Arrest Made After Nissan Flips in High-Speed Rollover on 72nd Street

Photo by Diane.

Police arrested one man after a rollover crash that ended with the Nissan he was in flipped upside-down in the middle of 72nd Street on Friday.

“The driver was barreling down W. 72 St. on the Upper West Side when he lost control of the vehicle near Central Park West around 4:45 p.m., said a witness,” according to the Daily News. Police said the driver attempted to run away to Central Park but was caught by police. The details of what he was arrested for were not immediately available.

Photo by Matthew.

We received a strange tip about the crash that indicated more than one person may have been in the car: “3 kids crawl out of the car and run away into the park with a cooler. Two return without it. Driver still might be missing.”

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    1. Boris says:

      Probably fits the profile of those who bob & weave as they race on the West Side Highway. Surprised there aren’t more accidents like this on that stretch of road.

    2. Karen says:

      These things just don’t happen on the UWS.

      • TiredoftheUWSBigots says:

        Car accidents don’t happen on the UWS? Even for the outsized exceptionalism that many commenters here display that seems like a stretch. If this driver were a white lady, I’m sure that you would be able to summon compassion for them.

        • Michael S Gora says:

          Fortunately the guy didn’t kill someone.

          Takes a lot of effort to flip a car, hard to have compassion for a guy that does that and runs away. I would use the word coward before compassion.

        • Susan says:

          I’m a white woman and I bet you are absolutely right.

        • Keith R says:

          That is exceptional of you to work race into this story. No, I am sure that most people reading this didn’t even care what race the person was. The fact that THEY chose to drive recklessly (possibly drunk) is where most people were thinking. Only someone like you would bring race into this conversation. Not sure what type of person you are, but I have my suspicions. God Bless

        • J says:

          lol…the person meant cars don’t flip upside down on the uws very often. Unsure how the drivers gender and race matters. Seems like you’re looking for something that isn’t there. The driver just is what the driver is. Just facts. I guess you can have compassion for anyone you want. We don’t know any facts about the case….

        • UWSHebrew says:

          Oh yeah, lots of compassion for a driver speeding like hell down a street. Tons.

        • Craig S says:

          The guy RAN away. No compassion for him. Thankfully he didn’t hurt any residents.
          Cars don’t flip at the 20mph speed limit.

      • Keith R says:

        They do now

    3. Buster says:

      Good news. The Feds caught the loser who torched a police car on 83 and Columbus. Check out todays NY post.

    4. LIsa says:

      I live on 72nd and by the time I got there the Nissan was right-side up, with all the windows shattered. Looked like it hit a parked blue car, then flipped.

    5. Notta Cop says:

      Memo to all you trolls and/or professional NYPD-haters who, in recent postings, have claimed the officers of the “Two-Oh” ‘do nothing’:
      So who chased, caught, and arrested this dangerous perp?

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        When you’re right, you’re right. Problem is, there are still way too many bad cops, dragging them all down. But yes, the two oh seems to mostly be a good group of cops and I appreciate them.

      • Rob Foran says:

        I’m left wondering if this would have even happened if the NYPD actually enforced traffic laws. I’m reading that ticketing for moving violations are down about 76% from last year at this time. (NYDailyNews 7/18/20) It’s hard to imagine how so much insane driving can be done on streets half empty from Covid19 when the largest municipal PD in the country patrols those streets. Have to be naive not to see there’s a deliberate slowdown. I imagine some people think the cops are justified to not do their job, I do not. It put us little people in danger.

    6. Mark says:

      Florida tags on the car. Looks like it hit several parked cars, fortunately no pedestrians or innocent bystanders. You’ve got to be moving pretty fast to flip a car on its roof on a straight street.

    7. Don says:

      There is a serious problem of incredibly loud cars and large groups of motorcycles tearing up and down the UWS at dangerously high speeds that’s replaced fireworks as the latest menace and quality of life issue in the area. I’m not surprised that one of these cars finally flipped over. It may be the first, but it won’t be the last!!! It’s just fortunate that nobody was injured.

    8. Citygal says:

      I am sure this car was driven by a criminal. He was either Dwi, on parole, warrant out for his arrest, escaping from criminal activity or ALL of the previously mentioned.
      Those of you who argue this are at the center of all the problems we have been experiencing in recent times.
      Stop coddling criminals. Start protecting the law abiding, tax paying, hard working citizens of NYC.

    9. Tino says:

      Well. At least that white 2019 Nissan Altima 2.5 S crashed into the 2018 Nissan Rouge S and scraped the blue BMW .. It could have been worst .. 😬

    10. Ramon the pool guy says:

      I live near Columbus Ave and the amount of these idiots barrelling down Columbus (ON A DAILY BASIS!!!) with their sound systems BLARING louder than the ambulances (which are already at ear piercing volumes) make is surprising this doesn’t happen even more often.

      • David C says:

        There is lots of rampant lunacy on NYC roads lately: speeding, blasting sound systems, erratic driving, etc. Zero enforcement. I have seen two on-street wilding incidents recently where swarms of ATVs and other non-street legal vehicles take over every lane of an avenue. Cars, bikes, and pedestrians who cross their path are harassed and run off the road. Reminiscent of the incident on the Henry Hudson years ago, and not in a good way.

    11. Jane says:

      Note in picture – 2 police officers wearing masks and 1 with no visible sign of a mask. What’s the deal? Many police officers on the UWS are not wearing masks. Shouldn’t it be mandatory!?! They’re very visible and most doing a great job aside from this.

      • John says:

        Jane we cant force people to do things. Only 47% of people say they would take a vaccine for covid. Can we force everyone to take the vaccine?

    12. Wendy Panken says:

      I don’t have an answer to this but we have to figure out how to regulate the speed of cars and the number of cars in the city.
      During our ‘lockdown,’ it was a pleasure that there were so few cars and other moving vehicles – except of course the sirens and sounds of ambulances – and these horrible sirens are another issue.

    13. Robert Crenshaw says:

      Native NY, & I’m scared driving in NYC. I’ve been driving all of my adult life & now @ 62 I’m afraid to drive for fear of being hit or killed. Drivers who think NYC streets & highways are race tracks and speedways have taken over our streets and highways.
      They weave in & out of lanes at high speeds on our highways and its sad that there are no un-marked police cars patrolling our highways and streets to keep us safe!