworks for big shows, they are unloading them at deep discounts. Sigh…

      • MB/UWSer says:

        Wow! Interesting information.

        Meanwhile….back on the “ranch”, the booms continued until 5:30 am.

    63. Glorya says:

      Why don’t you go to these areas without your lights blaring on. They are onside on the playground. You might even be better in a unmarked cars. These guys have lookout and would specially spot a lighted car

    64. BeckyO_UWS says:

      I think they are wonderful and I hope they continue for months, well past July 4. It’s a statement of freedom.

      • SMN says:

        Seriously!!? So you’re saying that people losing sleep, children and pets being scared to death, fires and injuries, not to mention a homeless man being caught on fire – all of this is “wonderful” and a “statement of freedom”!? Whatever happened to the idea of being a decent, respectable human being!? I guess all of the victims of these constant fireworks don’t deserve the freedom of sleep and peace!!??

    65. K. Page says:

      In Hamilton Heights/Sugar Hill they are every night and do not seem to be a part of any family gatherings or for young kids. Someone or many people have spent a lot of money getting these. This is not kids. It is complete noise pollution – every night from dusk on. The last ones I hear work me up at 3:15am. This is really out of hand. It’s so loud we cannot even talk at dinner.

    66. UWS Frustrated says:

      Interesting.. I filed a complaint to 311 last night about loud music and fireworks, they drove by 20 minutes later and I checked the status which was updated to “unfounded”. My neighbors proceeded to play loud music and shoot off fireworks until 4am. Driving through once doesn’t change anything. I miss the days when the neighborhood had some form of common courtesy

    67. iggy says:

      Just an FYI – the late night fireworks nuisance is happening across the country, not just across NYC. Check out news reports on google. Thanks for doing the research and showing how unusual this uptick is compared to last year.

      Here’s a question: where are people getting these fireworks? Are they all driving out of state, paying market rate and bringing such an inordinate amount of fireworks back?

    68. Christian says:

      I wonder where the people igniting the fireworks are getting them. They don’t sound like run-of-the-mill fireworks but rather like those professional things they bast at Macy’s 4th fireworks show. They were going off last night at 3:40 am.

    69. luke says:

      Bklyn borough pres Eric Adams has an interesting idea on the fireworks problem. Instead of calling the police or 311,are you ready……go and confront the ones that are blasting the fireworks. Sounds plausible from someone that could be our next mayor….GOD HELP NYC

    70. Amy G Dala says:

      All these comments and only one shows any understanding of the situation. WSR commenters are notorious. You guys should be ashamed. You ARE the problem.

      • BeckyO_UWS says:

        I couldn’t agree more. One might think the UWS is full of Trump supporters from all these comments. This place is about live and let live. Sure, my dog doesn’t like it, but also we must fight for equality. The point of these fireworks is to say “hello! I am here and I matter as much as you do.” I say keep getting them from Pennsylvania, Virginia, or wherever. Be loud and be proud to exist! That is the history of our neighborhood and our city. Don’t like it? Suck it up or leave.

        • bbb says:

          Oh yes, pyromaniacs matter so much more than the rest of us, that they have free license to give everyone in New York City PTSD.

    71. Can't sleep says:

      Please make them stop! They’re on 5th ave from 110th to 116th street.

    72. K says:

      Fireworks started at 9:50 PM on 6/21/2020 and have been going off every couple minutes (now 35 minutes later) near West 82nd and Riverside. Not sure how this isn’t being shut down…

    73. Michael says:

      I hear them and see them from across the Hudson River, so they must be very loud in the neighborhoods where they are set off.

    74. David T. says:

      We’ve had the fireworks here on 54th Street too for the past week or so. I finally called 311 tonight when there were loud burst from the Mercedes House on 54th I didn’t want to call 911 because I didn’t classify this as an emergency. Well, there was a string of announcements before I was supposed to give my information and one of them was to call 911 if my concern was about illegal fireworks. Who would have thought?

    75. Tina says:

      Past two weeks non-stop in my neighborhood in Alphabet City. Nothing is being done about it. For hours the super loud ones (M 80’s), the shooting ones that go up to the sky, in the middle of the street they shoot them. What’s going on?

    76. suspicious af says:

      I’ve read that this could be a tactic to exhaust protestors. It’s difficult securing fireworks and some of the displays have been impressive but theyre also very expensive to have so much. There is a new york post article about how fire fighters in brooklyn were caught in the act igniting fireworks recently…tbh after seeing how protestors have been treated and how sketch the police are, i can totally see this happening…

    77. Daisy says:

      Where can you move to? It’s like this everywhere. It was like this last year, but only a few days before and after the 4th of July. This year, it has been Every night since the 13th and also very late. It’s disturbing and keeps kids and pets upset.

    78. KJ says:

      It’s happening all over the country and many people think it’s the cops. The fact that the cops are not investigating is interesting.

      • MLove says:

        It’s happening in Chicago too. This morning 6/22/2020, I noticed boxes and boxes of them left in the park leading to the lakefront. This is in Hyde Park area, so for that reason, I don’t think it’s the cops. This area is pretty much owned by Univ of Chicago and it’s where President Obama used to live.

    79. luke says:

      If you don’t like fireworks future hopeful NYC mayor Eric Adams has an idea:

    80. Marie says:

      Hamilton Heights. Last night blasts till 4:00AM. Called 311 around 12:30AM.

    81. Stu says:

      It’s not just NYC — although the density and buildings amplifies the sound. We have been out here in suburban NJ, and we hear it every night as well.

    82. Ariel says:

      This is pushing the gentrification agenda to the all time high. I have white friends in the UES and said they don’t get much I wonder why.

    83. Just-Jah' says:

      These are not your average firecrackers being ignited (on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Hamilton Heights to be exact), and these are not your standard display of fireworks either. These sound like BOMBS. Bombs that are shaking windows when they explode and echoing throughout the ally ways and the backyards of our buildings… These sound like BOMBS. Bombs that are exploding back to back to back between the hours of 10pm and 3:30 am every night. These explosives require a box to hold what appears to be canisters upright to shoot these bombs out of. There’s nothing firecracker related involved in what’s been happening in our neighborhood. YET the police dept. claims that they need to catch the perpetrator in action, but they don’t even show up when calls of distress, fear, panic, frustration, and pandemonium are taking place. All we get is voice mail…..Real Talk

    84. Donna Walcott says:

      2 months and counting without a restful nights sleep. I’m losing my mind.

    85. Jerome36 says:

      HelenRosenthal’s office is beyond useless. Her reply to me was that the people lighting fireworks were moving around each night and so the police are not able to get a handle on them. This is patently false. For the last 11 days there have been fireworks going off on104th and Manhattan ave. Not hard to find them if you looked!!

    86. Cc jens says:

      It’s happening in Chicago too! All night long and every nite!

    87. Timothy j Mulholland says:

      I myself have called 911! One I didn’t know what was going on woke me at 1am one night.

    88. Cheryl says:

      Every night starting as early as 8pm and into the wee hours, repeated booking fireworks are disruptive and are wrecking my sleep. I feel sorry for kids, pets, and the elderly. UWS not a pleasant place to be !!