Beloved Library’s Renovation Has Been Delayed, Not Derailed

By Renée Roden

Closed since February 2019, the Bloomingdale Branch of the library has to wait a few more months before it opens its doors once again.

Originally slated to reopen in May 2020, the library on West 100th Street closed its doors last February to update several key fixtures. A $3 million improvement has focused on upgrading bathrooms, installing new drinking fountains, and creating a new room for teenage patrons, which will facilitate group study, talking, homeworking, or independent work with computers or books.

Amy Geduldig, assistant director of media relations at New York Public Library said, “The branch was originally slated to open early this summer (right around this time),” but, “when COVID hit, the library system closed physically on March 14, and the branches have been closed since then.”

Additionally, as a result of COVID, all capital projects were halted when New York On Pause started took effect, “including the work at Bloomingdale Library,” Geduldig said.

The NYPL is in conversation with the city about which capital and construction projects can resume. Geduldig said that the NYPL is “happy to report that work has restarted at the Bloomingdale Library. We expect the project to be completed in the next few months.”

The updated opening date will be distributed via email and on the NYPL website when the Library is ready to announce the Bloomingdale Branch’s reopening.

Any patrons who are curious about the branch’s reopening can select Bloomingdale Library as their preferred location online at

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    1. Rob Wolkow says:

      How about doing something about the triple parked police cars always in front of the library making it essentially inaccessible to disabled people who must depend on being dropped off and picked up?

    2. luke says:

      and creating a new room for teenage patrons,
      translation:a room for teenagers to look at their phones

    3. Steve says:

      we must all be geduldig (patient, auf Deutsch)

    4. Arthur says:

      Was there an asbestos abatement /removal?