Openings & Closings: Mighty Bowl, On Tap at Whole Foods, Jaros Drugs, My Gym

New food bowls are here, but a reliable spot for a beer has disappeared.

Mighty Bowl, an Asian fast-casual restaurant chain, has opened in the spot formerly occupied by Subway at 321 Amsterdam Avenue between 75th and 76th Streets. Mighty Bowl serves up a variety of Asian bowls, allowing people to choose from a variety of options or make their own bowl. The specials are listed on a sandwich board outside the restaurant. Here’s the menu. Thanks to Dan, Michelle and Joeanna for the tips.

On Tap at Whole Foods Columbus Circle closed at the end of October 31. It was a bar with craft beers and food, and one of the better spots to have a beer and watch sports while taking care of children, in our humble opinion. Our tipster Christopher Canfield says he heard from staff that the space will be replaced by an Amazon Prime Now staging area. The company has not responded to our request for comment.

Jaros Pharmacy at 25 Central Park West (62nd) was closed by the marshals, so the landlord has taken possession.  “I just left the doctor after oral surgery, had my medications sent to Jaros, and GREAT, no antibiotic or pain medication for me until the doctor opens tomorrow and can send to Duane Reade,” our tipster wrote. He was frustrated that the pharmacy didn’t tell doctors to not send medications there, and urges other West Siders to alert their doctors so as not to end up in the same predicament.

A children’s gym called My Gym has signed a 3,262-square-foot lease at 207 West 79th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. “The children’s fitness brand offers early physical education and pre-gymnastics classes as well as birthday parties for children ages six weeks to 10 years,” a press release said. (Children’s fitness, is that a thing now?) “Boasting state-of-the-art facilities, My Gym aims to enhance children’s development through games, music, exercise, sports, gymnastics, puppets and unique rides.” My Gym has three other locations in Manhattan. They expect to “take occupancy” on October 1.

La Sirene at 416 Amsterdam Avenue (West 80th Street) just began serving breakfast starting at 8 a.m. “They have homemade croissants. Food is authentic and delicious!!” wrote Lynn, who seems to be a fan. La Sirene is one of the few restaurants in the neighborhood that accepts Bitcoin. How many Bitcoin for a fresh croissant?

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    1. Tag Gross says:

      Wow Jaros gone. That has been a neighborhood place since before I was born. Over 60 years. We used to get toys there as well. What a shame.

    2. George says:

      Following up on the Duane Reade conversations after the news of the 75th & Columbus closure: I was on the Upper East Side yesterday and noticed that two Duane Reade locations on 3rd Avenue are closing — at 74th and 85th. And two locations are also closing in the East Village — one around 14th Street & 1st, and 2nd & Avenue D. I also have a friend in Astoria who mentioned a few weeks ago that their location Duane Reade closed. Seems like it’s a city-wide set of closures, rather than a problem unique to the Upper West Side.

      • B.B. says:

        DR at 85th and Third closed months ago; space has been empty ever since.

        Am surprised to hear store at 74th and Third is closing. It is a very busy 24/7 store, and last time one checked the pharmacy was open 24 hours as well. Lenox Hill hospital sent (or was sending) patients from their ER to get prescriptions filled.

        • Christopher Canfield says:

          Very much agree. I went to the 74th St location many times over the past few years. It’s modern/renovated, and there was always a line. Sure, there are Walgreens not far from there, but there are a few CVS’s in the way, such as at 72nd & 2nd, that will suck up former customers. I’m surprised that Walgreens didn’t see value in keeping that location.

    3. LeCharlieEtCosmo says:

      Bitcoin? Vrainment? Je ne le crois pas.

    4. UWSHebrew says:

      All the local pharmacies will eventually go out of business. I have never had problems with CVS and always get a text when a prescription is ready.

      • Joe Rappaport says:

        As a long-time user of Suba Pharmacy at 104th and Broadway, I hope you’re wrong, UWS. The community helped to save Suba many years ago, and many of us are looking to go there for many years in the future. The service is accommodating, the hours are decent (they’re now open on Sundays) and their product mix has expanded nicely. I’m glad you’re happy with Duane Reade, and I’ve certainly used them in the past. But Suba’s been great for me, that’s for sure, and I hope it sticks around.

      • KK says:

        Support your local family pharmacies!

        Broadway Family Pharmacy on Amsterdam and 85th is the best pharmacy!!!

    5. Craig says:

      Bar replaced by an Amazon Prime Now “staging area” is peak boring dystopia.

      • Greg Kreischer says:

        First the craft beer selection at WF went way downhill, now this! THANKS BEZOS

      • Christopher Canfield says:

        But slightly faster shipping!

        You’re completely right. It’s a sad end to a surprisingly decent place. They had many regulars, and West Side Rag is spot on: it was a nice place to get a good beer while your kid got purple sweet potato tempura or food from the WF hot bar.

        Oh well. At least we still have Morty’s.

