Video of the Day: Urban Cowboys Hoof It Down West End Avenue

A couple of cowboys moseyed down West End Avenue on Thursday in a section that has been closed off to automobiles. Mike Orsini took the video below of two people taking advantage of the light traffic to use a mode of transportation that hasn’t been popular on the Upper West Side in about 150 years.

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    1. s says:

      Nice. Hope they bring trash bags to clean up the poop.

    2. Young Sally says:

      We used to have more of this when the Claremont Stables were open….although different headwear.

      • LL says:

        Yes. I remember that.

      • jezbel says:

        Ive often missed Clairmont Stables. Those were the days when runners stayed to the track around the reservoir and the horses stay on the gravel track. There were rules back then. You could take a horse out with a friend, have a picnic. Get back up on horseback and walk the horse back to the stables.

    3. UWS_lifer says:

      Given the current state of the world, thank god there weren’t four of them.:)

    4. MB/UWSer says:

      Big & Rich, saddlin’ up their horse and ride into the city? saving a horse? city’s never gonna be the same! 😉

      So what it’s not Broadway.

      • Broadway investor bye-bye... says:

        As of right now Broadway will not be reopening until June 1, 2021.
        This will be a disaster for Broadway and the estimate could be a decade!

        • MB/UWSer says:

          My comment about Broadway wasn’t directed at NYC/Broadway/Arts. The entire comment is connected to two cowboys riding their horses up and down Broadway.

          I was in no way referencing NYC Broadway Theater; therefore it wasn’t my intention to offend the NYC/Arts and it’s difficult situation.

          Please accept my offering of peace.

    5. Christina says:

      It figures! This city and country has become as lawless as the Wild, Wild, West! Another Deadwood in the 21 century! Urban Cowboys run amok!

    6. Joel says:

      I saw a big mess of horse poop on the walkway leading up/down from 68 to 70th St. in Riverside park late this afternoon. Were the equestrians defying the scoop law, or were they unaware of the mess being deposited behind them? It reminded me of the old days when sidestepping and/or messy shoes were part of the N.Y. walking experience.

    7. joey says:

      Until the Claremont Riding academy on W89 St. closed in 2007 it was an every day occurrence to see riders upon their steeds traversing to and fro the Central Park Bridal paths. As for the manure left behind it was the lucky gardener who was able to scoop it up to enhance his soil. Not to worry that manure is natural and will quickly biodegrade.

    8. westendal says:

      Saw these guys in Central Park; on the bridle path, not far from where the frisbee nuns were the other day.

    9. Anne says:

      Cool, but 150 years??
      I don’t think WEA even existed in 1870, and I think horses were still pretty common on uws a lot more recently😊
      We idealize horses though— I absolutely love them, but had to step around big piles of horse crap today on walkway down to water at 68th😱
      They need to carry poop bags lol!

    10. Westside Cowgirl says:

      I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road
      I’m gonna ride ’till I can’t no more…

    11. Carol says:

      Saw them on the bridle path.
      Only thing I could have wished for is that it had been Dennis Weaver, God rest his soul. : )
      Maybe they’ll come back.

    12. Debs says:

      Amazimg! As a rider, ’Id love to know who these guys are and where they ride from! Takes a special horse to ride calmly in the city