Openings & Closings: Scarlatto, Saje, Tom’s Delicious Pizza, Manhattan Valley Pediatrics

A restaurant named Scarlatto is coming to Amsterdam between 91st and 92nd Streets. Scarlatto appears to be an expansion of a bar & grill on West 46th Street that offers relatively high-end Italian food. That restaurant’s phone has been giving a busy signal when we call. Here’s the menu. Thanks to Deborah for the tip.

Saje on Columbus and 67th has closed. “We regret to share that we have had to make the difficult decision to permanently close our New York and New Jersey locations,” the company said. “We’ve enjoyed supporting our Community Members in the New York and New Jersey area, and we’ll continue to support your wellness through, and be available through, LiveChat or by phone at 1-877-275-7253.” Thanks to Upper West Sider and Jackie for the tips.

Tom’s Delicious Pizzeria, a small spot at 3161 Broadway near Tiemann Place up by Columbia Unievrsity, appears to have closed. The restaurant has a for sale sign on the window and the phone is not working. Thanks to Susan for the tip.

Manhattan Valley Pediatrics is opening at 2637 Broadway near 100th Street. “As members of the Manhattan Valley community, we wanted to create a practice not only with a community feel but more importantly, as community members. We wanted to restore the community doctor, someone you see around the neighborhood, but also someone you can talk to as a trusted friend.” Thanks to Kevin for the tip.

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    1. Amy Staub says:

      Amazing doctors. Amazing practice. So excited for them!! And for us as a community.

    2. Harriette Silverberg Natkins says:

      Now Kiehl’s moving up Columbus into Saje location.

    3. Grieving NYker says:

      This is called death of a neighborhood. Blame Covid, and blame stupid political decisions. I’m not sure every other city is dying to this extent. Don’t people go to school for advanced degrees from high end universities and learn about city planning? All you public policy do gooders? Hello?

      • Karen L. Bruno says:

        I used to live on 72nd Street but I moved over 2 years ago, now I live in Oceanside,’s not like that here. Here most businesses are open except we still don’t have indoor eating or movie theaters however, we have good weather year round so we can eat outside year-round. But, I think NYC is one of the worst run cities in the country at this point and it’s a terrible shame because it was a great city.

        • denton says:

          Lets see, 7 day average of Covid cases in CA 7774 as of yesterday, vs. 655 in NYS. Apparently you think that temps of 110 deg
          F and rolling blackouts is ‘nice weather’. You can have it.

      • chuck d says:

        We shop and work online now. No public policy wonk of political platform is going to change that.

        But it means mom and pop shops can’t make it and landlords will need to adjust their rents. Because there are so fewer people on the street, in the parks, in the subway, etc. there is more opportunity for crime. In the words of our dear leader, “it is what it is.”

        • BR says:

          While there are fewer people, it’s not as many as you might think. We are seeing a fall in population due to summertime getaways, which normally happen and probably have been extended from the Spring this year. However, the more pressing issue is that many small businesses in NYC rely on work locations, like midtown and wall street: these areas have seen populations tank. The small businesses should move to neighborhood areas for more business. I know that I have tried to increase the use of the small businesses I use in my area as a support for these hard times. I know that I’m not the only one. My neighborhood, on the upper portion of the UWS, will continue to thrive as a result.

    4. Barbara Selwitz says:

      Can you find out if Pio Pio on Amsterdam will be reopening?

    5. UWS Dad says:

      We’ve been going to the lovely doctors at Manhattan Valley Pediatrics for several years (at a previous location). They are all very kind and caring, and take time to listen to parents (and children’s!) concerns.

    6. T says:

      Open the city already before everything closes. Deaths have been at virtual zero since June. This is going to get a lot worse

      • chuck d says:

        You mean, because you want deaths to start happening again? This virus spreads like wildfire.

