Updated (Again): Gary Null’s Uptown Whole Foods Is Closing Thursday, But Seeking New Space

By Carol Tannenhauser

Gary Null’s Uptown Whole Foods on 89th Street and Broadway is closing tomorrow, Thursday, as a result of the pandemic. “Everyone is so sad,” said Dely, a long-time employee. “This store has been like home to people for 17 years.” (It had been open under other ownership since 1966.)

Dely said that Null, who is also a controversial radio host and author, “really tried to keep the store open.” It specializes in organic produce and groceries, frozen foods, vitamins, and had a juice bar. “Most of our customers are quarantined or they went to their other homes,” she added.

But take heart: Null is looking for another location, Dely said. “When he finds one, he told us we will all be rehired.” Sophia at the main office confirmed that Null is indeed looking to relocate, but wouldn’t say whether or not it would be on the Upper West Side.

Here is his farewell letter.

Update: Wait! We got late word from Patrick, who works at Gary Null’s Uptown Whole Foods that “Gary is in negotiations with the landlord to stay open.” We’ll keep you posted.

Update Friday Afternoon: Edwardo, the cashier, told us Null is still huddled with the landlord. The staff is eagerly awaiting word. The store is closed for the weekend, but depending upon how the negotiations turn out, it may reopen Monday.

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    1. Morty schwartzberg says:

      You are the best.Pray that you find another location.

    2. Debby says:

      This is terrible news. Uptown Whole Foods is the only store I’ve shopped in for months. It’s a real loss for the neighborhood.

    3. Glen says:

      Maybe it is time the city gave up on the commercial rent tax south of 96th Street? Surely Mrs. Deblasio has skimmed enough from the city’s coffers for “ThriveNYC” to live large the rest of her and the hubby’s life.

    4. UWSHebrew says:

      I have never and will never step into a Garry Null store once I heard his repulsive views on NPR.

      • BB says:

        I don’t understand. What are his views?

        • UWSHebrew says:

          He goes on hour long rants against the country of Israel. It’s non-stop. He’s obsessed, like Roger Waters.

          • NotToday222 says:

            I am unfamiliar with his views on Israel although it always shocked me how many on the Upper West Side shopped in his store despite his dangerous and Trump-like views on medicine and health. It is all easily found on Wikipedia and through Google. And if you really want to have fun, listen to his The Gary Null Show – even Fox News (I imagine) has nicer things to say about Dr. Anthony Fauci.

            However, the loss for this community are the employees, many of whom were likely unaware of Null’s dangerous beliefs.

            • Barry Sawyers says:

              I am astonished to see some of the comments made against Gary Null, Have some of these people taken time out to review his body of work and his long and exhaustive efforts to inform and educate the public abut the their health
              Much 0f what he advocated years ago is being practiced by countless experts today

            • Chuck Zlatkin says:

              Wikipedia not a reliable source for information. The editors are no longer objective. You can criticize Null if you want but use a better, truthful source.

          • Jen says:

            We live in the US. Hatred against any country is not appreciated and disgusting, but Our loyalty should be with the US.
            I don’t remember any outrage when a journalist was gruesomely killed by Saudi Arabia, but God forbid anything says even mildly critical against Israel. Why such bias?

            • dannyb says:

              Stop that. Just stop. There was _plenty_ of anger, outrage, and general reporting about the (alleged) murder by Saudi agents.
              Please take your agenda and fold, spindle, mutilate, and smash it.

            • ZoomZ says:

              There was plenty of outrage over the murder Saudi Arabia orchestrated.
              Unless you were out of the country, you were asleep at the wheel.

            • Ll says:

              I LOVE how this convetsation almost always go. Someone is upset because someone else said something critical of Israel. And thrn another person says, how come Israel is not allowed to be criticized.

              People criticize Israel all the time. It is a lot og news when something bae happens to Palestinian civilians. And also, there was nonstop coverage when the killing happened at the embassy.

              And are you really talking about dual loyalty? Do you realize what an anti Semitic trope that is? Aside from which, Gary Mull criticizing Israel is FINE. UWSHebrew being upset about that is fine too. Where is there any lack of loyalty to the US?

      • Chris says:

        I couldn’t agree more. He’s a charlatan and a danger to public health.

      • Msgrandoni says:

        He has a long history of self aggrandizing and some really wacky ideas.

