New Stats Show Rising Death Toll At Local Nursing Homes

Amsterdam Nursing Home.

Three local nursing homes have experienced devastating losses from the coronavirus, according to a new state tally of the death toll.

The state has periodically released data on the number of deaths, and the latest numbers reflect deaths that are suspected to be from the virus along with confirmed deaths. Some people died before their diagnoses could be confirmed.

More than 4,800 people in nursing homes have died from the virus in the state. Older people are more vulnerable to the disease.

On the Upper West Side, New Jewish Home at 120 West 106th Street has recorded 40 confirmed deaths, with the state suspecting 6 other deaths were caused by the virus. The Riverside, at 150 Riverside Drive between 87th and 88th Streets, recorded 38 confirmed deaths and 17 suspected. And Amsterdam Nursing Home at 1060 Amsterdam Avenue between 112th and 113th Streets recorded 7 confirmed deaths and 45 suspected.

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    1. Mary Jones says:

      Sad … very sad. But one needs to dig a bit deeper. NY State required nursing homes to take patients back right after hospitalization for the virus. The patients should have been sent to the USNS Comfort instead after hospitalization. They weren’t ready to go back to the nursing homes and the ship was mostly empty.

      • Karen L. Bruno says:

        Yes, thanks to Gov. Cuomo!

      • gs says:

        Excellent point Mary. $$$ was spent outfitting and transporting the USNS Comfort to NYC and it was wasted. No doubt Cuomo and the rest of the Democrats/Progressives will spin this as Trump’s fault.

      • Marina Wood says:

        Actually, all of you ignorant people, the USNS Comfort was brought in for hospital overflow. None of these temporary places were meant for COVID-19 patients. They were never equipped but seeing the dire situation, they were sent to ill-equipped places. And yeah it is Trump’s fault. Why? He is not bailing out cities like NYC because they are “sanctuary cities.” But please keep blaming Cuomo for actually trying to keep NYC healthy. Why don’t you guys donate your stim check to help instead of blabbing ignorance?

        • gs says:

          You’re the ignorant one Marina, but keep fooling yourself. There are consequences for cities & states like NYC & NYS who have misplaced priorities like aiding and abetting illegal aliens and other unwise spending. Now when legal residents need unexpected assistance funds are short. And no it is not Trumps fault. Venturing outside your liberal echo chamber occasionally should prove illuminating.

          • EricaC says:

            Gs – when you get the facts, you may find it interesting to look outside your echo chamber as well.

            There was no nefarious acts on anyone’s part with the Comfort, although I do question why it was necessary that the Comfort refuse all those who tested positive. It changed, but by that point, things had shifted and the hospitals were handling things. (Here’s a relatively neutral source that you might be willing to accept:

            And if you don’t see the role of the fumbled handling of the crisis in the way it is unfolding, well, again, go outside your bubble. Go outside the US and read the press there – surely one will meet your political views (maybe Belarus? Though of course they’d agree with you, so maybe that wouldn’t help with the bubble thing. ).

      • EricaC says:

        Are you aware that the USNS Comfort was not accepting patients that had tested positive for the virus, so that this wasn’t an option? That is why it was empty – they couldn’t find enough patience who did not test positive – even those who were at the hospital for other reasons (the population the Comfort was here to serve) tested positive and therefore were not eligible to enter the Comfort.