    6. Jessica Pry says:

      Does anyone know what Gyu Kaku is planning to open? I walk by it all the time and it seems imminent!

    7. George says:

      Is anything happening at 464 Columbus Avenue, with the “Coming Soon” Da Luce sign in the window? Or has the same paper been up for 3.5+ years now?

    8. Mark Moore says:

      When did a bowl become a selling point? You mean, they take different things and put them together in a bowl??? Wow, here please take my money.

      • UWS_lifer says:

        I hear you, Mark.

        I like my food separated and neatly grouped together in an orderly fashion. This bowl thing seems like it’s just a fad. Everything all mixed together haphazardly and covered with sauce or something?? No thank you.

        Personally, I blame millennials and immigrants for this madness. It will never last.:)

      • George says:

        It’s a convenient/quick lunch or dinner. And as far as fast (or fast casual) dining goes, it has a lot to do with the trend of whole ingredients. When you get a bowl — typically a grain bowl — you can see everything going into it.

        What you’re saying could be said for sandwiches. You’re just putting several ingredients between two pieces of bread. But there’s so much that can be done within that simple construction.

      • George’s Mom says:


      • Lemonade Lil says:

        Exactly. Spoonable (and pricey)baby food for hipsters who can’t be bothered with a fork and knife.

    9. Robynn Delin says:

      In place of Jaros, I recommend using Joseph’s. Great service, wonderful people and two locations on West 72nd Street.

    10. Gayle Gorman says:

      Why did Jaros close?They recently moved to 62nd &
      CPW and even enlarged.

    11. lyriclark says:

      Such a shame about DR. Walgreens has completely ruined our local drugstores.We wonder what their point was in buying out DR and closing the stores. In the existing ones left open-their prices are ridiculous; the various merchandise they carry is often junk and the stores are so depressing. On another topic related…when Drs. wrote out scripts we could take them to any drugstore we wanted to–none of this waiting around for a Dr. to fax etc.or a pharmacy to open. That piece of paper was very essential to one’s healthcare. Now we have to depend on a chain of people and machinery to fulfill something so simple.

      • Rob Wolkow MD says:

        Doctors in NY can still issue written Rxs but must obtain a waiver from the NYS Narcotic Drug Enforcement Agency in order to do so.

      • B.B. says:

        Script pads caused no end of problems, and were in good part a cause of the current opiate or whatever addiction crisis.

        Nurses and other employees of a doctor’s office or other place where could get access would take a few pages or an entire pad. Sell them or just forge scripts themselves, then either abuse and or sell the various medications.

      • B.B. says:

        Walgreen’s had a pretty good run after purchasing DR. It has only been recently that they have run into issues.

        Some of these closures are coming about in wake of WG buying Rite Aid. As part of merger WG was forced to close or sell off some DR locations in name of competition. Where you had a DR and RA literally on same block or across street from each other, obviously that couldn’t fly.

        Other problem is like RA, and CVS WG expanded both their own stores and DR far to extensively. In many parts of Manhattan you had DR stores within a one block area of each other.

        Final nail in coffin came with arrival and expansion of online shopping. You can order a case of Charmin or Bounty for less than getting it at DR, *and* often get free delivery.

    12. Kenneth says:

      When the Apthorp Pharmacy has to move out of the Apthorp into less than half the space down the block, you know the trend is moving in the wrong direction for local pharmacies.

    13. Karindnyc says:

      My Gym expects to be in by October 1? Of 2020? Which bldg is 207– the former Goodwill location?

      • Terry says:

        No, 207 W. 79th is the new building next to the Lucerne Hotel. (It replaced the five-story building that housed the antique shop and other businesses.)

    14. adami says:

      aw I’ll miss that weird bar with the great selection of beer at WF Columbus Circle. I take a class at Art Students League on Saturdays and liked stopping by for whatever new craft IPA was on tap. Caught the end of the women’s tennis finals and Yankees playoffs there.

    15. George says:

      A martial arts studio just opened on Columbus between 83rd and 84th. Appears to be

    16. Joanne says:

      On Jaros closing
      Chateau Drug is your local go to independent pharmacy.
      On 68th & Amsterdam, they have been in business over 27 years. I have been a customer since day one.
      With free delivery, accepting my insurance, knowledgeable pharmacists Morry and Jay, always can answer all my questions and solve my problems.
      Even have a large homecare section, which came in handy when i broke my leg.

    17. Michael G says:

      La Sirene apparently now takes normal forms of payment in the UWS.

      (Still haven’t been there, but I’m more likely to try it now that I don’t need to load up on Ethereum and $5 bills beforehand.)

    18. Pharmacy Phanatic says:

      Hard to believe that the passing of Jaros pharmacy is met with a pitty little article about a prescription problem and not a lamentation about the store’s demise. Has the WSR no shame?

    19. Sean says:

      The lease is up for Apthorp Pharmacy at its’ current location. It is moving one block south next to the AT&T Store in March 2020. The move was supposed to be in January.