Affordable Housing Lottery Opens for 22 Rental Units Next to the Hudson River; $901 for a Two-Bedroom

A rendering of Waterline Square.

The city has opened a lottery for 22 income-restricted units at Waterline Square, a luxury development between 59th and 61st Streets along the Hudson River.

The units are available to people making between $27,875 and $49,120, with ranges based on household size. The rent for a one-bedroom is $741 and for a two-bedroom is $901.

Click to enlarge. Various conditions apply. The full details are here.

Waterline Square is a three-building complex that has received various tax incentives in return for setting aside some units for affordable housing. The complex has amenities that include a pool, bowling alley, fitness center, basketball court, music studio and art studio — they’re available to housing lottery winners for an added fee.

It’s also expected to have retail businesses including a Cipriani market with various places to buy food inside.

The development has both rentals and condos. A market-rate studio is currently asking $4,167 per month. There are rent incentives being offered.

Check out more info on the lottery and how to apply here. The deadline is July 23.

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    1. Chris says:

      I believe these units are in the infamous poor door entrance. Rich liberals do not want to mingle in the lobby with the working class. I really thought the poor door would not be allowed when it became public but our local leaders yielded to the developers as usual. But I guess 22 apartments is something.

      • Boris says:

        If the ‘working class’ are that offended, then they should get an apartment somewhere else. No one is forcing them to be offended.

        • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

          “If you don’t like discrimination, go live somewhere else. No one is forcing you to live here.”

          “The peasants have no bread? Then let them ea5 cake.”

        • Wassamatta says:

          But are are forcing me to be offended.
          Let me break it down for you or as they say “unpack it”. There’s a policy in the city (which you are free to dislike) that it is desirable to provide housing IN THE CITY to people who might not be able to afford it on their salaries. One way is to allow developers tax breaks in return for their providing subsidized housing to lower or middle income tenants (your doorman or porter may be one of them). Common decency (not so common apparently) dictates that the subsidized person NOT be made to feel like your poor cousin who gets your hand-me downs, even when he is your poor cousin. Now, that isn’t too hard to grasp is it ?

      • Horizon Run says:

        Rich liberals? More like rich-ish Trump supporters developing and leasing Hudson Yards. I see it in real time.

        • Marie Hayes says:

          Funny but Trump was one of the your kind, a Dim, for most of his life. Wasn’t he tied at the hip with the Clinton con artistes?

    2. Sherman says:

      Giving massive tax breaks to a developer to provide a two bedroom apartment in an ultra-luxury building for $901 a month will not solve NYC’s housing crisis.

      In fact, it only makes things much worse.

      In any case, with the way things are now I doubt many people will be rushing to pay over $4K per month for a studio in this building.

      • Isaac says:

        Agree, NYC needs to be incentivizing mid-level market rate housing, not ultra-lux plus dirt cheap lotto.

    3. Anonymous says:

      The salary caps are ridiculous. This is only for the developers to go ahead with their ridiculous rents and appease the city by putting 22 apts as affordable. More attention should be given to low income housing so we can address homelessness in this state.

      • AC57 says:

        I don’t know if this is on top of or included in this number, when the complex was completed originally, there were 269 affordable units. Not great, considering the complex is a grand total of 1132 units, but substantially more than the rest of the neighborhood. In fact, aside from two projects, the area south and west of Lincoln Center houses virtually all of the new affordable housing in the neighborhood

        And the poor door buildings are in two neighboring projects – 1 West End Avenue, which was originally supposed to be a part of this project before it got broken up and sold to Silverstein, and One Riverside Park

    4. young_man! says:

      If I recall correctly, our mathematical genius DeBlasio gave the developer concessions valued over $1M per affordable apartment in this building.

      That $22M+ could have been used by the city to construct at least 50 brand new studio, 1BR and 2BR apartments in pretty much any other part of the city on vacant lots already owned by NYC.

    5. Rick says:

      Are these 22 units in addition to the 269 units advertised here?

    6. Biba Naouai says:

      Cool. Now that’s what I’m talking about. We need more of these opportunities for the working poor. It’s just a shame that it’s the wealthy landowners benefiting from tax breaks again. This should be an obligation.

