Silver Stars Fitness: Over 50? Watch The Video & Learn About How Silver Stars Can Help You Improve Your Overall Fitness Level!


Do You Want To Improve Your Balance & Core Strength?

Do You Need Motivation & Accountability To Help Accomplish Your Goals?

Are You Trying To Lose Weight, But Are Unsure What The Most Efficient Plan Is For You?

Do You Want To Get Stronger, But Not Sure If You’re Going About It The Right Way?

Want To Improve Your Cardiovascular Endurance?

Do you Want To Get Tighter & LOOK Better Too?

Watch The Video’s Below To See How SILVER STARS Can Help You!

Sign up for our Baby Boomer Boot Camp. Cardio & Core Extravaganza, Balance & Fall Prevention or Yoga and get THREE weeks for $88. During the three week trial period, you can come up to two days per week.

Interested in private training? Get 25 % off your first month with no commitment.

Offer and promotion is for new clients and is for a limited time only!

Classes are offered morning and early evening Monday- Friday and on Sunday.

Call or email now to schedule your free consultation and become part of the fastest growing fitness program in NYC!

Silver Stars Fitness
850 7th Avenue, Suite 305
New York, NY 10019

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