A Bagpiper, A Cantor, Dancers, and Sky-Writers are Bringing Life Back Outside

Musicians and other creative people are bringing new life to the sometimes-empty streets of the Upper West Side in the coronavirus era.

Patrick Connolly plays his bagpipes at street level on West 86th Between West End and Riverside every evening to honor front line workers. Sandra Christie took the video below.

A Cantor also sang this week on West End Avenue, which is partially closed to traffic.

Another singer belted out classics near the Greek Orthodox Church on 91st and West End. Thanks to Emily Frost for the videos:

Joseph Bolanos danced along to Fran Sinatra on 76th Street after clapping for emergency workers on one recent night:

Other dancers did the electric slide on 97th Street. MaryBeth Trommelen took this video:

And Tony Brown sent this video of sky-writing celebrating health care workers earlier this month:

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    1. StevenCinNYC says:

      Fun! Thanks for posting.

    2. The pearl says:

      Only in New York!!! Love 💕 it.

      • Boris says:

        New York is not that unique. I’m pretty sure there are similar things going on around the world. They’ve been widely reported on and have gone viral already. Lot of thinking that NY is the center of the universe for everything.

      • NYC4ME says:

        YES !!
        NYers are a very special breed:
        Despite our “reputation” (promulgated mainly by suburbanites and other city-haters) for crank-iness, kvetch-iness, smart-aleck-iness, etc. guess WHO are the folks:
        1. wearing masks;
        2. practicing ‘social-distancing’;
        3. NOT having melt-downs b/c their bars or pot-shops are still closed; AND
        4. taking time each 7:00 p.m. to show support for our NYPD, NYFD, EMS and MTA all risking personal safety to keep us safe.

    3. Peggy Thomson says:

      Does the bagpiper play at 7 pm? This NYer of Scottish ancestry would love to hear him!

      • mcvb says:

        The bag piper has played for five days straight at 7 p.m. just one entrance west of our building at 333 W. 86th. Not sure about the weather tonight but he is delightful. Even our dog cries if stuck inside so he can’t go out and bark (“sing”) as usual. Highly recommended!!

    4. NuYorkistan says:

      About “Lot of thinking that NY is the center of the universe for everything.”
      NO, not for e-ver-y-thing, just for:
      1. Finance;:
      2. Print media;
      3. Broadcast media;
      4. Theater;
      5. Fashion;
      6. Diversity;
      7. Opportunity;
      8. architectural innovation;
      9. free education, pre-K through college; and
      10. gorgeous public parks

    5. Jen S says:

      Can someone identify the incredible operatic mezzo-soprano who sometimes sings after clapping? I hear it around 90th/West End Ave. Just beautiful!