2 Local Restaurants Get $5,000 Grants to Boost Dining Setups as Winter Arrives

Pappardella received on the grants.

Upper West Side restaurants are struggling to attract customers as the weather gets colder, and two of them now have some extra cash to make their setups more inviting.

To help out, food delivery app Doordash and the NYC Hospitality Alliance sponsored grants for restaurants worth $5,000 each. Pappardella at 316 Columbus Avenue and 75th Street, and Seven Hills Mediterranean Grill at 158 West 72nd Street both won grants, according to a release about the program.

With Covid cases rising in New York, the city may have to close the indoor-dining program, meaning outdoor setups are even more important. Basic heat lamps go for about $450, though it can be hard to find available ones.

Pappardella diners have shown they’re wiling to brave the weather to eat there, with some continuing to eat their pasta during a ferocious rainstorm this summer.

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    1. OutsideIn says:

      I really will never understand why it’s ok to eat outside while being inside. You’re inside, only outside. Absurdity rules over commen sense.

      • ryu says:


      • Ish Kabibble says:

        Makes perfect sense to me.

      • Steve Friedman says:

        The air circulation outside disperses the virus.

      • Josh says:

        Agreed. What is the difference?

      • Anthony says:

        the plastic sheeting and the like are not the same as four walls. it’s cold in those things, and that’s because there’s cold air from outside going in, and air inside going out.

        there is far better air exchange inside even a sealed outside set-up. I personally don’t go to them because I am risk averse, but I did it once in a really large one where my household was the only one there and it was obvious that there was a lot more air exchange than if we were sitting inside.

        • josh says:

          It is cold in them because they are not insulated. Heat exchange and air exchange are two different things. Heat can be exchanged with zero air being exchanged. It is a process called conduction. You should have learned about it in middle and high school. While air exchange could definitely cause it to be cold in there, too many restaurants are doing the best they can to LIMIT air exchange because that allows them to make it more comfortable for diners. According to the law:
          If two (2) or more side walls are open, and at least one is parallel to the roadway, you may operate following all outdoor dining guidelines (i.e. 6’ between tables, no more than 10 people seated at one table)
          If three (3) side walls or more are in use, the occupancy limit will be capped at 25 percent capacity, and all indoor dining guidelines must be followed

          This doesn’t appear to be what is happening at a lot of restaurants.

    2. Amy Cook says:

      Nobody wants to eat outside anymore.

    3. Chris says:

      Eating indoors is dangerous now because of the air conditioning systems. The air is not properly circulated and if it is co-vod infected, it can be dangerous.
      That’s how it was explained to me.

    4. Robert says:

      Want really help the local restaurant 4 to 7% more? Easy call the restaurant directly, these apps all charge the restaurants a percentage of the check. Also you can ask them if you can get veggies instead of fries etc. Even better go eat at the restaurant, that way you help the workers as well

    5. Susan says:

      This is great news, but Viande is such a great place. Too bad they didn’t receive
      support as well.

    6. SBG says:

      Another Susan joins in to say that Viand is great & deserves lots of support.

    7. Nathan says:

      Terrific food
      Great corner…
      Everyone wears masks…