Openings: Roberta’s, Izzy’s Smokehouse, Planet Smoothie, Sapp’s

Pizza at Roberta’s.

Roberta’s, a pizzeria that launched in Bushwick, Brooklyn, is opening its first standalone location in Manhattan at 2913 Broadway between 113th and 114th Streets, a Columbia rep tells us (Columbia owns the space). “Eater NY has described Roberta’s as ‘steadily transforming itself from a very good Italian-American joint and pizza parlor into one of New York’s most quintessential kitchens.’ Known for their brick oven pizza, Roberta’s will serve a mix of classic and specialty pies, salads, entrees, and more. Roberta’s is anticipated to open in the summer.” See the website here.

Izzy’s Smokehouse is set to open on Sunday at 660 Amsterdam near 92nd Street. The Kosher spot’s Brooklyn location has a wide range of barbecued meats and other items like tacos. This location is expected to have lots of deli items too. Check out the Brooklyn menu here. Thanks to Dave Brotsky and Noah for the tips.

Planet Smoothie is opening in the former convenience store at 523 Amsterdam at 85th Street. According to Wikipedia, it’s the third largest smoothie chain in the U.S., with more than 100 locations. Thanks to Cullen for the tip.

Chirashi at Sapp’s.

Sapp’s, a Japanese restaurant with another location in Long Island City, will open its second location at 2888 Broadway between 112th and 113th Streets, another Columbia-owned spot. “The menu will feature sushi, specialty rolls, ramen, rice bowls, grilled and skewered foods, and more. A drink menu will be available with beer, wine, sake, and cocktails. The restaurant is owned by Shih Lee, who owns Michelin-recommended SHI in Long Island City, and partners Eric Lehrer and Selix Lai who were a bartender and long-term waiter at SHI, respectively.”

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    1. UWSer says:

      523 Amsterdam was a Tasti Delight/Planet Smoothie. It looks like they took down the Tasti Delight sign and are turning it into a convenience store.

      • amber says:

        a convenient store… not a convenience one 🙂

        • UWS says:

          “convenient convenience store”

          When referring to an entity that sells many things that people use in their everyday lives, we use “convenience store”. If one is discussing a store that is close to them, one might say “convenient store”

          • Bob says:

            Yeah, but look at the pic. “85 Convenient Store.” Whether that SHOULD be what’s on the sign is another question — but that’s what’s on the sign.

    2. I am so excited about all these restaurants opening on the UWS. Great variety!

      • Helen Rose-Wright says:

        We need more restaurants on the UWS.Should have a “Popeyes” on the UWS?Glad about the Italian restaurant.And more seafood restaurants.A nice fish market.(cook and uncook).Mexican restaurants also.

    3. Erik Kolbell says:

      I will devour a burnt ends meal at Izzy’s, then go (practically) next door, and expiate my guilt by washing it down with a smoothie at Planet Smoothie.

    4. OLD COLUMBIAN says:


    5. Mark Moore says:

      $50 for baby back ribs at Izzy’s in Brooklyn. $44 for a pound of brisket. Yikes.

    6. Balebusta says:

      I am so excited for Izzy’s…any time I am in Brooklyn it’s a tradition for us to make a stop at Izzy’s…the brisket is so so good! I am really happy it will now only be a few blocks away from me! Between this and Pastrami Queen I am living a kosher meat-eaters dream. I really hope Izzy’s is successful here — the Brooklyn location usually sells out of their brisket before the day is up — it’s that good!

    7. HJSZ says:

      2913 Broadway is mondels chocolate. Please tell me this is a mistake!

    8. Rafaela says:

      Re: Robertas, that address is where Mondel Choclate has been for nearly 80 years! Tell me this isn’t really happening!

    9. cma says:

      What former store or restaurant is Izzy’s moving into? If it’s that pricey, it would be once a year for me.

    10. david says:

      $44 a pound for brisket?! hard pass – thats insane

      • Huh says:

        It’s kosher, of the highest supervision so there’s a cost to that.Have you priced BBQ or deli meats elsewhere? It’s all much higher that you’d expect. Restaurant and takeout prices for some pretty simple stuff like pasta and omelettes are more insane to me but people don’t think twice about it.

        • Mark Moore says:

          Yeah, at Mighty Quinn’s a pound of brisket with their pickled onions and peppers on the side is $29.

      • rs says:

        Kosher restaurants have enormous costs that non-kosher places don’t.

    11. Yum says:

      Izzys chicken sandwich is amazing, hope they have it at the uws location!

    12. MQue says:

      Roberta’s is one of my favorite pizza places in NYC! So happy they’re opening on the UWS

    13. This is great. Will definitely try it. can you tell me that I make a chicken in the electric smoker and then put it on pizza? will it make a difference?

    14. RL says:

      I’m upset numero 28 piza closed. really liked their pizza and good wine list too. Won;t be going for the $40 brisket.