Photos: Snow Was What We Needed

Photo by Colleen Sturtevant.

The snow did not disappoint on Thursday, and Upper West Siders sent in some good shots. Keep sending them to westsiderag at gmail!

Photo by Ali Jaguar Meah.

Photo by Hila Paldi.

Photo by Michelle Benvenisti.

Photo by Robin Fink.

Photo by Colleen Sturtevant.

Photo by Simone.

Photo by Hila Paldi.

Anya Schiffrin had oysters near Riverside Park.

Photo by Hila Paldi.

Photo by J.

Photo by Shelley Goldberg.

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    1. Sue says:

      Wonderful pictures – I especially like the one of the birds!!!

    2. LL says:

      These are exquisite. Thanks neighbors!

    3. Karen says:

      wonderful photographs. Thanks to you who braved the weather to take them and for sharing them with us.

    4. tim says:

      great photos thanks for sharing!

    5. Kat says:

      Love these. The ones with the pigeons are stunning!

      • Sandy Barth says:

        Loved these pictures. Especially of the birds and and the hill with so many people on it. Also loved the wooded seen.

    6. Sharon says:

      Gorgeous pics! Can you post on your fb page?

    7. Susan says:

      To those stuck in our apts., these photos are especially wonderful!

    8. Mitch Teplitsky says:

      All great photos! Especially thrilled to see my friend Shelley Goldberg’s credit (bike photo), I knew she was an excellent writer, now this!

    9. Karen says:

      Hi New York thinking of you in these tough times. Love the snow pix and pupper westside.. take care luv karen Sydney Australia