    7. Jeff says:

      Idiotic. Good intentions by people terrible at math costing the city tax money that could be used to build actual low/middle income housing. Madness.

    8. mcvb says:

      Hey “young man” …. There is nothing wrong with de Blah Blah Blah -sio’s math, he has been in bed with the developers (campaign contributors) for a long while. We found that with the ABC “tallest building” on W. 66th St. before construction stopped. He has many limitations, but math isn’t one!!! mcvb

    9. Peter Martinez says:

      We are a family of 4 looking for housing. We are currently living with family. We would like to enter the lottery for one of the 22 2 bedroom apartments next to the Hudson. How do I apply?

      • Mary UWS says:

        On the last line of the article, a link is provided to information about the building and how to apply to be in the lottery for the affordable apartments. Good luck!

    10. Marjorie Clarkin says:

      How d you apply for an apartment, e.g., in order to obtain an application? Thank you in advance.

    11. I am extremely interested in applying for apartment in this unit . I am a senior Citizen and my granddaughter whose in college lives with me. Thank you

    12. Gail cherry says:

      I’m interested in filling out an application for the loss subsidized apartments that you have available.

    13. uws guy says:

      So what about all the rest of us who make a lot more than this cut off but a lot less than is even close to what it takes to live in all these new buildings? I know I know, shut up and get to your NJ Transit bus. No one cares about the middle. Do your 2 hour commute each way and keep your mouths shut.

      • Josh P says:

        Elect a city council representative who is in favor of building more housing on the UWS. The unaffordability of our neighborhood is a political choice, not an inevitability.

      • N says:

        There are the middle income slots too. Not in this building tho.

    14. ConcernedUWSider says:

      You are not alone. I hope we can all speak up, keep voicing our opinions and perhaps vote for the right local and state government that DOES care about very hard working middle income people who just want a good life, a normal decent apartment and a clean thriving neighborhood.

    15. Lionell Sturgis says:

      I’m intrested in the two bedroom apartment.

    16. How can a BLACKMAN on S.s.i,afford to live like a Whiteman on S.s.i.,in an affordable CITY,where affordable people live under an affordable fixed income,under affordable N.Y.Laws…without being affordably discriminated by police & judges,and average affordable humans?

    17. Jeanine Miller says:

      Hello , yes I’m interested could you please send me a link or mail me an application at 3649 Olinville Avenue
      Bronx,Ny 10467

    18. Khalilah says:

      Are you taking NYCHA Section8Vouchers

    19. Taunya Chambliss says:

      Wow Bruce and boris!! These apartments are for the working class its affordable housing ,wow people really admitting to the discrimination talking about go live somewhere else?!smh!!if the working class are offended?! How bout if the rich liberals are offended they have to live in city buildings with working class THEY GO LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE!!Entitlement has to end!

    20. Chiquita foster says:

      As a Vet I’ve been looking for an apartment such as this.

    21. Lisa DOZIER says:

      Like to win

    22. Vickie Chandler says:

      What about retired and disabled people that make below that but can forward the rent

    23. Moses Thomas says:

      It sounds great i am a member. I’ve been trying for 2 years to win a lottery. I’m currently living the shelter with my domestic partner for 2 years in the system. I have a cityfheps voucher $1,323 and it’s been real hard to find an apartment in new york with that price range. I’ve also applied for the Affordable housing online. And hoping i can get a chance to win a lottery

    24. Patricia Louis says:

      I’m interested in a 3 bedrooms . Thanks

    25. Sarah says:

      Everyone, you can see all available affordable housing lotteries for which you are eligible at

      Everyone’s all “oh this isn’t the right way to build affordable housing,” but you don’t see them pushing for any of the other more drastic means of doing so. You’re just like the people who say “we shouldn’t help [x group], we should help our local homeless!” but are nowhere to be seen when it comes time to help the latter. You really aren’t fooling anyone.

