Pupper West Side: Layla (AKA ‘Love Pirate’) Shares Her Favorite Things for Fall

By: A. Campbell

Name: Layla

Age: 6 years old

Breed: French Bulldog

Profile/history: My parents had always wanted a French Bulldog and they brought me home when I was just a tiny pup. There’s a common misconception that French Bulldogs can be standoffish or low energy, but I’m the proof that that’s untrue. I don’t think my parents knew how much get-up-and-go I’d still have, even at 6 years old.

Daily routine: My perfect day would begin around 9 a.m., after a good night’s sleep. Once I’m well rested, I’ve got boundless energy and I’m ready to get outside no matter what the weather. In rain, snow, or shine, you’ll find Dad and me taking long 60 – 90 minute walks every morning. We walk a minimum of 3 miles and make a giant loop that takes us up into the Central Park Ramble. Anytime we’re outside, I’ve got my head on the swivel for two things: squirrels and dog-loving people.  They call me a love pirate, because as soon as an owner or a stranger bends down to pet another dog, I’ll swoop in, box the other dog out, and try to hog all the love for myself. I even got love from a friendly Sasquatch once!

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#TBT to the time I met the @jacklinksjerky sasquatch in Central Park!! We played, and all for a good cause! ❤️🐶 Posted @withrepost • @jacklinksjerky Sasquatch got a little distracted in Central Park. Who can blame him? ⠀⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Join us today on #NationalJerkyDay and give back. For every bag of jerky you buy online and in-store, we’ll donate a bag of jerky to @TeamRubicon to aid veteran-led disaster relief efforts.⠀

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Loves: Food! I love to eat a balanced diet that incorporates lots of fruits and vegetables.

Does not love: Dogs who refuse to move out of the way when I’m trying to steal pets and affection meant for them.

Favorite store/business on the UWS: I’m an Amanda Gagnon Dog Training devotee! My parents brought me to Amanda when I was young and – as they would say – being quite disrespectful. (Hmmph. I would characterize my behavior as “bohemian” and “high spirited”.) Amanda and I bonded quickly and she gave my parents a lot of great tips and tricks. She’s a neighborhood gem.

Favorite treat: Blueberries!

Favorite park spot: The Ramble in Central Park.

What are you looking forward to for the Fall season? They say Spring is a rebirth and a renewal, but I feel the same way about Fall. Walking in The Ramble and watching the foliage change colors is so magical. Other items that top my Fall Favorite Things List include: apple cider donuts, buying pumpkins, strolling with a cup of hot coffee or tea, taking cozy naps by a crackling fire, and going for walks to spot all of the Halloween decorations around the Upper West Side.

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warm and cozy by the fireplace. wishing all my friends a very happy holiday season!! 🐶🎄🎁❤️💚💙💛

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    1. Sarah says:

      What a wonderful life you lead, Layla! I’d pet you any day. (But I’d pet the other dog, too. God gave us two hands!)

    2. LL says:

      So pretty.

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