A Chase, A Crash and An Assault on Broadway

The scene after the crash. (The individual in the street may not have been involved.)

A man who was being chased up Broadway ran into the street at 98th Street and was hit by a vehicle on Wednesday at 7:10 p.m., according to police. The scene surprised passers-by, one of whom emailed us.

“We heard a taser-like sound, then heard one of the kids get hit by a car as he ran into the intersection at 98th & Broadway,” she wrote. “The rest of the kids scattered. The boy on the ground looked seriously hurt, and was being attended to by police when I left.”

Police did not mention a taser or other weapon being involved, but said that the people chasing the victim assaulted him after the crash. “The pedestrian/victim prior to the motor vehicle accident was being chased by a unknown individuals who punched him after the victim made contact with the vehicle.” The victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition. The driver, who was traveling east with the green light, stayed on the scene, police said.

The witness said she did not see a punch; she saw five “scattered after he was hit,” she said.

Police say that the suspects in the assault are teenagers. They say one is 15-years-old, last seen wearing a black t-shirt, black shorts and white shoes. The other is 16 and is 5’10” and 180 pounds, last seen wearing a white t-shirt and white jogging pants, police said.

Thanks to our tipster who wished to remain anonymous for the photo.

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