A 3rd Target Store is Coming to a Not-Too-Distant Corner

Photo of another Target store in NYC by Robert S.

Target is expanding in a big hurry in Manhattan, with two stores expected to open in the not-too-distant future on the Upper West Side. And now a third one is coming, just a little farther along the 2-3 line. The Post reports that Target is opening a 44,000-square-foot store at 121 West 125th Street, near a subway stop on that block.

On the Upper West Side, Target is opening one store at 61st Street and Broadway this fall and another at 795 Columbus Avenue near 98th Street.

The store on 61st is expected to open in the fall; the opening timeline for the other store hasn’t been confirmed yet. Target is expanding just as many other chains reduce their footprint in New York, or abandon the city entirely.

The new Target is part of an ambitious new real estate project, the Post reports.

The ever-growing Target brand will be part of an ambitious new 17-story project between Malcolm X and Adam Clayton Powell boulevards named the Urban League Empowerment Center. The mini-tower designed by Beyer Blinder Belle will house a new headquarters for the venerable nonprofit dedicated to advocacy and economic empowerment for African Americans.

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    1. Nelson says:

      Great news for the neighborhood!

    2. Evan Bando says:

      Three new Target stores?! They must be crazy! Don’t they know the UWS is going to hell in a hand basket?! Can’t they see it’s descending into a Dantesque whirlpool of misery and crime and pestilence?! Somebody must warn them! The end is near!

      • gina says:

        Evan and Jerry,
        You clearly don’t live here. Yes, things are dreary here on the UWS- and around most of the world, I might add- as we’re in the midst of a vast public health crisis and surging recession but the UWS is no more vulnerable than the rest of the world. Don’t scapegoat

      • Carnival Canticle says:

        Upper West Siders also appreciate satire. Thanks for the smile.

      • Anna Heath says:

        Who do you think you are? Target will do just fine here. What do YOU really know about the UWS?. Go to Miami, or Atlanta and see the Covid Misery there before you underestimate the New York TOUGH people who love living here. We have lived through hard times and we believe in ourselves and the richly intelligent and hard working people who have made our neighborhoods of Manhattan what they are. I agree with the previous reply. Don’t scapegoat. AND, If its too hot, “get out of the kitchen” or better yet move to the Suburbs with the “Trump housewives”

    3. Jerry says:

      But wait! Doesn’t Target know that the UWS is falling apart? That crime is out of control, things are as bad as they were in the 70’s & 80s, it’s not safe to venture outside, and all of our high tax paying citizens are fleeing to the suburbs as fast as they can because liberals and progressives have coddled (if not celebrated) criminals and completely neutered the police?

      • JerryV says:

        Jerry, Some people are fleeing to the suburbs simply because of Covid-19, brought to us not because of any liberals or progressives but courtesy of Donald J. Trump. Indeed, even Trump has fled from his Fifth Ave. residence to Florida.

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        When you leaving, Jerry?

    4. Nelson says:

      I recommend clicking on the link to the Post article. It’s very encouraging news (for a change)!

    5. Crood says:

      When the hell are they going to open the one at 61st? That opening has been long overdue.

    6. Please man says:

      The “mini tower” is facing significant legal challenges right now. Don’t expect it any time soon

      • Crawdad says:

        The project on 125th already broke ground. The Target will be great for the corridor. Same goes for the Urban League and the new Civil Rights Museum.

    7. sandra schneiderman says:

      Looking forward to Target this fall-Sandy

    8. Becky says:

      Jerry, Thanks for the post. I am out of town for the summer and was beginning to take all the doom and gloom too seriously. I’ll be back.

    9. Miranda Smith says:

      As usual the area between the 80’s and 70’s is left out and we are stuck with Zabars (full of nitrites etc.) and Fairway (dirty).Also missing in this area good inexpensive restaurants and takeout which are abundant above 86th St.

    10. w 71st resident says:

      Cannot wait for 61st store to open! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever. 😀

    11. Wait! That Target on 61st is not a movie set? Or a Potemkin village or a trompe l’oeil illusion but an actual store you might possibly be able to walk into one day???

      Surely you’re jesting! You’re wearing a funny hat with tinkling bells upon it! It’s actually going to be a museum dedicated to the 20th Century urban retail experience, ‘fess up, right?

      Someday: cash registers??? Or will they be obsolete by then, a long distant memory by the time Target, if they even exist in that far future when Mars will be a settled planet and the rest of the UWS has reverted back to bucolic farmland, gets their act together…

    12. I suppose those huge spaces on Broadway and 86th which have been empty for years are charging too much rent and the landlords would rather keep them empty. There’s space! No one has done anything to regulate commercial rents.

    13. anne e davis says:

      There’s another Target opening on 10th Ave. and 45th St but who knows when. It was supposed to have opened already but the pandemic put a stop to construction. Soon, I hope.

    14. Charles says:

      I remember this city before it became a boring dystopia.

    15. T says:

      Target lied about $2.00 raise to employees for covid19

    16. Pappy says:

      How does a new Target store support our local mom and pop businesses? Many of our locals will loose business as UWSers spend their money elsewhere. SHOP LOCAL

    17. DS says:

      Hopefully Target will fulfill their promise this time and really open this fall in Columbus Circle! Who knows this time?
      And if they do open their store in Columbus Circle, hopefully it’ll be there for a long time and not close in 3 or 5 years like Lowe’s and Gracious Home on Broadway had to do!
      The big question is will the Columbus Circle store be able to compete with Bed & Bath or Best Buy which are situated in this same neighborhood????