Pupper West Side: Quincy Is An Adoption Advocate Who Loves Zabar’s Gefilte Fish

Name: Quincy

Age: A pup is as old as she feels! *Ahem* But also…I’m four and a half.

Breed: Mom thinks that I’m a Shih Tzu and Maltese mix.

Profile/history: Mom was interested in adopting a small pup and she reached out to Tania Isenstein who owns Camp Canine on West 73rd Street and also runs Animal Lighthouse Rescue, a group that brings needy pups from Puerto Rico to find loving homes in the NYC and tri-state area. With Tania’s help, Mom got in touch with Muddy Paws Rescue and they found me in Alabama and sent me here!

Daily routine: *Yawwwwwnnn* I like to sleep in. It takes me some time to get going in the morning. Usually I’ll ease into the day, taking it easy with Mom and Dad, and then Mom and I will go for a walk. We like to stop by Joe Coffee before heading to Riverside Park. On our way home from the park, I’ll stop in to see several of my friends who work as doormen in the neighborhood. After barking hello to all my friends, I’m usually pretty exhausted so I’ll settle in for another relaxation session until my dog walker, Jasmine, comes by. I love Jasmine! She works at Lucky Dog NYC and she is incredibly sweet, generous with treats and belly rubs, and she leaves my parents adorable sketches of me.

Loves: I love playing with children. Sometimes I get overly excited and bark and it scares them, but I don’t mean any harm.

Does not love: The dog park. Aaackkk! They’re too rough and tumble for me. Also joggers and skateboards can be general nuisances.

Favorite store/business on the UWS: Zabar’s – I absolutely love their gefilte fish and turkey loaf! Nom, nom, nom.

Favorite treat: Peanut butter SmartSticks.

Favorite park spot: Riverside Park South. I like to explore the bike-free zones and the wooden walkways – lots of good smells in each of those places.  In the Spring and Summer, I enjoy watching geese with their little families of goslings trailing behind them. They don’t tend to find me as adorable though and sometimes they’ll hiss when I get too close.

How can people become more educated about adopting a dog like you? Education is key! People are always shocked when they find out I’m a rescue because I look like a purebred dog, but one important thing to note is that there are many purebred dogs who also need to be rescued these days. Countless purebred pups end up in shelters for various reasons – their families give them up, an elderly owner passes away, and so on. Some aren’t purchased from a breeder due to a perceived “defect” and are unwanted. Organizations like In Our Hands Rescue rescue many unwanted Goldendoodle and Labradoodle puppies who would otherwise likely be euthanized. Mom and I are passionate about educating and helping others who are interested in getting a dog and advocating on behalf rescues everywhere. If you are interested in a purebred or a mixed-breed pup, please consider contacting the many fantastic rescue organizations around town.

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If West Side Rag readers are interested in becoming pet owners, we encourage you to consider adopting or volunteering to be a foster parent with one of the many shelters and nonprofits based in and around New York City. These include but aren’t limited to: Muddy Paws RescueAnimal Lighthouse RescueAnimal Care Centers of NYCNYC ASPCAHumane Society of New YorkBideaweeSocial Tees; and Animal Haven.

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    1. Eve says:

      Beautiful dog! And I LOVE this column! Thanks for bringing it to us!

    2. kaylord says:

      sweet pupper! i love these features.

    3. Lisa says:

      Quincy is adorable! Thanks for sharing her with us (and for adopting!)

    4. Jade says:

      Adorable ❤️ love this column so much!

    5. Jasmine says:

      This was the highlight of my day! I love spending everyday with my pretty lady Quincy. I’m glad everyone loves the sketches. I definitely love doodling them

    6. Tania Beth Isenstein says:

      Yay Quincy!You are the BEST spokesdog! Thank you!

    7. Luiggi says:

      This post is awesome. I really love dogs and this made me happier 😀