Pupper West Side: Sebastian Scales High Peaks, Enjoys Urban Wildlife

Name: Sebastian

Age: 1 and a half years old

Breed: I’m what you might call a “Mystery Mutt”. A mixture of hound, shepherd, maybe some terrier thrown in —who knows?!

Profile/history: My parents were looking to adopt a dog and my photo was one of the first they discovered on Petfinder. Since pups available for adoption have been scooped up left and right during the pandemic, they weren’t sure their application would be received in time but luckily I was still available. I was rescued by Long Road Home Rescue and brought up in a doggy transport van from South Carolina.

Daily routine: I’ll stay cozy in bed with my parents until it’s time for all of us to rise. Mornings kick off with a nutritious breakfast and then I’ll let Mom know when I’m ready to go out for our morning walk. We spend about an hour or so roaming around the neighborhood with an important stop by my favorite puppy playgroup that meets in the North Meadow of Central Park at 101st Street. After I’m tuckered out from playing with friends, I’ll relax for a bit before lunch with my parents. Their lunch is served on plates and mine comes in a ball – it’s full of kibble and I bat it around to get the treats out. Dad and I take another long walk together in the afternoon and we’ll rotate which dog runs we stop by. Sometimes it’s the park at 105th and Riverside. Other days it’s the West 81st Street dog run alongside the American Museum of Natural History. After a full day of wrestling, chasing, and playing, it’s dinnertime and then I collapse.

Loves: I’m a big fan of hiking and camping! In fact, I’m quite the outdoorsman and I’ve already climbed several of the tall peaks in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, including Mount Washington. You can follow all of my adventures @Sebastian_Times.

Does not love: Errr…well, I swallowed an entire tennis ball recently and my parents had to take me for an emergency trip to Blue Pearl to get it removed. Not sure that any of us loved that. *Curls tail between legs.*

Favorite store/business on the UWS: I love stopping by Pet Market on 109th and Broadway, and the Columbia Hardware Store at 113th and Broadway.

Favorite treat: Food!

Favorite park spot: The North Meadow in Central Park where I romp around with all my friends from puppy playgroup.

What’s your favorite thing about winter in NYC? Well, apart from the excitement a Nor’easter can bring, I also love spending time in the park and being able to view lots of birds. Without as many leaves on the trees, you can see red-tailed hawks, barred owls, blue jays, and cardinals. All of them look so beautiful with their colorful feathers set against a snowy landscape. Don’t underestimate our stunning urban wildlife!

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    1. Tauri says:

      Hey Sebastian! I hope you’ll still hang out with us now that you’re famous. I won’t share my ball with you but my mom will give you treats.

    2. Sarah says:

      Perhaps someday you’ll bag a Munro, Sebastian, like dog celebrities Olive and Mabel!

    3. Judy says:

      Such a lucky pooch to be part of a devoted family! Sebastian makes us all laugh.

    4. Cary says:

      I love hearing from you sweet dog!

    5. Alice says:

      Hi Sebastian, I too came from Georgia via a transport for Long Road Home. I’m a foster fail and now am 8 years old. I was 10 months old at that time and my mommy and daddy never saw a picture of me prior to arrive in NYC. I love the UWS including Riverside Park and Central Park

    6. Diana Maull says:

      Isn’t Artemis a well-known cat rescue operation?

    7. Liz Henderson says:

      No more tennis balls for you Sebastian! I do hope you and your parents are completely recovered from your ordeal.