    5. wombatNYC says:

      I do love the old school vibe and especially the popcorn and juice bar. I hope they find another location where the rent is low and they’re able to lower some of the prices . I’d shop there more often but I can;t afford it .
      Good Luck and Godspeed! The staff is wonderful too !

    6. Ll says:

      Whoa. I remember when this place opened. Before that, it was that awesome bakery. I am really sad to see Whole Goods go. It is sad in general, and at the same time this is a looot of empty store fronte – just down the street is the empty Duane Reade, and one block from that is the former lovation of the TDBank tradinghoise, and two doors from that is the hot and crusty. This is very unnerving.

    7. Helen says:

      Maybe Party Cake can make a comeback

    8. I am not going to lose any sleep over the closing of this store. I never liked it. As a matter of fact, I am resentful that it even opened up in the first place, and replaced a really great bakery, Party Cake, which was at the same location for years.

    9. Ben David says:

      Despite what you may think of Mr.Null, his health food store served a genuine need for people who prefer organic options and food brands that are (usually) a healthier option.
      The supplements/vitamin department employed knowledgable staff. At a time when McDonalds, Popeyes, and other such places abound, health-conscious folks will miss Gary Null’s Whole Food. I hope they do reopen in the same neighborhood, but between crime and covid—not too optimistic. Good luck to all the staff!

    10. Josh says:

      Sad to see it go.

      Check out Columbus Natural Foods on 95th and Columbus to replace your organic produce at a reasonable price from a small mom and pop.

    11. D-Rex says:

      As an alternative (about 9 blocks north):

      The Health Nuts
      2611 Broadway (west side of Broadway between 98 and 99)

      Nice store, pleasant staff, reasonable prices.
      I recently started shopping there, sorry I waited so long to try it!

      • UWSHebrew says:

        The Health Nuts is a fantastic store. I’ve been going there for many years and the employees may have been curt at times, but always helpful. The selection is outstanding and the prices overall are fair.

    12. Charles Rosenblum says:

      I built and operated this supermarket 1993-1999.
      The store was an instant success, filling a need for an organic alternative on the Upper West Side. With quality products and reasonable prices, the store was a Mecca for NYC residents looking for a healthy alternative to mainstream markets. It became the most successful Health Food operation in the Country. In some small
      way the store was a catalyst for the establishment of
      Health Food aisles in supermarkets .
      It was a very special time – sorry to see it pass.
      Happy to have been part of a health food

    13. Rufino Baez says:

      Sad to hear that the store is closing. I feel for the people who work at the store. I have been buying at Gary store for more than 16 years. Hope you find a good place soon. God bless you Gary, keep up the great work you’re doing through your radio show.

    14. Marge says:

      I’m surprised that the UWS community is so supportive of Gary Null’s business given that he has built his career on pseudoscience, opposition to vaccines, and AIDS denialism. I do hope the employees will be able to find work elsewhere.

    15. Ben says:

      I cannot, in good conscience, say I feel bad for someone who’s decidedly against science based medicine, an HIV denier, and an anti-vaxxer.

    16. ST says:

      I well remember the old Uptown Whole Foods. It was fantastic. Thanks for your contribution to the UWS.

    17. Barry Sawyers says:

      It is extremely painful to hear that this iconic store, which has traded for so many decades and weathered so many storms should be forced to close by the impact of this appalling decision to close the country down.
      I do so wish Dr Gary Null and his emplyees best wishes for the future, I will be looking to see this establishment
      Like the Phoenix rise up again in the near future.
      Come back soon!

    18. Marci says:

      We almost never went to this store even though it’s literally across the street, but I”m still sorry to see it go. People who liked it, loved it. And it’s one more empty storefront in this ever growing empty store city.

    19. Tom says:

      Broadway between 79 and 96 is just sad right now. Such empty.

    20. Carol says:

      I just went there and everything is 30% off. Last day tons of stuff left.

    21. Hello Gary – You have educated us over the years. We are grateful. I am
      Carole Gregory, a 9/11 survivor whom you
      and Luanne helped.

      God keep you !

    22. ital says:

      well everyone has their opinions i am not joining the bandwagon on negative all i know is 23 years ago when i moved down the block one day i went there to get off meds for Hpylori and i was introduced to Oreganol oil and i met Gary Null. by the way i was cured by it.

