Pupper West Side: Landyn Loves Reading, Cheese, and All Her Boyfriends

Name: Landyn

Age: 2 years old

Breed: Cockapoo

Profile/history: My parents were engaged and decided they wanted to add a pup to the family. Mom is a teacher and she has the summers off, so they found me and she spent lots of time with me and taught me how to be a well-behaved pup over summer vacation. My parents actually just got married in August in a beautiful ceremony in Deer Valley, UT and I served as the flower girl! See?

Daily routine: On weekdays, I’ll wake up early and play with my toys while Mom and Dad get ready for work. My dog walkers stop by later on to take me for strolls through the neighborhood and the park. During our walks, I also have a chance to socialize with my friends and my many boyfriends including, but not limited to: Oscar, Crosby, Will, Boomer, and Duncan. Hi guys!! When Mom gets home, we’ll play some more and then go sit downstairs on the bench in front of our building to wait for Dad. We eat dinner together as a family and then Dad and I generally stay up late watching sports. I like to make my weekends leisurely with long brunches, trips to the 79th Street Greenmarket, and long walks in the park.

Loves: Attention – hence, my entourage of boyfriends.

Does not love: When Mom watches “The Bachelor” and it takes attention from me. Also baths.

Favorite store/business on the UWS: I love Book Culture on Columbus. The staff are always eager to dole out treats and belly rubs. I’m a literary pupper, so after I’ve had a snack behind the register, I’ll browse the shelves for new fiction and maybe a biography or two.

Favorite treat: Cheese! Chevre spread on a cracker with a bit of wildflower honey on top. A nice hunk of jarlsberg toasted on some bread and dipped into a steamy bowl of tomato soup. A ripe, baked camembert with a funky-tasting rind paired with an earthy glass of red wine.

Favorite park spot: I love spending time in Central Park, especially around 81st Street.

What are your favorite genres and books? Mom and I are both voracious readers. During the summer it might be light beach reads like “Less” by Andrew Sean Greer and during the colder months, we might try out a collection of short stories like “Interpreter of Maladies” by Jhumpa Lahiri. I’m also dipping my toe into the mystery genre these days with Nancy Drew classics like “The Secret of Red Gate Farm” and “The Clue in the Diary” by Carolyn Keene. Thrilling reads on cold winter’s nights!

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    1. uwsgrl says:

      What a cutie

    2. Beverly says:

      How about some REAL dog stories….
      Like-I hate going shopping and being dragged through stores on a leash, it’s BORING. I hate sitting still at an outdoir restaurant and watching OTHERS eat, and watching OTHERS taking walks (instead of me). I HATE going into Book Culture and trying NOT to pee on every shelf and being contained in a small space so that people can go around me. It’s MY walk, so can’t I go where I want???? Give me the dog run around and after other dogs, the wooded area of Central Park to run after squirrels, hide under bushes, and roll around and get dirty in the grass, leaves and snow. Afterall, I am a dog.

    3. UpperWestSideDogFan says:

      Where did you find this adorable dog! I would love a cockapoo just like this!

      • Casper says:

        Landyn came from BarMor Puppies in Geneva NY.

      • Laura says:

        Thank you! I am Landyn’s mom.
        Landyn is a BarMor pup from Geneva NY just like the below post states. I can put you in touch with the breeder if you’d like or answer any of your questions. She truly is amazing (loving, smart, playful and funny) and that goes for most of their pups.

    4. sg says:

      Seeing Landyn and other pups out and about are one of my favorite things about the city. He’s a real cutie!