      • Norma Lockett says:

        After reading some of the messages there, I don’t think I would like it there, living in hell on earth where people sound
        So prejudice and selfishness is beyond me.
        They should be counting their blessings as
        by the time this virus is over your stocks, bonds, bank accounts, medical can and will destroy your life. What’s next? Are you ready for it will some of talking be ready next time? Believe me worst will come because you are the people that bring these hardships just to let you know you are not in charge and as you go down you drag the poor down even more. Talking about a poor door!! Listen to this as someone I know a senior has children that she never sees. The one in her fifties and husband were rich for years. Her mom now is close to nineties and was pretty well off. Hadn’t seen this daughter in 8yrs.
        All of a sudden showed up two years ago and wanted a larger home, thought that they would try to take over moms life and money. Mom refused and got sick went to hospital. Daughter was so angry she said to her mom I hope you die. Watch what you say people as of past January, the daughter is in a hospital on life support,
        no longer can talk, feed herself, sit up
        nor walk and not expected to live. So when you talk I would say don’t talk, if you must think about what you say. Because someone bigger than and you and I are listening. Bless all of you ignorables

    26. Robin johnson says:

      I am a 62 year old female/ employed full time and would love to be a part of the lottery; thankyou

    27. Greg Abell says:

      If they give tax breaks here, they will just have to raise taxes somewhere else. It’s called MATH!

      • Boris says:

        If I were you, I’d ask my Math teacher for a refund. The property with a building pays more real estate taxes to the City than vacant property. Reducing the new amount of taxes generated by improving the property doesn’t mean the City has a shortfall. The City actually has more tax income than if the property were empty.

    28. Johnston says:

      Where is Hudson River?

    29. Harry jean says:

      I am a senior citizen i hope I can have a chance to get one bedroom apartment.
      Thank you and God bless 🙏

    30. Chandra Price says:

      How can I get on y’all list for Section 8

    31. My self and my daughter moved here for better opportunities.

    32. Frank Marte says:

      Such an ignorant comment take a hike

    33. Crystal S Velez says:

      Imagine it and it can happen!!!!

    34. Richard Thurman says:

      This is a blessing and something affordable that would meet my budget. I hope to be one of the 22 lottery picks, keeping my fingers cross.

    35. Susan says:

      You all have this wrong this is just wrong on all ends (a poor door ) listen to yours selfs this is what separates us all. We look at people for the haves and the haves not you classify a person by a door. Why are we doing this, people are dying all over the world right now this virus has no class no borders no name looks the same on all people. And we still look at people by race money and doors. What is wrong with this world . I for one will never live in a place that would refer to my home as the poor door my home is my Home full of love for all.

    36. Elise says:

      Notice how the amenities are available for an additional costs? Any idea how much that might be?

    37. Tamiko Hoskins says:

      I would like a housing application I would like application

    38. Delia Ocasio says:

      to apply for this complex,
      Waterline Square

    39. Lucreciaf Figueroa says:

      Iam interested

    40. Nuri Rosario says:

      I hope and pray they pull my name. Have not be fortunate to find an apartment.

    41. that offended, then they should get an apartment somewhere else. No one is forcing them to be offended.

    42. Naiomi says:

      My family is in need of a place

    43. I’m Lin a wheelchair and I’m looking fo a one bedroom apartment.Thank you

    44. tina giglio says:

      been homeless since aug 2019 w/ my disabled daghter been stayin anywhere i can afford wich is very hard we are both on ssdi our income is 1700 monthly need an affordable appartment asap thank you.

    45. novella watts says:

      I had a voucher for 1,200 I also work .I’m interested in a 1 bedroom apartment its just me Noone else no pets either

    46. Nanton James says:

      This is an incredible opportunity for anyone looking for housing. I would love to be included in the lottery.

    47. Brenda jordan says:

      I would love to get place one or 2bedroom 59 or 61 st either one I model for twentys year I think this is a dream comes true I am a artist this would be right for me thanks

    48. I’m interested

    49. Michelle Newton says:

      I sure as hell will live there dont have a problem.

    50. Mr and Mrs Beye says:

      After been divorced for ten years. I just got married to my best friend my confidence and who love my daughter unconditional. Please We are looking for an apartment to live in Please.

    51. Svetlana says:

      I would like to get a application!