2 Local Restaurants Make List of City’s Most Pet-Friendly Spots

A toast to our furry friends. Photo by Jeffrey Wade.

With outdoor dining having expanded throughout the neighborhood, there’s more space for your pooch to join your al fresco party. And two local establishments just made Gotham Mag’s list of top spot for mutts to munch.

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Cafe du Soleil, 2723 Broadway between 104th and 105th

Gotham Mag calls Cafe du Soleil an “unfussy” spot that’s perfect for brunch. They’re also famous for their space bubbles.

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Fred’s Restaurant, 476 Amsterdam Avenue off of 83rd Street.

Upper West Siders opened their wallets for Fred’s at the height of the pandemic. Now Fred’s is treating our pooches like royalty. As long as it doesn’t go to their heads.

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    1. good humor says:

      what a bubble

    2. FD says:

      This is ridiculous. Why do people suddenly have to take their dogs everywhere? And isn’t it a health violation to have dogs in places that serve food? I saw a woman the other day eat her entire meal with a dog sitting on her lap. Where will it end? Will they start allowing dogs in theaters soon? C’mon, New Yorkers, grow up. You can spend and hour eating brunch without your puppy on your lap.

      • NotImpressed says:

        FD – perhaps people enjoy eating with their dogs.
        Why do you care so much? Imagine if you had a fuller life that allowed you to not care so much what strangers are doing if they aren’t hurting anyone.
        Sounds like you could use the love of a dog.

        • Lady Di says:

          AMEN and thank you. Not to mention the absurdity of “emotional support dogs” being allowed to fly in the cabin of a plane. Or irresponsible owners who take their dog with them on the subway NOT in a tote bag or other required transport device. Seeing that dog in the first photo sitting on the chair opposite his owner is over the top. Two restaurants I’ll not be patronizing…

      • TY says:

        FD—I’m with you! These are 2 restaurants I will definitely avoid!

      • Mike says:

        FD: I agree. Too many dogs, too many places.

      • Nyco says:

        Is FD a cat?

    3. Wijmlet says:

      feeble: people are sleeping in the streets

    4. chuck says:

      Our dog Boomer loves Cafe du Soleil!! He was a little confused by the ‘bubbles’ they had installed over the cooler weather, but soon figured it all out and felt right at home. Oh – good food there, too!!

    5. Paulof NYC says:

      I wish that Cafe du Soleil refrain from blocking the sidewalk with their bubbles or additional tables every once in a while.

    6. Kathleen says:

      The cutie in the top photo looks so sad! The one in the next photo is the cutest!!

    7. bonny says:

      Ellington’s on the Park.

    8. Catherine Holmes says:

      We LOVE Fred’s! It has always been dog friendly since the beginning. Fred was a female black lab and tried out for the Guiding Eyes program but didn’t make it. She was a great dog and the pictures at least 2 that adorn the walls are of Fred. We have 2 MaltiPoos Lovey and Laszlo and it’s one of the pictures that didn’t burn in the fire last year.

    9. Stef Lev says:

      I don’t have a dog and assume pet owners love this option. State Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal championed the legislation allowing pets in outdoor eating areas. Now if she only paid as much attention to the southern section of her district (Lincoln Square and Hell’s Kitchen) related to the environmental impact congestion pricing will have on these neighborhoods when implemented.

    10. Anne says:

      Dogs are so much better than most people!! ❤️
      And it’s not a health hazard— no one’s dropping dead in Paris— they should be allowed everywhere— just like snotty, dripping little kids— realistically much more of a health hazard! I love my kids and grandkids, but it’s a good thing they came BEFORE my beloved pups!🤣

    11. Stone says:

      Don’t people realize others are allergic to animals, show some consideration and please stop dressing them up they look ridiculous and so do you!

    12. Arlene says:

      Dogs, for many people, are family, Like being around well behaved dogs, children, people

      What difference does it make if someone’s dog is sitting on their lap. Smoking effects other people’s health. Alcohol when over indulged can effect your health. Dogs are emotionally healthy for owner, sometimes are there to detect diabetes, are often non allergic, Get a dog, if you can’t beat them join them. Might be the best experience you have had in a long time.

      • Peter says:

        I’d love to read the Tier 1, peer-reviewed, comparative study proving that dogs can detect diabetic episodes with any meaningful degree of reliability.

        Until then, I also have a $50,000 alien force detection hamster that I’d love to sell to those interested in the ultimate line of health protection.

        • Sarah says:

          Here’s plenty of research for you, geez:


          (and then follow the citations)

          The conclusion so far is that some are fairly effective in detecting episodes. Certainly enough that it’s not just snake oil.

          • Peter says:

            Sarah – Please don’t do this, it can be dangerous to someone. The authors of this “study” are employees of the organization providing the dogs. This is not research, it’s marketing.

            Would you rely on a lifesaving medical device that works 25% of the time? 30%? 75%?

        • Lady Di says:

          Bravo ! thank you

      • m.pipik54 says:

        Smoking hasn’t allowed in public places in NYC for about 20 years. Or didn’t you get that message?

    13. Kiely says:

      Like it or not, there is no natural law that says a dog has any less right to take up space on this planet than you do. Humans are actually not the center of everything—the more we think this way, the more we cause environmental destruction, climate change, species extinction… We all could use a little more compassion for other kinds of animals <3

    14. lis says:

      My family does not take our pooches to restaurants.
      Of course many people do.
      But surprising to see the photos here feature dogs on seats – that is not OK.

      Also in past year many people taking dogs into food markets and drugstores, which is not allowable…what’s up?

    15. JerryV says:

      The dog on the red chair in the top photo is obviously the wine drinker. He looks under age. Are these canines being carded?

    16. pqdubya says:

      Years ago I was in a small town in the south of France on business. The local restaurants all seemed to allow dogs and many were there sitting quietly at their Owners feet while they ate dinner with their friends. I remember being surprised since that generally is not allowed here but on reflection it seemed pretty normal and relaxed and didn’t bother me. That being said I’m not sure how a large dog or dogs would work out

    17. Ruth Bonnet says:

      Let’s not forget the much-lamented loss of the Boat Basin in Riverside Park. I would not take my current dog to any restaurant, because I don’t trust his behavior, but my marvelous Border Collie went everywhere with me and was better behaved than most children.

    18. John says:

      I think its nice that dog owners have a place to go with their friends but it’s not fair to the next customer to let poochie stick his suction cup on the seat and then later charge me for the privilege of sitting there. I can do that in the subway for the cost of the entrance fee. One more place checked off the list.