Comments of the Week: On Conflict, Food and Returning from Vermont

re: People Make Art and Sleep Outside Homeless Shelter to Show ‘The Upper West Side is a Compassionate, Welcoming Place’

UWSer says:
How wonderful. Support and compassion for our neighbors is much needed during these difficult times.

UWSider says:
We will be successful in having them removed.
In the end, you will all thank us.
You’re Welcome.

re:  Upper West Sider Who Broke Her (Rent-Stabilized!) Lease to Flee to Vermont Finds Rural Bliss Didn’t Last

John says:
Thank you for sharing your journey back. I’m so glad what made you love NYC is alive and well. Despite a long and difficult road ahead, we too are staying put. A day in Central Park is magical to me and I hope as we continue to make progress and reopen, we remember those we lost and how to make a better future for NYC.

re:  Restaurant Closings: Santa Fe and 8th Hill

UWSMillennial says:
Somebody needs to turn the 8th Hill space into a classic French brasserie, complete with red leather banquets, mercury glass light fixtures, a black and white checkered floor, steak frites and onion soup, and red wine on tap. Please, somebody do this.

re:  Rabbi Alvin Kass, NYPD Chief Chaplain, Mugged on Riverside Drive By Man Seeking Money for Food

EricaC says:
It seems unlikely that a ban on solicitation would stop someone from begging for money for illegal drugs.

re: Reopenings Update: Zabar’s Cafe, Pio Pio, Leopard at Artistes, Billy’s Bakery

AC says:
Good to see and read some positive things going on in our UWS Community. It was getting sad and disappointing reading about empty lots and vacancies. Wishing these three businesses the best and will make a point of supporting them in the coming days. Might take time, but we’ll get through this. 🙂

re: Volunteer Street-Cleaning Group ‘OneBlock’ Sees Exponential Growth In Just a Few Days

Drianne says:
It’s incredible to think we all walk on the same streets, me typing this and you reading this. It’s so important we look after each other, and our spaces. This clean up is really showing how contagious kindness can be. THANK YOU 🙂

re: Throwback Thursday: 30 Years of Adventures on the Upper West Side

Nelson says:
Hey neighbor, you sound like a beautiful person. Thanks for your smiles and happy recollections. I hope many more wonderful times are ahead for you & the UWS. ❤️

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    1. babrarus says:

      None were memorable the first time around.
      No need to print them again.

      • lynn says:

        Sheesh, was that really necessary? I’ll bet you’re one of those guys who gets bent out of shape when a bagel shop closes and a donut chain replaces it. 😀

        • nemo paradise says:

          “None were memorable the first time around.
          No need to print them again.”

          “Sheesh, was that really necessary? I bet you’re…”

          Which one of these two statements is actually an overreaction?