        • Ll says:

          I think they meant rh2 CLOSINGS will get a lot worse. And it is true. In order to prevent a resurgence of the disease, people really are avoiding going into stores. Which is good for our health, bad for businesses.

          February 2020 feels like 50 years ago.

      • Paul says:

        One infected member of the Florida Marlins walked into the clubhouse and in three days half the team was sick.

        Indoor dining with a virus that contagious?

    7. Caroline says:

      The doctors at Manhattan Valley Pediatrics are amazing. Our kids have been seeing them for years (at a different location), and we’ve had great experiences with all the doctors. Glad to see them in their new space!

    8. Bob says:

      Another shout out to the doctors at Manhattan Valley Pediatrics — they’re largely the same ones who used to be at 86th and CPW, and they’ve always done an amazing job with our kiddos. I hope this new location is a big success.

    9. Susan says:

      Always good to hear that a new restaurant is opening on the UWS especially during these times….sad to see the loss of two other restaurants at the same time.

    10. Mike says:

      We don’t need an expensive Italian chain restaurant one block from Gennaro, our neighborhood jewel. Bringing the midtown tourist’s taste to the west 90s.

      • Sean says:


      • lynn says:

        I’d bet the 90’s could use some Midtown tourists right now. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. So many complainers!

      • lmm says:

        Having one location in Hell’s Kitchen doesn’t make it a chain restaurant! Let’s just be happy for openings, not closings. You can still frequent Gennaro.

      • Buddy Revell says:

        Who is “we” Mike and since when do you speak for the entire UWS? I welcome any business in these terrible times. UWS is a graveyard for commercial space. Thankfully we have people like Mike around to let future businesses know what is acceptable…..

        • TrueTrue says:

          Well said, the complaints about businesses that are actually OPENING always make me chuckle too. We should be grateful for any halfway decent business opening up at this rate.

    11. TE says:

      Scaffolding was the first wound. Covid twisted
      the knife. Violence and crime back in the neighborhood again, the death knell.

    12. EGF says:

      The hyberbole in the comments on this page is comical. Cheer up! NYC will make it.

    13. Ye Olde Englife Teachere says:

      Re: “A restaurant named Scarlatto….”
      Yup, you guessed right: “Scarlatto” does means Scarlet.
      As in ‘Scarlet O’hara’, heroine of 1939’s “Gone With the Wind” (well, m’dears, please DO give a damn)
      Then there’s good old Hester Prynne, of “The Scarlet Letter” (apologies to all my former students for foisting that on them)
      Hope Scarlatto hands out Scarlet letters with the patrons’ bills.

    14. JKib says:

      Any word on what’s happening at the old Food City site (95th and Columbus)? Saw some activity there this week.

      • Mark Moore says:

        I was trying to calculate how much in rent the landlord lost in the time since Food City closed because they didn’t want to give the supermarket a long-term lease. I’m not a real estate expert but at a (IMHO) conservative estimated rent of $50,000/month, it adds up to about $4.5 million. They’ve been closed for more than seven years.

    15. Andrew S says:

      Echoing the previous comments re: Manhattan Valley Pediatrics. Our daughter has seen all of the doctors at their previous location–they are such skilled and caring practitioners and really nice people.

    16. Doris Prester says:

      Stopped by Samad’s Gourmet (111 & 11th Bway) today for my hummus; and, the gates were down. I hope they haven’t closed; they make the best hummus in New York. I travel from Central Harlem for their hummus.

    17. V. Minera says:

      Manhattan Valley Pediatrics was once Westside Pedriatrics, under Dr. Max Vangilder. for exactly 21 years we are happy with this practice. I come all the way from NJ for doctors app.I couldn’t choose better doctors and practice for my kids since 1999, my daughter refuse to find a Doc. at NJ. I love this place their staff and how professional they are. I have 3 more years until my last turns 21. Until then I will worry for the search for a great doctor like Dr. Gatti , Dr. Grant . I missed Dr. Max.