Pupper West Side: Dillon Volunteers in Childhood Reading Programs

Name: Dillon.

Age: 10 years old.

Breed: I’m a Westie! A West Highland White Terrier.

Profile/history: My Dads and I have been living on the Upper West Side since 2009. They had both known they wanted a dog for some time, so they diligently searched for a pet-friendly apartment before getting me. My Dad says, “I’m a one-of-a-kind, special little guy” and the feeling is mutual!

Daily routine: Each morning, once I know my Dads are awake, I’ll jump up on the bed and say good morning. We’ll take a walk in either Central Park or Riverside Park and then head back for a healthy breakfast. After my Dads head off to work, I might catch up on the news or do some snoozing. Around lunchtime, my dog-walker will stop by and after work, we’ll all make dinner together before taking our evening passeggiata in the park. Our favorite place to stroll is The Pool in Central Park. On warm Spring and Summer weekends, we’ll bring a picnic with us and settle in for the afternoon. Fun fact: I’m a certified therapy dog and I love spending time with children. My Dads and I volunteer with the Good Dog Foundation and the JCC in support of literacy for young Upper West Siders. I’ll sit and listen to children real aloud so they can practice their reading skills and I’ll make sure that they don’t feel judged. Reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures and I am happy to help children explore new worlds through books!

Loves: Tennis balls, my grandparents and my uncle.

Does not love: Squirrels and skateboards – my dual nemeses!

Favorite store/business on the UWS: One of our favorite things to do on a warm weather evening is spend time at Ellington in the Park. I like to order an old fashioned hot dog with brown mustard and sauerkraut and pair it with a cold glass of Radeberger.

Favorite treat: When I’m not enjoying a slice of birthday cake, I especially like cucumbers and carrots.

Favorite park spot: The Pool at W. 100th Street. Sometimes a free theater group will even be there, moving around the pool and acting out different scenes.

What is your advice for fellow Upper West Siders who are concerned about Coronavirus? First and foremost, I recommend that everyone listen to the impressive scientists and doctors doing their very best to advise people on safe and responsible behaviors. It’s a drag to stay at home especially on beautiful Spring days like we’ve been having lately, but if everyone does their part, we’ll be able to get through this much more quickly. One of my favorite things about the Upper West Side is the thoughtful, engaged, and generous community we have. For the good of everyone, it’s important to take this time to read some good books, cook some delicious meals, do a bit of living room floor yoga, catch up on your Oscars movie watch list, and wash your hands! My best wishes to all for a safe and healthy few weeks.

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    1. Liifeoong UWS says:

      I looove this column. And such a face. Omg.

    2. Genevieve Montgomery says:

      A living Teddy-bear 🧸 !

    3. Sarah says:

      What a fine upstanding citizen you are, Dillon.

    4. Canine Grandmama says:

      Dillon, You are adorable and the BEST! I love the way you help with literacy skills. A fantastic citizen for the future!

    5. UWSSurfer says:

      Dylan is adorable! And he’s so civic-minded too. He is doing a great service by helping kids read.

    6. Valerie says:

      We need all the happy dog stories we can get during this difficult time. Pumpkin also enjoys walking around the Pool, so perhaps we will meet Dillon on one of our walks.