Thursday: Mini-Food Fest Planned in the People’s Garden to Support 15 Restaurants

The “People’s Garden” on 111th Street and Amsterdam Avenue is hosting a unique food festival on Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. with the 111th Street Block Association.

It’s meant as a show of support for local restaurants and bars, though most of them won’t be there. Instead, people can buy tickets that they can take to the restaurants in return for some food. For $10, they can get treats from 6 restaurants.

“This will be a tasting showcase in support of local restaurants, bars, and food shops,” the People’s Gardeners tell us. “We’ll sell “passports” for $10 each and purchasers will be able to visit participating locations and taste a sample dish or beverage. All funds raised will go to these businesses.”

Among the local spots that intend to be there at the garden are Westside Market, Samad’s Gourmet, and Bronx Ice.

It’s also a way to celebrate community. They”ll have music and a raffle, as well as samples of Garden Tea, made with People’s Garden ingredients.

The list of participating restaurants includes:

V & T Restaurant and Pizzeria

Hungarian Pastry Shop

Mel’s Burger Bar

Tom’s Restaurant

Shaking Crab

Samad’s Gourmet

Bronx Ice

The Heights Bar & Grill

Hex & Company

Famous Famiglia

Le Monde


Westside Market

Panda Express

Insomnia Cookies

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    1. JS says:

      Surprised to see this effort includes chains like Panda Express and Insomnia….
      These chains will get some of the funds raised?

    2. Lady Di says:

      would have been helpful to know about this before the “day of” rather than posting the same day. hopefully this will take place again, with a day or two’s notice.

    3. Peter Swan says:

      leave some –SPACE– and wear a MASK!

    4. J Chapin says:

      Didn’t see until the day of.

    5. Jan says:

      Not an advocate of unhealthy fake food
      the chains serve up.