Local Street Could Be Named ’RBG Way’ if Councilman Has His Way

Photograph from The Columbia Spectator.

By Carol Tannenhauser

City Councilman Mark Levine is introducing legislation to co-name the street where Ruth Bader Ginsburg lived when she was a Columbia law student — 116th Street — “RBG Way.” Ginsburg, who died on Friday, may have grown up in Brooklyn, but she also spent important years on this side of the river.

Ginsburg lived on 116th when she was attending Columbia Law School, where she had transferred after starting at Harvard.

In a biography of the Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Life, author Jane Sherron de Hart wrote of the personal side of that period of her life, and her love of the Metropolitan Opera:

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    1. susan says:

      What a fabulous idea!

    2. Chris says:

      I second the suggestion!
      Let’s do it!

    3. Susan says:

      If ever someone deserved this recognition, and many others, it’s RBG. I had the honor of meeting her when I worked for a women’s advocacy organization. I wanted to share with her that I grew up in the same area of Brooklyn and my parents and uncle also graduated from James Madison HS. But when it was my turn to chat with her, I just said it was an honor to meet her and I thanked her for everything she did for all of us. I’ll never forget it.

    4. D&K says:

      Wonderful idea – hope it happens!

    5. Lynn Sien says:

      Go for it

    6. PQDubya says:

      Be nice to give it her full name.

      • Peter says:

        I like the idea of naming a street after her, and agree with you, call her by her name: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Way (Ginsburg Way for short).

    7. rteplow says:


    8. Albert says:


    9. Ruth Bonnet says:

      @PQDubya Too many letters= too much ink!

    10. Blumpkin says:

      Please, please do this!!!
      NYC must honor this amazing woman!

    11. MarciaK says:

      It’d be nice to hold onto a symbol of the nation’s indebtedness to the late Justice, even though generations to come won’t likely know what the letters represent. I wonder how many New Yorkers or visitors know that there has, for decades, been a memorial stone on the corner of Freedom Place on the upper west side, inside a black metal fence; it’s dedicated to Michael Schwerner and his companions who tried to show the south that Black Lives Matter.

      • UWS History Lover says:

        Thank you for sharing this! I wrote my honors thesis in college (15 years ago) on women in the civil rights movement and, in the course of researching and writing, studied Freedom Summer extensively. I had no idea there was a plaque honoring these men nearby. Looking forward to visiting soon.

    12. Diane Booth says:


    13. Alice says:

      I’m definitely onboard with this idea! RBG deserves this and much more, but it’s a great “way” to honor her life’s work and unparalleled legacy.

    14. seekerG says:


    15. Janet says:

      It is a honor she has earned and deserves. RBG did so much for the women in this country. It would be a wonderful way of thanking her.

    16. LivableCity says:

      I’m in favor of the full name too. And thanks for including the photo of the story about her daughter ar graduation!