ZiphyCare App Provides Flat Fee House Calls for Special $50 Promotional Rate – Upper West Siders Can Now Avoid Public Areas Such as ERs, Urgent Care Centers, Clinics and Hospitals; Health Care at Home in Under an Hour


ZiphyCare is a new Telehealth company that brings physicians to your home with help of new technologies.

In our new world where Coronavirus transmission is such a huge concern, the Ziphy App is now here to help the public avoid, if possible, locations where they can potentially get contaminated, such as Urgent Care centers, ERs, Hospitals, Doctors’ offices, clinics and more.

Per current CDC recommendations, elderly patients and other segments of the population with elevated risk factors should stay out of healthcare facilities to avoid exposure to the Coronavirus. Ziphy enables these patients to be seen in the comfort of their own homes, avoiding the hazards of crowded public spaces.

Ziphycare ( is the next generation in digital healthcare, providing remote diagnosis at home via an innovative solution to a logistical problem: building the bridge between telemedicine and an in-person exam.

Ziphy allows users to receive at-home visits 24/7, within one hour if needed. Our on-site care coordinators bring a proprietary, portable, hospital-grade, ‘diagnostic toolbox’ into the home, and work in real time with a remotely located medical provider to address the patients’ needs.

Here is how it works – you download the Ziphy phone app at your App Store, enter your symptoms and select a time for our service to come to your home or office.

No health insurance is required. Our flat fee covers a one-time, all-inclusive house call. No hidden charges. Pay on your ZiphyCare App and receive the care you need.

Act now for special $50 Promotional Rate! $50 House Call promotion ($150 value) expires April 30th. After April 30th, a special $85 promotional rate will apply. Promo Code: ZIPHY

Appointments can be made for as close as in 45 minutes to as far as in two weeks. Our onsite care coordinator will arrive with our patented ZiphyCare medical toolbox, connect remotely with one of our physicians (all board certified, highly experienced doctors,) and from then on will serve as an extension of the doctor’s arm.

The doctor will then conduct the examination remotely, on-screen, as the care coordinator utilizes special examination tools to, for example, listen to your lungs and heart, look at your EKG, examine your ears, throat, skin…Just like they would do it in their regular offices or in the hospital. The doctor can then provide a diagnosis, call in a prescription, answer questions and more.

While Ziphy does NOT provide a COVID-19 test, it is a timely and effective alternative to exposure at an emergency room or an urgent care center, provided there is no acute condition.

We provide a simple solution to access doctors if you have geographical or time limitations.

Visit for more information, or download at your App Store today.

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