Comments of the Week: Homeless Hotels Cont’d, Skateboarding, Waiting for Target, The Fruitman Stayeth

Another Local Hotel Shelters Women Who Are Homeless, ‘For Our Safety’

Honest Bob says:
I pay a ridiculous cost to live on the UWS (barely can afford) and these beautiful hotels/locations are giving rooms away. Doesn’t feel right.

re: Rosenthal Explains Her Homeless Shelter Position, Changing Some Stances

Sara Petitt says:
What can an 86-year-old retired art teacher do to help? Can I give art classes? Cook meals, etc.?

re: Curtis Sliwa Says He’ll ‘Put a Lid On’ Crime Around Shelters

CrankyPants says:
He has my vote. Run, Curtis, run.

re: Police Announce Up to $2,500 Reward After Top NYPD Official’s Son Reportedly Mugged on Central Park West

MQue says:
It’s sad how often my phone alerts me of a crime in the neighborhood. After living here for 45 years I’m packing up and leaving.

re: New Riverside Skate Park Opens ‘Street’ Section as Construction Continues on Pool-Style Bowl

Wendy says:
Since Covid 19, I take 5 mile walks in Riverside Park and have watched the progress of construction and the opening of the skateboard park. I was so happy to see that this park was completed, even in this time when so much is at a standstill. On Sunday afternoon I saw a diverse group of boarders, young/older, all different levels and ethnicities, finding their places to do their sport. This is the best of NYC, this is what bonds us and gives reason to hope.

re: Men Living in Homeless Hotels Will Return to Shelters ‘When Appropriate,’ Mayor Says, But What Will Happen to the Hotels?

Oona says:
The more that sell or move the better. Yuppie Puppies arrival made the UWS unaffordable for families and their children who lived here for generations. Let the wealthy go & let the middle class find affordable housing close by their families once again. Let police, fire dept members, school teachers, sanitation workers and all the people who keep the City move back into the neighborhoods they support and work. Most of all, let real estate owners stop gouging renters for buildings they never live in only purchase to make obscene rents from renters.

re:  A 3rd Target Store is Coming to a Not-Too-Distant Corner

Lawrence Braverman says:
Wait! That Target on 61st is not a movie set? Or a Potemkin village or a trompe l’oeil illusion but an actual store you might possibly be able to walk into one day???
Surely you’re jesting! You’re wearing a funny hat with tinkling bells upon it! It’s actually going to be a museum dedicated to the 20th Century urban retail experience, ‘fess up, right?
Someday: cash registers??? Or will they be obsolete by then, a long distant memory by the time Target, if they even exist in that far future when Mars will be a settled planet and the rest of the UWS has reverted back to bucolic farmland, gets their act together…

re: With $13,000+ in Community Support, Han’s Market Upgrades and Keeps on Serving the UWS

NYerUWSer says:
This market was one of the very first, if not the first, to start colonizing the Upper West Side along Broadway with stores that stayed open into the evening, and one of the very first to bring fresh produce into the neighborhood. Not sure if the current owners are the original ones, but it sure was a welcome sight when it opened. Glad it will continue. (I’ve lived in the neighborhood since the ’70s).

re: The Fruitman Is Keeping the Upper West Side Vitamin-Rich Through the Crisis, and Working on His English

Sarah Durkee says:
This terrific profile of a much-loved local guy who was not born here but has made it his home made me SO HAPPY. In this anxious time of so much hardship and division, it would be a beautiful thing to see even more pieces like this. Thanks, WSR! Love ya, Can “Fruit Guy” Cakmar! Thanks for making all our lives here healthier and better!

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    1. nemo paradise says:

      Oona is a conservative. Wants to go back to the good old days, when the UWS was working class. Of course, there were still landlords, and rich folks lived on Riverside Drive, CPW and WEA, but the huge area in between was mostly squalid tenements where real people could enjoy the privileges of poverty undisturbed by the prosperous.

      • Joey says:

        Nemo, A squalid tenement to one a palace to another. A man’s home is his castle especially when he works for it. Ah! The eye of the beholder.

    2. World Peacenik says:

      re: Another Local Hotel Shelters Women Who Are Homeless, ‘For Our Safety’

      The rooms are being provided to recovering men to distance them during the virus pandemic.

      They are NOT taking yours.

    3. Elder says:

      761 people in 3 hotels not wearing masks.
      This move to protect then from COVID?
      Are they tested on a daily basis?
      Sharing elevators?
      Confined to their rooms?

    4. morris shamah says:

      is it not time to think about the next mayor of NYC-maybe a Guiliani or a Bloomberg- someone whose aim is not to destroy the upper middle class and upper class sections of the city, a non-socialist.

      But it seems that it is highly improbable that one can hope for a change. The dyed in the wool liberals, even the wealthy ones, together with the propogandized young college grads and students will not become apostates to their self destructive new religion.
      Even if it hurts them.

    5. rj says:

      Why not put there homeless upstate where there is room . This is insane. You Deblasio have destroyed our neighborhood , safety and homes. Lets put some homeless in Gracey Mansion. Oops we can’t you put a fencevaround your home . You phony