With $13,000+ in Community Support, Han’s Market Upgrades and Keeps on Serving the UWS

A longtime local market got a big boost from the community, and now it’s in a position to thrive into the future. A fundraiser for Han’s Market on the corner of Broadway and West 93rd Street raised $13,739, even more than the goal of $10,000.

Han’s has been around for decades and served generations of Upper West Siders. Supporters started the fundraiser in June out of fear that market would close. “They sell the freshest fruits and vegetables around, and have everything else you could ever want too,” they wrote. “Also, Mr. Han deals with tough customers with such grace. Plus he’s funny. This is our corner store that we don’t ever want to lose.”

On Thursday, Joe Han said he wanted to thank the community for their support and he provided an update about what the money had allowed him to do.

“I want you to be the first to know that the donations from GoFundMe was used to improve the store and make it easier for us to offer fresher products.

We purchased a 12′ open dairy case to make sure our dairy products keeps fresh in the hot summer days, and to increase our dairy and vegan cheese selection.

The old dairy case was having a hard time keeping up with the heat.

I included a picture of the new dairy case we put in. It’s still a work in progress.

Again a great big THANK YOU, from me and my family.”

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    1. Jodi says:

      I live closer to Fairway, but my walks and runs often take me past Han’s. I’m going to make it a point to frequent the store from now on and even make special trips to do so. I definitely want to support “the little guy”!

    2. Robynn H. Delin says:

      This is “community” in the best form.

    3. UpperWest says:

      That’s fantastic! *This* is an example of something that is good for everyone.

    4. UWSer says:

      Yes!! I love Han’s. Best fresh flowers on UWS!

    5. Sara says:

      I have had more than a few very unpleasant exchanges with the owners of this store- I have always found them to be rude and unpleasant, rarely smiling, never saying thank you after I’ve made a purchase. I am frankly shocked there is such support for a business that has, in my experience, had such terrible customer service for all the years I have lived here on the UWS. I have actually made it a point to avoid shopping in this store at all costs, going out of my way to West Side Market or elsewhere in order to avoid it.

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        Perhaps the problem is you?

      • J. L. Rivers says:

        I’ve had the same experience with the folks in this place. I live down the block from them and have grown so discouraged by their lack of basic customer care that I avoid them completely.

      • MQue says:

        Every time I read a post you made it’s always negative. Cheer up

      • Steen says:

        My experience is the exact opposite. They have always been very nice and helpful. Have they been under much more stress since March? Obviously yes. Maybe you are projecting the manifestation of that stress as being directed to you?

      • TrueTrue says:

        I think you got some push back for the way you worded this, but I agree with your overall point. Not the friendliest place I’ve ever been.

      • D-Rex says:

        From my experience, they are nice, gracious, people. I will be sure and go tomorrow!

        Sorry you had a different experience, for whatever reason.
        But to go out of your way to malign the reputation of a small business??? Possibly telling of why your experience was less pleasant than that of so many others.

    6. Madelaine Miller Strauss says:

      This family and market are so deserving of support.We walked past the market daily for years to/from school with our daughter and they were always so kind and patient, and always remembered her. It’s what makes a neighborhood special.

    7. Tom says:

      Shame on you Sara.

      • Shame? says:

        Shame on someone who has had a different experience that others?

        I’ve been there a couple of times and didn’t find anything special about the place or service either.

        It’s great that people who cared spoke with their dollars instead of their ‘thoughts and prayers’ for something they cared about. There’s no shame in not sharing the same care for something though

    8. Daniel Fish says:

      Han’s Family Market is a vital part of our West Side neighborhood. Thank you Han’s !!

    9. JeffUWS says:

      Great folks and a terrific store!

    10. Nora says:

      Always gracious, too, about watching my dog as I shop. The non-rent paying fruit stands spilling over their legal boundaries and people who sell out of coolers illegally on the street must be hurting their business. And they deal with neighborhood crazies every day. Can’t be easy.

    11. Renee says:

      This is such good news as so many of us remember the warmth & kindness of Mr. & Mrs. Han who originally opened the store…becoming part of the fabric of our community. Since then the family & staff have continued that tradition. Although I shop in many places, I have made a commitment to direct a consistent portion of my food purchases to the Han Market each week. I hope others do the same to ensure sales & longevity for our friends & neighbor, the Hans. Let’s stay proactive!

    12. UWS Neighbor says:

      During the height of the pandemic in March and April, Hans Market sustained our family with fresh produce! Thank you, Hans, for being such a vital part of the neighborhood!

    13. Diane says:

      My experience at the store was not great. I, too, found the person at checkout very disagreeable

    14. Bthompson says:

      It’s sad to read some of the rude comments to people who have different experiences in their interactions with others. You should be aware by now that some people are treated better than others. So don’t dismiss their experiences because they don’t align with yours.

    15. David Brand says:

      Fond memories of the Han’s. Glad they are surviving.
      We left six years ago.

    16. NYerUWSer says:

      This market was one of the very first, if not the first, to start colonizing the Upper West Side along Broadway with stores that stayed open into the evening, and one of the very first to bring fresh produce into the neighborhood. Not sure if the current owners are the original ones, but it sure was a welcome sight when it opened. Glad it will continue. (I’ve lived in the neighborhood since the ’70s).

    17. Pappy says:

      I wonder is this money supposed to keep them afloat during this pandemic? Or is he upgrading his store with new equipment?

    18. Eric says:

      It’s very important to support local businesses with brick and mortar as much as possible now more than ever especially in the UWS where stores are closing left and right. Winter is coming and those fruit & veggie stands won’t be around but Hans Family Market will stand strong.

    19. UWSMomma says:

      I used to live on 92nd and then 94 and WEA. Han’s was always a go-to for me on my way home from work or when I needed something in a pinch. I’m so glad it’s sticking around!

    20. Silent Majority says:

      Remember not everyone shares your views. Trump 2020

    21. Bill says:

      Pleasure to support Hans. Always happy to hold the pooch while I shop.

    22. John Gerity says:

      Mom went there all the time and they loved her. Very glad to see it’s sticking around.

    23. Chris says:

      Han’s is a gem. I feel bad that I haven’t been shopping there since the pandemic but I’m glad to help out and I hope Han will be there when I’m back shopping again.

    24. Susan says:

      I’ve been shopping at Han’s for decades. I am relieved that it is staying, both for the convenience and the courteous, friendly vibe. Life in the neighborhood would be much worse without it!

    25. Pappy says:

      Absolutely believe 100% in supporting stores such as this. So why is everyone soooooo excited about getting 3 new Target stores in UWS? Sort of hypocritical isn’t it?