Enormous Lines Form Outside Michaels for Liquidation Sale; Here’s What’s Already Sold Out

Photo by Twilla Duncan.

The Michael’s liquidation sale at 808 Columbus Avenue near 99th Street is in full swing and arts and crafts lovers are flocking to the store on a daily basis. Everything in the store is 70% off.

In fact, they’ve already cleared out all of the yarn, canvases and fine art pens, an employee told us. Wedding items and kid stuff remains available, but it may not be around long. Covid capacity limits means that customers have to wait outside, but we hear that crowds have been lighter later in the afternoon and early in the evening.

The liquidation sale officially ends at the end of the month, but there’s a good chance that the shelves will be bare before then.

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    1. Buddy Revell says:

      If only the neighborhood looked to support its retail stores instead of pillaging them when they find out they are going out of business….

      • Michelle says:

        Michael’s was supported from the community, local schools, & neighbors. According to an earlier article, they actually did better business during the Covid period. The issue is not lack of business so point the blame elsewhere.

      • Carnival Canticle says:

        Michael’s is not exactly a neighborhood store. When they first opened I had a nice conversation with a visiting executive from their home office who was checking out the new store. When I mentioned gently that some of the merchandise — 10 foot high artifical Christmas trees, for instance, did not exactly reflect the needs of Upper West Side apartment dwellers, he replied that the stock for all stores was determined by the corporate group in Irving, Texas. I’ll be sorry to see Michael’s go, and it is hard to imagine that a local store could afford that enormous space, which was clearly built for a mall chain, not a neighborhood shop.

    2. Freiner Eklund says:

      A sad preview to the ultimate fate of our beloved UWS. At least it beats outright looting.

    3. Carol M says:

      I am so sorry to see Michaels close at this location. I can no longer drive and it was my go-to for arts and craft supplies. Online shopping for Michaels is available but we have to pay for shipping or purchase more than one may want, to avoid shipping costs.

    4. DG says:

      Michael’s is a national chain they will be fine. I’m not sorry to see them go even though I shopped there at times. Sadly, many NYC art supply stores that existed for years have closed (Pearl Paint, Lee’s Art Shop, there are more). I want to try harder to support the few independent stores left that carry arts and craft items, even if they are more expensive (Stationery & Toy World, Knitty City, + local stationers such as Westside Stationers, Janoff’s) I just don’t know what kinds of businesses will rent these now vacant large, underground, claustrophobic spaces on Columbus Ave..

    5. charles becker says:

      Gold Leaf Stationers has ample art supplies. Staff is very friendly. They are at 88th street and Amsterdam ave.

    6. M says:

      Went to Michael’s today and it was already closed.