Morning Bulletin: Bird Tour, $100 Million Building, Hateful Graffiti

Photo of the El Dorado at sunrise by Jeff French Segall.

November 25, 2019 Weather: Sunny with a high of 53 degrees.

A book reading for a joke-a-day calendar called “Why Did the Jalapeno Put on a Sweater” and other local events are on our calendar!

Sign up for free tours of the Wild Bird Fund on Dec. 7 and 8. Space is limited, and the birds are adorable!

And help the 24th precinct with its coat drive.

A big “low-key landlord” bought 201 West 77th Street for more than $100 million. “The Olnick Organization, which owns thousands of rental apartments and more than 1 million square feet of commercial space across the tri-state area, closed earlier this week on the purchase of a 125-unit multifamily building on the Upper West Side for more than $100 million, sources told The Real Deal.”

Anti-Semitic graffiti was found in the 103rd Street subway station. “The graffiti included multiple swastikas as well as anti-Semitic sentiments written out, and a website address referring to Adolf Hitler. PIX11 found the Web address to not lead to an active website Monday afternoon.”

The Post followed up on our story about “caution bus is turning” announcements, and found that NYC Transit has begun adjusting the levels. “In a Nov. 12 letter to Community Board 7, NYC Transit said the agency has twice adjusted the volume of the announcements to ‘ensure’ street safety ‘while being minimally disruptive to the surrounding community.’ The letter said it’s possible to further lower the volume setting by 15%, which is “well below the 10-decibel threshold allowed” by the city noise code.”

A duplex apartment at The Beresford just listed for $24 million $9,253.65 in monthly maintenance. “A duplex at the landmark Beresford tower on the Upper West Side that served as both home and creative space for the Broadway veterans Phyllis Newman and Adolph Green is coming to market for the first time in more than half a century.”

And lastly, we got an inquiry from a reader and wonder if anyone else is experiencing this: “Has anyone written in about a mildew taste to the water here lately? It’s very distinctive at the tap in my building at 95 and west end, as well as a nearby restaurant I frequent. It started Friday 11/22. Brita filters don’t seem to help.”

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    1. judy says:

      Great photo, Jeff!

    2. iz says:

      I pay $3595 in rent for my apartment and my kitchen is twice the size of the $24M dollar apartment. I guess if you’re that rich, you don’t ever cook…

    3. W. 89th Street resident says:

      I’m also noticing a mildew taste in the water on West 89th Street b/t CPW and Columbus. Started noticing on Saturday night, 11/23. I’ve been washing out my glasses thinking it was coming from them, but maybe it’s not…?

    4. dannyb says:

      regarding the correspondent asking about UWS water: I can’t say anything about the pipeline quality, but.. while Brita has the huge market share in domestic water filters and the Big Name, it turns out that others are better.
      For example, over in Flint, MI and Newark, NJ, they were dismayed to discover Brita did NOT clear out lead.
      Hence, Flint (and I think) Newark chose to use the Pur brand which is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (“NSF”)

      (There’s also the “Zero”

    5. Chris says:

      I live at 72nd and CLBS and have thought the same thing about the water over the last couple days…something is off

    6. Robin says:

      I also noticed the water tasted different yesterday out of the tap, but more like a grass taste.

    7. Nicki C says:

      Same water issue at 66/west End in the last week. Something is definitely wrong with the water- tastes like dirt, and smells like dirt.

    8. Carol Ardman says:

      At 75th St. and West End Ave. Slightly moldy or mildewy or “off”. What can/Should we do?

    9. robert says:

      I would contact the supper and landlord/managing agent in writing via email, so you will have a record of it. If there has been some work done in the build recently, did they have the water tank clean and/or worked on. Also ask if anyone else has asked about it. If other people in the building have noticed it as well have them write. If you know people in buildings next-door to you ask then if something similar is going on. I would also be in contact with DEP, I believe you can do through their webportal but it could not hurt to call 311.

    10. Lin says:

      Yes, I have noticed an odd taste in my tap water too.
      It could mildew.

    11. Nora says:

      Re: Mildew smell from water. I’ve noticed this in my apartment on West 83rd Street. I use a ZeroWater Filter and it seems to remove the smell, but now I’m concerned and curious about this. Certainly don’t want to ingest mold.

    12. Ruby in Manhattan says:

      At least one Lincoln Towers bldg also has musty taste and odor in water, wondering what’s up. Bought a PUR pitcher today, don’t know if it will help.

    13. liz says:

      Yes to the water taste issue. Just started noticing it Friday/Saturday. Hint of mildew/chlorine. Not the usual crisp nothingness of NYC water. 103 and West End. This is clearly more than a building issue. Who do we contact?

    14. Marianne says:

      About the water issue: I’ve been noticing a foul smell in the water too, on 76th and West End Ave. For a year now I’ve been buying bottled water because I don’t trust the filters…expensive though. Someone should get to the bottom of this. whom do we contact?

    15. sally says:

      112th and RSD our tap water has been running beige on and off for a month. Not at all usual. Fortunately we have an RO filter for drinking.

    16. Anna says:

      West 73rd here. Yes to the water tasting and smelling strange and unpleasant. I had just been noticing it when I read the comment.

    17. Bill Williams says:

      Why are my comments censored? We can’t point out the photog is the founder of Twisted Sister and A lifetime UWS resident?

    18. Jodi says:

      YES! I just noticed it today when I was drinking from my new (as of yesterday) Klean Kanteen bottle, which I had filled at the 76th and Amsterdam branch of Equinox. Mold, mildew, very “off” and off-putting.

    19. BillyNYC says:

      Everything A-OK here on W. 80th St.
      No smell…
      Fresh/Clear/crisp and cold !
      I also have a tester reads negative.

    20. Amy says:

      YES on the mildew-y water! I was worried it was my faucet. Cleaned it out, still had the taste. We are at 99th and Broadway. Dismayed and relieved in equal measure to hear it’s not just me.

    21. AS says:

      I also noticed an unusual taste in my water and changed the Brita filter, which did nothing. This has been going on since the beginning of Nov. I am on W 86th.

      I find that it is affecting my mouth as well because the taste continues to linger.

    22. Deri says:

      Yes (from 77th and Amsterdam) about the grassy water, from sometime this weekend. Thought it was my Pogo Gear water bottle, and washed it thoroughly a couple of times, which did nothing. Although, it doesn’t seem to be as bad today.

    23. S says:

      Can we hear more about the water issue

    24. G says:

      50/11 and funny tasting water here too. Would love some answers as neither the brita or running the faucet extra long seem to make any difference

    25. Bernadette says:

      Yes- my water taste like mildew too and I am on 42nd between 10th and 11th.

    26. Elizabeth says:

      I’ve had the same water problem on West 80th for about 5 days or so. It kind of tastes like dirt. The water is usually so delicious.

    27. Ceecee says:

      Have noticed the moldy tasting water in Harlem since last Tuesday. Call 311 to log a complaint. Someone will call you back and that is how we learned last Oct about the change of water sources to the Croton water source.

    28. Amy Watkins Barnard says:

      I asked my husband if the water tasted like there was mold in the glass. I noticed it multiple times in the last few days.

    29. Kelly Gresham says:

      Yes! 72 and West End here- water also tasted off. Happy Thanksgiving to all!