    23. Rodger Lodger says:

      Ten or fifteen years ago I’d catch him sometimes on the car radio, but then he claimed his diet or whatever it is would grow hair back. That was my cue to exit. And if he could grow hair, why didn’t he market his formula, make $100s of millions of dollars, and donate to his causes? Whatever he says that is useful is the standard accepted advice, eating well and exercise.

      • 90s BAI listener says:

        Great point about mass marketing a hair growth item if it worked well. I used to hear GN on BAI years back. I think he has alot of good to offer, but of course he is human – and his drive for high standards (impossible standards?) makes his flaws stand out more. His work mattered to me, and helped me at times. I wish there was a world where we didnt have to be skeptical of everyone, but we do. Take a critical look, and keep the good stuff.

        Also: if many affluent people are vacating the UWS, maybe *simpler* folk can enjoy a fairer city. Not overnight, but perhaps a *correction* of exclusive exce$$

    24. Roger says:

      Just read his page on Wikipedia! Whoa!

      Let’s just refer to the closing of this store as “Null and Void”.

    25. Susann says:

      Sad to see this go.

    26. Janis says:

      I’ve been to Gary Null’s store and found it way overpriced compared to Health Nuts and Columbus Natural Foods.
      I don’t like to see people lose their jobs but I am not sorry to see it go.
      I know it;s not the space for it, but I would love to see a real supermarket open in the area. There is certainly enough store space available on the UWS.

    27. Pcnyc says:

      Whole Foods clearly ONLY carried food that Gary endorsed. You’re foolish to not realize the value of that.
      I hope to patronize his next store.

    28. charles hoffman says:

      in times of economic stress, shoppers are willing to walk a few extra blocks to cut the cost of their food bill by 30 percent. And for those who need a “specialty” store, the new Trader Joe’s is just a more affordable, accessible, and it seems a lot safer because of its airy and open feeling.

    29. Malka says:

      So sorry that you Re closing. We have been your customers since day one please
      Letterpress us posted if there’s an update.

    30. Gina says:

      Not only has Gary been a regular presence in the store and neighborhood for dozens of years, he was a huge resource on the radio since my youth. His determination to help people be informed and make healthy choices- not just accept the ka-Ching world of Big pharma and medicine has been a huge resource over the years. He’s been a pioneer. What you eat matters! Nutritional supplements can help you!
      I remember when I was little hearing him playing in the kitchen on his daily WOR radio show. My brother and I termed Gary null as Gary dull. Well. I take it back: he is a very not dull man. Thanks for all your years of service, Gary.

    31. Ellie says:

      I am very sad to see this store close. I live just down the block and have been shopping there very often. I hope they can relocate soon.

    32. Andrew says:

      It looks like they are staying for a little bit longer. The closing message is gone and a sign is up that they are doing inventory and will be open on Monday

    33. Pamela says:

      Thank you for all these years of great service. Please add my name to your list to be kept informed of your next step.

    34. AJ says:

      Seriously, a little tiny thing of ginger was $6, the produce wasn’t THAT incredible worth the 300% markup. And most of those weird food items some of you get (ex, cashew cheese or “meat” made from blades of grass), you can get elsewhere, like that other place on 96th street/Columbus, or 102nd street and Broadway.

      This was a pretentious high-end grocery store in a food desert area, the prices were reprehensible, even for “health” food, give me a break, this was for vegans with money to throw away.

    35. Jacalyn says:

      I love shopping at Gary Null’s. I have heard he had extreme political views but did not consume them with his lovely produce and organic grocery items.
      I usually run into my yoga students there after teaching yoga at Equinox. It felt like an oasis of good healthy living on the UWS. I hope they find a new space or get a break on their rent

    36. DORIS SOLOMON says:

      The commercial landlords have practically destroyed small businesses on the upper west side (and all over the city and five boroughs). This gouging small business people is now all over the country. To raise rents and renegotiate leases during a pandemic is cruel. Why is there no cap on what landlords can charge–why is capitalism not capped?

    37. GE says:

      Just walked by Gary Null’s. Sign on the door says “we will re-open Tuesday August 25 at 8am to 8pm with a new 10 year lease.” There’s hope! I hope that’s right. They are a great place.

      • Seths says:

        Gary Null’s Uptown Whole Foods is staying open! I just spoke with the manager, who said the store is under new management (“a company from Connecticut”) and has a new 10-year lease. The name is staying the same, with the same staff and products, but Gary Null is “staying on as a consultant.”