A First Peek at the Cipriani Mega-Market; Room Service Anyone?

Cipriani is creating a food market at the new Waterline Square development, and reader Jeff snapped some photos of the interior after workers took the paper in front of the windows down.

Waterline Square is on Riverside Boulevard between 59th and 61st Street. People who live at the luxury complex will have access to a Cipriani food concierge with individual house accounts and room service. (The “cheapest” two-bedroom in the complex available now is over $3 million.)

“The Cipriani outpost will offer to its guests a retail selection of food products, an area with produce stands, multiple specialty counters including a coffee bar, a gelato and pastry shop, and a pizza bar,” a rep told us last year. “Additionally, the full-service restaurant located within the sprawling space will be open seven days a week.”

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    1. Jean Luke says:

      I peeked in the windows yesterday. Looks beautiful. And that area has a beautiful small park and fountains. I hope they do very well.

    2. Pedestrian says:

      New developments will support small business and revitalize the streets! No it won’t and was never intended to. The residents will never have to rub should with the rest of the UWS.

    3. Wijmlet says:

      Where is Waterline Square?

      • Helpful Henry says:

        Waterline Square is a sparkling-new development with outstanding architecture and a lovely open-to-the-public-plaza.
        It’s technically at W.59th, where West End Ahh-ven-yoo becomes plain-old Ihh-leventh Ah-venn-yu., and adjacent to the land-marked IRT Powerhouse (designed by famed architect Stanford White, it was built to power the city’s very first subway, 1904).
        It overlooks The West Side Highway (technically 12th Ave.) and the Hudson River.
        Even better…it is close to the new Morton-Williams supermarket with its great food selection and its outdoor patio with chairs/tables

      • Jo says:

        See the first line of the the second paragraph.

    4. Tom says:

      Kinda in the middle of nowhere. Hope they survive.

    5. LivableCity says:

      Remember the old huge parking lot on 60th between 11th and the river?

      Wish some agency or entity could set up some safe supportive housing and services for homeless New Yorkers in these unused cavernous spaces over the next six months. Hudson Yards might qualify too.

      • UWSara says:

        This area of Lincoln Square has been very busy this summer and I’ve never been more grateful to live in the area. We have not had many of the issues the rest of the neighborhood has been experiencing and the new park has been a welcomed addition. If anyone is looking for a decent slice of the uws make sure to check out pepperinos across the street from waterline Square. By far the best pizza the uws has seen in years.

      • Helen Hull says:

        Great idea…..

      • Reality-based Librul says:

        Sorry, but these “cavernous spaces” are private property built with private funds in the expectation of R.o.I. (Return on Investment)…based on some old-fashioned concept called (GASP!) Capitalism.
        They are vacant because of the Covid-related economic downturn, but hopefully things will improve.
        Sure, “some agency” could TRY to convert them to low-income housing…IF that agency first reimbursed the owners for their investment of money, time, employee salaries, and legal costs.
        Ours is STILL a free-market economy, with many pluses and some negatives.

    6. Sarah says:

      Kind of amazing to me that Cipriani even still exists. They seem to belong back in the Le Cirque era. As often as my friends and I used to go out to eat at fancier places (in the past, sigh), we would never even have thought of them.

    7. Hungry says:

      When is it opening?

    8. Ruby in Manhattan says:

      It wasn’t clear to me if the amenities will be available only to residents or if at least the restaurant part of it will be open to the general public as well.

    9. UWSHope says:

      Cipriani’s are such hasbeens. So many better, more reputable companies should have gotten that lease. It’s a beautiful development.

    10. Michael says:

      Has anyone heard an opening date?