Photos: Upper West Siders Set Up Thanksgiving Tables Outside, With Multiple Candelabras

With Covid-19 raging, many families put off Thanksgiving gatherings until next year. Some, however, tried to make it work this year by eating outside.

For those without roof decks, one option was to set up tables on sidewalks or in parks to eat their meals. At least two families set up their meals on chess tables next to the Soldiers and sailors Monument at Riverside Drive and 89th Street. There were colorful tables and even a candelabra.

Photo by Vivian Chill.

Photo courtesy of Mia Dahlgren.

Photo courtesy of Mia Dahlgren.

Others set up tables in Central Park, including another family (who asked to remain unidentified) that also had candelabras.

Cristina sent these photos of a gathering in Morningside Park, compete with paper hats.

And Sonja had a gathering in Morningside Heights: “My small 3 person bubble and I had a Thanksgiving oysters tailgate on the back of our car in Morningside Heights. Delicious Oysters were from one of our favorite west side spots, the Atlantic Grill.”

If you ate outside, please send your photos to westsiderag at gmail!

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    1. Annie says:

      New York UWSers manage to find safe ways to adapt during the worst of the 2020 pandemic!

    2. Ed says:

      This is absolutely fantastic. What a great way (and hopefully safe)idea to celebrate Thanksgiving. I’m sure by next year there will be a section on Open Table to reserve the park tables with suggestions for side dishes and wine parings. Oh, wait a minute, it’s the Upper West Side. I should have said “…side dishes and whine parings….” LOL Love you all.

    3. John W80 says:

      Magically they are saved from the virus by eating outside. Ingenious. (Insert eye roll)

      • rteplow says:

        I hope all this outdoor dining continues even after the pandemic – this is great! I also love what outdoor restaurant dining is doing to our city.

        John W80, why is this so hard to believe? It’s science, not magic. The consensus is that indoor conditions are much more conducive to transmission.

    4. New York, New York, What a wonderful town!!

    5. Picnic says:

      Dominican families do this every weekend all Summer and during a lot of Spring/Fall in Riverside Park north of 125th St. And they actually grill/prepare most of the food in the park. It’s funny how people get so excited because some UWS’ers set up a table and brought prepared food for one meal. Maybe it’s because the Dominicans don’t bring candelabras and linen tablecloths. Style over substance.

    6. Joseph Hanania says:

      Wow! Great idea, and the people who set up in Central Park really went all the way. Even a fancy restaurant would not be as nice.

      • Nevets K says:

        Yes, it was Bourgeois Heaven!
        And what distinguishes a true member of the bourgeoisie?
        “Their general cultivation of experience.“
        Not too much, but not too little. But certainly not too much!
        Eat outside – but with a tablecloth!
        And always bring an umbrella!
        God forbid you should have a real experience! That is the greatest crime – and the thing that is longed for!

        • Robin says:

          Is it just me, or is there a whiff of sour grapes here? Is it so unbearable that people are enjoying themselves? Cheer up, Nevets K!

        • Tomaz says:

          Oh my, Nevets! Thanksgiving is meant to be a SPECIAL day. That is why there are special preparation. You sound very sad.

    7. This is great and homey. Even in California we do this.

    8. Carolyn says:

      Fabulous, just one reason this New Yorker misses the city.

      • Elle917 says:

        Luv the “can do” spirit of turning lemons into lemonade as illustrated by having outdoor Thanksgiving celebrations in the park with friends & family.
        The eat, drink and be merry recipe still works even in these uncertain pandemic times!

    9. Suzanne says:

      I too had Thanksgiving dinner in my garden with a friend. It was a lovely meal with all the trimmings but alas no family.

    10. Carol says:

      Ok, maybe it’s just because I am hyper-aware due to my disability, but how/who in the heck hauls all this stuff over?!? It would take a wagon as large as my apt. And I thought grilling was prohibited in parks, anyway, on like 362 days out of the year, even if you actually have a grill and bag of charcoal you can lug over?