Savings-Oriented NYC Real Estate Startup Gives Buyers Cash Back


Home buyers on the Upper West Side have a new tool at their disposal — one that will not only help them find a home, but give them money back after closing.

Prevu is a modern, tech-enabled brokerage designed to make the home buying process simpler and more affordable. In a city with some of the most expensive properties in the country, every dollar counts (and those dollars add up quickly).

“We created Prevu out of our own frustration with the high fees and antiquated process of traditional real estate,” says Chase Marsh, Co-Founder of Prevu. “With a digital buying experience, homebuyers receive better customer service and expert advice, plus savings.”

Setting Your Preferences

With Prevu, buyers can seamlessly create a free profile that details which neighborhoods they’re interested in, what features they’re looking for, and how much budget they have to work with. From there, Prevu serves up properties that meet their needs and displays how much the buyer can potentially save on each listing with the company’s Smart Buyer Rebate.

Once buyers find apartments they like, they can schedule private showings online through Prevu’s concierge service. Salaried agents are there to answer questions, set up the requested tours, show properties, and assist with all stages of the buying process. Buyers can submit offers online via the listing page, or by contacting their Prevu agent easily on the platform.

What Makes Prevu Different?

In addition to creating a more buyer-friendly real estate environment, Prevu is getting attention for its unique business model that gives cash back to home buyers.

The combination of Prevu’s innovative, digital buying platform with salaried real estate agents, the company is able to give a large portion of the buyer’s agent commission back to the buyer. This Smart Buyer Rebate typically equals up to 2% of the purchase price, which is $23,000 on average.

In an industry where buyers are expected to give up a significant chunk of their hard-earned savings for a downpayment and closing costs, offering a cash-back rebate is a major differentiator. This can offset key expenses and help with getting a new home move-in ready.

Want to find your dream home (and get cash back on your purchase)? Browse listings on Prevu and set your preferences to begin receiving property and open house alerts.

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