Monday Bulletin: Coat Donations, Hudson River Sewage Claim, NYCHA Shift, Subway Violence, Comey Class

The sidewalk setup at Il Violino on Columbus. Photo by Morgan Moore.

December 7, 2020 Weather: Mostly sunny, with a high of 43 degrees.

Our calendar is full of local and virtual events.

Apply now to join Community Board 7, it’s the most grassroots form of local government. Applications close Monday, 2/1/2021.

Via Gale Brewer: Parents can now access free courses, events and activities through the NYC Dept. of Education’s new Parent University.

Looking to donate a coat? Find a coat drive drop-off location through this New York Cares map.

A lawsuit alleges dirty business in the Hudson, the Times reported. “Employees of New York Waterway, a tour boat operator and the country’s largest private ferry company, would uncap a silver pipe and attach a small pump, forcing unfiltered waste from the boats’ toilets directly into the Hudson River, two former workers claim in court documents unsealed on Friday. The practice went on for years, according to the former employees, who have filed a whistle-blower complaint in federal court in Newark accusing New York Waterway of violating the federal Clean Water Act.” The company denies the claims.

Apartments in the Wise Houses around West 89th Street are among a group of NYCHA apartments expected to be renovated through the PACT program, which is a partnership between the city and developers, reports amNY. “These units are also [to] be converted into affordable housing under the Project-Based Section 8 program, with NYCHA leasing the land and building to the development partners, who then serve as property managers with maintenance and repair responsibilities. This does not change the financial terms for each tenant, who remain responsible for paying 30% of their income toward rent.”

A man was slashed at the 96th Street subway station last Wednesday, the Post reported. “The 31-year-old was on the platform of the southbound 2 train in the 96th Street 1/2/3 subway station on the Upper West Side when he was cut around noon, police said.The victim was taken to Mount Sinai Morningside hospital. There were no immediate arrests, cops said. The fight may have been over a case of mistaken identity, a police source said.”

James Comey will be teaching a class called “Lawyers and Leaders” at Columbia Law School.

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    1. Quan says:

      James Comey should be banned from New York. James Comey should be sent to Siberia.
      James Comey’s class should be called, “Ideas and actions from the Imperial Cheater.”

    2. Erica says:

      I wrote to the dean of the Columbia law school about the insanity of having Comey teaching a class. FFS

    3. WIll says:

      This James Comey news is satire, right? Is this from The Onion?

    4. sg says:

      Comey and his minions (Brennan, Clapper, Strozk McCabe, etc.) should be in jail. Maybe the move could be expected by some crazy place like Evergreen, but from a “well respected” university, it’s ludicrous. Guess I should change well to once…

      • CGK says:

        LOL. You object to Brennan, Clapper, McCabe et al for protecting us from our adversaries?

        As a Democrat, I think Comey’s intervention 2 weeks before the 2016 election was a big mistake – but I don’t fault any of the men you mention for working to protect us from Putin. Which was their JOB. And also in accord with the oath they took.

        Which was to defend the Constitution and protect us from enemies. Interesting that you object to that.

      • Ted says:

        Why? Because you don’t like them. Because they disagree with your politics. Super idea. Why don’t you lead the charge to the gulag yourself. Oh, and by the by please outline your career of public service to this country so we all know how much more you have done than these career public servants. Or just go back to swearing at the TV and shut up.

    5. EB says:

      As though Comey knows anything about leadership! Elite liberal institutions take care of their own, don’t they? Hasn’t he made enough from his book?

    6. Tom says:

      James Comey was partially responsible for the awful four years our country has just endured. He should
      be ashamed.

    7. Karen L. Bruno says:

      We are living George Orwell’s 1984 in our day!

    8. Ben David says:

      I’m disappointed that WSR buries a story about a subway slashing at West 96th Street with other tidbits of news, such as who is teaching a law class at Columbia. A few days ago, the NY Times ran a story: “Subways Are Less Busy and Less Safe.” Between recent incidents of homeless people pushing people on the tracks, to this and other violence at UWS subways, I hope more people are aware that subway crimes are up and enforcement has dipped dramatically.

      • HelenD says:

        There was a man with a gun at the 72nd & Broadway station on Saturday afternoon. I’ve never seen so many police cars arrive in one spot at the same time. It seems to be a regular occurrence now, the DR on that corner gets robbed and the person in question disappears into the subway, but this time a man came out of the station with a gun. It’s very upsetting to read the reports that crime has gone down. There has been more ‘activity’ at that station in the past 6 months than I’ve seen in the past 10 years. 🙁

    9. lynn says:

      Thank you for posting the link to the coat donation locations. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen specific details in regard to coats needed for infants. Does anyone know if the police dept or any churches on the UWS also take donations?

    10. dang! says:

      Shouldn’t Comey be teaching a class on sedition and treason?