Restaurant Updates: Daily Provisions and Asset Announce Openings, Sirenetta Shifts Gears, and Olma Promises ‘Ecstasy’

The Upper West Side is about to get some new restaurants, and substantial changes to existing spots.

Danny Meyers’ Daily Provisions at is set to open on Amsterdam Avenue and 78th Street on Wednesday at 6 a.m. “Come early – we’re celebrating with prizes for the first 100 guests at both locations and a few fun surprises,” the restaurant said in an email.

Crullers, anyone? Photos via Daily Provisions.

Daily Provisions starts the day with baked goods — including a signature caramel apple cruller — but serves sandwiches, salads and other bites throughout the day. We last wrote about it here.

Asset, the sister restaurant to Tessa, now plans to open on Columbus Avenue between 75th and 76th Streets on Thursday (They’ll begin taking reservations on Friday.) Expect homemade pasta, with entrees featuring seafood, chicken and beef. Plus a “simply grilled” section. We last wrote about it here.

Pizzeria Sirenetta at 568 Amsterdam Avenue (88th) is becoming a more traditional Italian restaurant and thus will just be called Sirenetta. “Pizzeria Sirenetta is now a more general Italian restaurant with rustic fare like octopus a la plancha with salsa verde, roasted eggplant with pine nuts, rigatoni alla Bolognese, fettuccine cacio e pepe, roasted branzino with braised artichokes and a lamb burger with yogurt sauce,” Florence Fabricant reports. “Five of the pizzas remain on the menu.”

And Olma Restaurant & Bar, which was known for caviar, extravagant brunches and other dishes, closed suddenly with a sign on the door. It’s quite a sign! They’ll be opening a new restaurant in the space, apparently, which will be “the real deal. Koch, Dinkins, Giuliani all rolled up in one.” Yum! Olma’s owner Jacob tells us that they’ll be announcing the new concept soon, with a celebrity partner. Ecstasy, here we come! Thanks to Deri for the photo.

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    1. CWR10025 says:

      Why are my friends and I so excited about Daily Provisions opening up and eating what looks like the most delicious cruller!
      Besides that Danny Meyers does restaurants and food right! Maybe all the horrible, bad news…. Maybe a few sweets will make it feel better for a moment.
      Welcome to the neighborhood
      Provisions. .

    2. noma says:

      Those crullers look insane. Fantastic news that Daily Provisions and Asset open up back to back this week!!!!

    3. James says:

      Excellent news about Sirenetta. The restaurant’s strong spot has always been its non-pizza mains. The pizza is fine, but for crying out loud those pies are just stroller magnets on the UWS … there’s plenty of it to go around and Amsterdam Avenue needs more protein-forward fare for the adults who aren’t feeding four rug-rats.

    4. Juan says:

      Koch, Dinkins and Giuliani all rolled up in one is really not a good way to market a restaurant. Sounds more like a way to market a laxative or a barf bag.

    5. Marc says:

      *Sets alarm for 5:45am on Wednesday.*

      6:01: “Hi, welcome to the neighborhood. May I have 17 crullers? Big family – wife, 2 toddlers, etc…”

      6:07, upstairs on 79th: “Hi, honey, I brought 2 crullers from the new place for you and the kids”

    6. Rob G. says:

      Sorry to see Olma close, I loved the food and the vibe. On the new menu I’ll have the pre-insane Giuliani, but will pass on the Koch and Dinkins fare. Wouldn’t mind some Bloomberg for dessert though. And de Blasio should only be offered as a “to go” option!

    7. Carol says:

      Any news about when Sapphire will open at its new location? It was supposed to have opened on September 1st. I miss its delicious food.

    8. Cato says:

      Four people went to Olma on a New Year’s Day. One of the few places open at the time. (No great fans of caviar, but hey, any port in a storm….) Only a handful of customers there, and several staff. Waited. And waited.

      And waited.

      Not a welcome, not an eye contact, and certainly not a menu (let alone a drink order). Nada. Nothing. Other potential customers seemed to be having the same experience.

      After a ridiculously long while of being actively ignored, we left and went elsewhere.

      Think we ever went back?

      Bye, bye, Olma. Nonsensical farewell note aside — what the heck does Koch or Dinkins or Giuliani have to do with a pretentious one-note “caviar bar”?? And “ecstasy”? — your lousy customer “service” won’t be missed.

      Of course I can’t comment on the food, since (despite trying) I never got that far.

    9. Heike Schilling says:

      Jackie Mason. His wife may have written this… apparently partnering with Olma and taking in the little next door restaurant. Neighborhood friends and I convening at Olma many evenings are holding our breath.

      • chris woo says:

        I wish Olma luck. They had decent food (incl the chicken and waffles at brunch) at fair prices but many staffing issues. I honestly don’t know where they dug up some of the wait staff. But I can see how it is a vicious cycle … attracting an experienced wait staff is hard when filling tables is a challenge.

    10. Mark Moore says:

      Gabriela’s is officially closed. Kaput.

    11. Suzanne Bonser says:

      Danny Meyers opening a restaurant on the Upper West Side? We may have finally made it…..

    12. Ye Olde Englishe Teachere says:

      1. “Not good for the waste my friends
      –it’s waist, not waste!;

      2. “wave at all the Fattys”
      –it’s fatties (lower-case “f”), not Fattys!!
      And haven’t ya hoid:
      “fat-shaming” is so-ooo un-PC now

    13. Bill says:

      Walked into “Daily” at lunchtime. Lunch-counter ambiance … overcrowded and noisy, with loud background music to boot. Maybe if they deliver.

    14. DJ says:

      Wow, Upper West. Danny Meyers? Just so avant-garde with culinary experimentation.

      Go to “locations” and click Upper West side
      You can skip the line and order online or delivery.
      But I have been there the last few days and there was no line just busy at lunchtime (11:30am -2pm) with a lot of baby strollers!!! (too many for that small Space).
      Best time to go for breakfast 10 AM to 11:30 AM and the best time for a late lunch is after 2 PM throughout the day until closing 9 PM. / Great management and staff on hand… No attitude!