Openings & Closings: Pekarna, Broad Nosh Bagels, Skyooerd, Brooks Brothers

A new “Slovenian American” restaurant called Pekarna has soft-opened at 594 Amsterdam Avenue at 89th Street. “We are currently serving Dinner during the week and we’ll do Brunch service on Saturdays and Sundays,” Pekarana’s website says. (A sign outside had said they were opening December 1, but no one was picking up the phone.) The restaurant has several event spaces, though Covid-19 is likely to impact how they’re used for now. An early Yelp user called the prices “eminently reasonable.” The restaurant has posted its menus here. Thanks to Rachel, Dave Cook and Emily for the tips.

A new bagel spot called Broad Nosh Bagels is opening at 2350 Broadway at 86th Street, the former home of Cafe 86. There’s not much about them online, but a sign says it’s opening December 10. Thanks to Arielle, and Paul I. for the tips.

A restaurant called Skyooerd serving “worldly skewers” opened a few weeks ago at 446 Columbus Avenue between 81st and 82nd Streets. “Skyooerd is proud to create worldly skewers that reflect the beautiful diversity of New York City,” the website says. “Our mission is to honor the flavors of many cuisines by cooking with high quality ingredients to celebrate our differences and bring people together through food.” Check out the menu of  skewers here. Apparently, three or four skewers make a meal (served over rice) and each skewer is generally $3.50 to $6. It’s only open now for delivery and pickup, and all orders must be placed online.

The Brooks Brothers at 1944 Broadway at 65th Street is now listed as permanently closed on Google and is no longer on the Brooks Brothers website. Thanks to Upper West Sider for the tip.

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    1. UWS-er says:

      So the skewer place is only open Thursday thru Sunday at dinner. And the same address as Milling Room. Another one of those pop-ups/ghost kitchens.

    2. Seth Haberman says:

      Sadly Bicycle Renaissance has closed after fifty years on the UWS.

    3. rs says:

      I’ve never been to Slovenia and admit I don’t know much about it but I don’t see anything on the Pekarna menu that isn’t already available practically everywhere. I wish them the best of luck and will try to eat there soon.

      • rteplow says:

        Good news: Pekarna is in Wednesday’s food section and here is what they say: This spacious new Upper West Side restaurant eventually intends to feature the food of Slovenia, with dishes like brodet, a kind of fisherman’s stew, Bohemian squash and mushrooms, and kremsnita, a creamy, custardy cake. For now, while the restaurant waits for gas for cooking, it’s more generally American and European.

        The full link:

    4. Marci says:

      I’m happy to see so many places opening in spaces that have been empty – some for a decade or more. But I agree about Pekarna’s menu items not seeming any different than any other. I like trying different ethnic foods, so I hope they’ll add in some Slovenian dishes down the road.

    5. Otis says:

      I wonder if Melania will eat at the Slovenian place.

    6. Michael says:

      Pekarna oddly feels like a tourist trap situated in a very neighborhoody area. The Slovenian-American concept hardly registers, and everything seems wildly overpriced. Is there anywhere else on the UWS where nearly half of the cocktail menu is $17+?

      • charles becker says:

        Pekarna is making the same mistake many restaurateurs make when open up on the UWS. They look at the income statistics and think they see a goldmine. They don’t see the complete demographic picture which include extreme wealth and public housing projects. Amsterdam ave. where Perkana is located is for young professionals,college student and for residents of the housing projects. West Siders have bargain hunting in their genes. Amsterdam ave. where Perkana is located is for young professionals and residents of the public projects
        High prices will lead to a failed business.

        • Michael says:

          Totally agree, and I’m curious to see how they’re going to fill 6,500 square feet of restaurant space. Granted, something like The Mermaid Inn just a few blocks south of them is pricey and always packed. But I think TMI found just the right balance of value and variety.

          You can go to The Mermaid Inn for a nice brunch and spend about $15 on your entree, leaving it at that or adding $13.50 for a cocktail. Or you could go for happy hour and spend $9 on a cocktail and enjoy some inexpensive bites. Then at dinner, you’re putting down $25-$30 per entree, but it’s well-prepared seafood.

          Pekarna doesn’t seem to offer that sort of flexibility. The menus are shaped around spending $$$ all the time. Clearly, it’s not for someone like me. I’m not going to drop $18-$22 on a brunch mimosa. But increasingly, I wonder who these restaurants are serving. More and more of the big restaurant openings on the UWS are $$$: Pekarna, Tasca, Asset, and 8th Hill, for instance.

    7. C says:

      Pekarna: I was very excited when I heard about this many months ago (I have spent much time in Slovenia, speak a bit of Slovenian, and have friends in the capital.) But I don’t see anything Slovenian on the menus. Nothing at all in fact. Very disappointing.

      • bravo says:

        Give them time. Right now, let’s admire the spirit of the young people opening a business in these extremely unstable times. Let’s help them, too: they invested and risked a lot.

    8. Upperwest says:

      Pekarna had several stop work orders posted on the door when I passed it this morning. Wonder what they did or did not do.

    9. TLC says:

      I’m Slovenian and Croatian and got super excited to hear a “Slovenian” restaurant was coming to UWS and must say am highly disappointed- nothing on that menu are true Slovenian dishes. And I agree with others who have posted about the prices. $21 for a salad??

    10. 50 Something UWSer Returned says:

      New Bagel place where Williams Barbecue used to be on 86th and Broadway. Miss that place. Yes, I’m nostalgic for stuff that’s been gone for decades. Also miss Bridie’s and Steve’s Pizza and Morris Brothers and Carmen Deli and The 85th Street Market and Teacher’s and Red Apple, etc.

      Good luck to the intrepid entrepreneurs who are braving this difficult time with hope for the future. Let’s support them the best we can. Each new, independent storefront represents someone’s hopes and dreams.