Popular New Restaurant Banh Vietnamese Shop House Will Give Away 4-Course Meals on Christmas Eve

Porridge at Banh Vietnamese. (May not be part of the food giveaway.)

Banh Vietnamese Shop House at 942 Amsterdam Avenue between 106th and 107th Streets has been packed since its soft-opening a few weeks ago.

The owners now want to give back to the community by giving away four-course meals on Christmas Eve, they announced on social media. “We want to give back to our city and to the workers and laborers who at times may be overlooked but contribute so much to the fabric of New York,” they wrote.

The meals will be given out from noon to 5 p.m. on Thursday at the restaurant.

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    1. Roberto says:

      This is such an incredible (edible) gesture, from an amazing place that has already become a go-to spot in our little Ellington neighborhood.