UWS Getting Kosher Grab-and-Go Meal Site

PS 75.

The Department of Education is opening the first Kosher grab-and-go site for free meals starting next Tuesday at PS 75, which is at 735 West End Avenue at 95th Street.

Meals will be available from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Children and families can come from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., and adults from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal and Manhattan Borough President advocated for the Kosher site. To find all the local grab-and-go sites, go here.

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    1. ALEX says:


    2. JSF says:

      Awwww! The Williams (Salvation Army residence before they got greedier!) was just across the street and most of us who lived there loved the area! They booted us out and reopened on East 125th Street -NOT NEAR RIVERSIDE PARK, NOT NEAR THE SYMPHONY, NOT NEAR ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE END OF THE HARLEM RIVER DRIVE.

    3. dannyb says:

      “Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal and Manhattan Borough President”, err, who’s that one again?
      For the record, she’s Gale Brewer.

    4. Support public schools says:

      Please explain why the DOE is obligated to feed a population that, by and large, doesn’t send its kids to DOE schools.

      • Face facts says:

        The folks you mention, observant Jews, actually fund public schools much like you do (through taxes) – they in fact pay twice since they take no advantage of “free” taxpayer paid education but also then have to pay their own school tuition for a religious education. For that reason alone it would be equitable to get them just one benefit public schools kids get don’t you? (More so when that benefit isn’t frivolous but basic food on the table in these terrible times) In any event, contrary to your further misimpression grab/go has long been expanded to non public school kids.

        • Support public schools says:

          Of course I know that everyone funds public schools via taxes, whether they send their kids to those schools or not. What I can’t get on board with is the notion that they somehow pay twice by also paying for religious schooling. That’s entirely their choice—no one asked them to do that.

          I understand that Grab & Go has long been expanded to non-public school kids, & have no problem with that. Where I do start to question this dynamic is when we provide special, more costly food to those who have done nothing to improve, support or participate in our public school system. Look no further than the Five Towns (Nassau County)—Orthodox people have decimated what was once a fabulous school district by packing the school boards and subsequently voting down everything on earth. They trashed it willfully.

          For what it’s worth, I’m Jewish—and I don’t feel it’s socially responsible to send kids to private school, religious or otherwise (especially not yeshivas).

          • Boris says:

            You have a twisted and sophomoric way of looking at things. Are childless people undeserving of these meals, regular or Kosher? What about Kosher families that send their kids to public school? Is it still a problem that Kosher food costs more for them? How about families with 5 kids vs. one child families? I imagine that each family’s tax burden that support such services is radically different.

          • UWSHebrew says:

            Excuse me: Your double-talking, nonsensical “points” for them are over-ruled by one, and only one, fact: Jewish parents who identify themselves as Orthodox PAY NYC SCHOOL TAXES, and do not reap any benefits from them as they choose not to send their children to the schools that they have paid said taxes for. On the contrary, those funds help other children who go to public schools. So, THE ONE TIME that some Orthodox families can actually benefit from the taxes they pay, for those that now funds are dwindling, SOME LOUSY, CHEAP KOSHER FOOD, you attack them for it? Don’t bring your Long Island nonsense in here, this website is for Manhattan, specifically, Upper West Side. You have a transparent agenda for your posts, which is to spew your venom towards Orthodox Jews. I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT. And for those who “know me” from here, it is plain to see I am not Orthodox, as I frequent and eat at establishments selling non-kosher food.

    5. Alouette says:

      How about giving credit to Shelly Fine who saw this project though almost single-handedly?

      • Sylvia says:

        The Grab-and-Go meals are for the children of public school, who no longer get their meals at school since they now study at home, but due to the rise in unemployment in NYC, the Mayor extended the free food program from the DOE to all families and adults in NYC via the Grab-and-Go program as a help to people in these difficult times of unemployment. The mayor is providing food for this reason and distributing the food via the Grab-and-Go meal distribution system. It is open to all, and no ID is required.

    6. Jean Hill says:

      Talk about a Corona virus epicenter waiting to happen.

      • Boris says:

        Are you really saying that because they’re Jewish? It’s rare to see such antisemitism so blatantly exhibited.