Photos: West Siders Continue Eating Pasta During World-Ending Flash Flood

Pappardella on Columbus Avenue and 75th Street has some wonderful pasta and frankly who cares if it’s raining with the force of 1,000 oceans. Pappardella general manager Marion Maur told us that she saw lightning strike at the intersection of 76th and Columbus during the storm on Wednesday.

Cheers to these West Siders keeping everything in perspective, and supporting local businesses! And to the employees who keep the place going. Jose Carillo, front left; Marilies Oroperu, in the back; Marion Maur, front right.

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    1. Marci says:

      Where is Mark in this picture? He’s the mainstay and part of the reason we keep going back to Pappardella! Great guy and very attentive to diners.

    2. buddy says:

      food must be awesome to continue eating in that kind of weather. will surely check it out

    3. Off-Broadway Baby says:

      Hmmm…wouldn’t it have been really cool if the restaurant had played the wonderful “Soon It’s Gonna Rain”*:
      “Soooon it’s gonnna rain, I can seeee it
      Soooon it’s gonnna rain, I can telllll
      Soooon it’s gonnna rain, what are we gonnna dooooo?….”
      Ummm…put an umbrella over that pizza?

      *(from “The Fantasticks”, which ran for 42 years! in NYC)

      • Penny says:

        For the person wondering where Mark is, he was probably directing the photoshoot, serving everyone, and getting umbrellas for all the diners. Mark is the best.

    4. Carl says:

      A Broadway parody for Off-Broadway Baby:

      (To the tune of Oklahoma)
      Paaaa..ppardella, where a downpour doesn’t drench your dish
      They will never let, your food get wet, whether pasta, pizza pie or fish