Openings & Closings: Zaad, Kissaki, La Terrine

A new restaurant called Zaad just opened at 963 Amsterdam, just north of 107th street). It serves falafel and other Mediterranean food, as well as items like burgers. Check out the menu here. Thanks to Peter for the tip.

Kissaki, a sushi restaurant known for its Omakase, will be serving its signature dishes out of Guyer’s bar, at 286 Columbus Avenue, between 73rd and 74th Streets. Starting on Wednesday, they’re doing delivery take out and sit down, with 8 outdoor tables and a 20-person capacity. Kissaki’s Premium Omakase Boxes are offered in several sizes for delivery: Primi ($35), Señor Maguro ($59), Midi ($64) and Maxi ($108). It’s open 1pm – 11pm, seven days a week. Check out the menu here.

La Terrine, which sells tableware and linens at 73rd and Columbus, is closing after next week. “All remaining stock (what little is left) is 50% off,” wrote tipster Lisa. “Sad to see them go–they had lovely things and always contributed to the auction at my kids’ public school.”

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    1. Rwc says:

      Zaad is a cute place and reminds me of the Shawarma shops popular in Italy, walked by the other day the food looks and smells delicious.
      This type of middle eastern shops are irresistible, going back to eat .

    2. Fiorello says:

      La Terrine was one of those places that made the UWS more interesting. Alas, will much remain?

    3. Linda Wine says:

      Zaad was delicious for lunch. Friendly staff and reasonable prices, too.

    4. Big Earl says:

      I was always impressed by La Terrine. Over the years many stores closed around them and they just kept going strong. Sad to see them go. They brought something unique to the neighborhood. I wonder how many months that large corner space will sit vacant? Vegas has the over/under at 18 months. Smart money is taking the over.

    5. Mark Moore' says:

      I haven’t tried Zaad but the prices are very reasonable.

    6. Jill says:

      Pastrami Queen is opening on 72nd between Amsterdam and Columbus!

    7. UWSHebrew says:

      Since the closing of Effy’s Cafe back in May, I have been in falafel withdrawal. While there are a smattering of other establishments that I can buy falafel from, I’ve tried them all, and none are better than average, with one popular place in particular (that shall go nameless), offering an always angry and extremely rude counter-person as the welcome you get when ordering in person. Thank goodness for Zaad! I just returned from having truly excellent falafel, and the counter-person / owner could not be nicer. Strictly in terms of taste, this is the best falafel between 72nd and 115th street. For those on a tight budget, the prices for the entire menu are EXTREMELY reasonable!

      • Mark Moore says:

        I tried Zaad’s falafel today (because of WSR) and it was very good. The pita could use some work but otherwise top notch. I want to go back and maybe try the falafel in a wrap, that might be better. Very nice people behind the counter and under $6.25 for the falafel and a soda. And they had four tables outside (where’s there no shade).