Openings & Closings: Trek Bikes, Red Rose Salon, The Nut Box, Chico’s

Trek Bikes is opening at 156 West 72nd in the former Le Petit Kids space. The sign is up and they are constructing the store, says tipster Peter.

The Red Rose Nail Salonย at 152 West 72nd closed, with a Marshal’s Possession notice on the window.

The Nut Box on Broadway between 104th and 105th has closed its doors, with a goodbye note on the window posted by the owner. Thanks to Sari and Nancy for the tips.

Chico’s is closing its store on Broadway and 83rd Street, according to a sign on the window. There’s a 70% off sale going on. Thanks to Sue for the tip and photo.

Beau EyeLash Studio has opened at 531 Amsterdam Avenue, between 85th street & 86th Street. They tell us they have a special promotion for a Full set Eyelash Extension – $99 (reg. price $129).

And while we lost Lowe’s on 68th and Broadway, a construction worker told tipster Marilyn that a new store selling fixtures for renovations is coming to Columbus Avenue between 67th and 68th street, where Ugg used to be.

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    1. Leon says:

      Good luck filling that Chico’s space – it is huge. Maybe it will become another unpoliced homeless encampment like Artie’s!

      • Lunabee says:

        Too bad about Chicoโ€™s. The rent must have been raised sky high. And then there are all of those on-line shoppers. Sign of the times. Will be empty forever.

        • chuck d says:

          Yeah, the own of that building is probably going to sit on this “asset” for 20 years waiting for someone to rent out this space for what he’s told his bank what it’s worth.

          Sometimes I really hate this city.

        • Sue says:

          I got 3 emails from Chico’s about 3 different stores closing – so it may be that they are just reducing their brick and mortar presence. At least in high rent areas. Meanwhile I went to their website today and it was the most difficult site I’ve had to navigate in years!

      • Juan says:

        Maybe they can convert it to Chico’s Bail Bonds!

        (if you don’t get my movie reference, look it up)

    2. UWSHebrew says:

      horrible location for the nut box. belongs in the village, not here.

    3. stu says:

      I have never seen many customers at Nut Box. Just seems like an awful business model considering the rents and competition in the neighborhood.

      Isn’t the bike shop on 96th a Trek shop? Is that space closing? Happy to have another bike shop on the UWS, but likewise, I am not sure how they will make it considering the low margins bike shops have and the nearby competition (including Toga, Renaissance, and the great Master Bike literally down the block)..

    4. jill says:

      red Rose nails closed many months ago

    5. Joe Rappaport says:

      It’s hard to make a go of it for any business these days, but the scaffolding didn’t help the Nut Box for sure.

    6. Karen says:

      Chico’s is pushing digital. Not just the neighborhood store — 250 of them:

      and the bike store on 96th street and B’way seems to also have recently become a Trek

      • lynn says:

        I liked shopping at Chicos because they had ‘basics’ and it’s easier for me to see and try on the clothes that I’m buying, as opposed to the hit and miss of ordering online. I’ve been on the UWS for a few years but by the time I figured out what the best spots were they were already disappearing and being replaced by another business or an empty storefront. I still haven’t found a decent laundry and I recently looked for a tailor on Yelp but the reviews are very mixed so it’s hard to judge who’s reliable. Could anyone here recommend a good tailor for minor alterations? Thanks!

        • Brenda says:

          The tailor at Belleclaire Cleaners on Broadway between 85th and 86th is great. They also do my laundry – pick up in the morning, return at night, folded perfectly.

          • Moosk says:

            Yes, he really is a good tailor.

          • lynn says:

            This is exciting, it’s the first I’ve heard there was a laundry there, and I definitely want to try the tailor. Thank you so much! I know it sounds like I don’t get around much, doesn’t it,lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Jamie Garde says:

            I would also recommend that Bellclaire. I’ve been using their tailor for 15 years.

        • Cato says:

          Yuri at Landmark Cleaners on Bway between 85th and 86th is an awesome tailor. He’s been there 20 years and has (and deserves!) a loyal following.

          Around the corner, on 85th between Bway and West End, is the well-named 85th Street Laundry, which will turn around a large bag of laundry on the same day.

        • Chris says:

          I had a leather jacket relined at Tailors Atelier in the LES. They did a great job at a good price. They also have a spectacular rating on Yelp.

    7. Zanarkand says:

      Are there any good clothing retailers left in the UWS above the Lincoln Center area? Seems like everything has closed for adult clothes and for kids clothes, there’s only the swedish brand near the history museum. I’m a youngerb person, very technical techy but I prefer to go to brick and mortar for clothes. I hate returning things and I feel it’s always a gamble online. The UWS is definitely in need of some clothing stores and a couple more good grocery stores.

      • Ll says:

        Hmm. Varazoni.

        The Gap is still sometimes good.

        Bloomingdale’s on 72 is pretty good. If you are willing to hunt Marshalls is decent as well

        Changing subjects, e petite kids freaked me out

      • Jane says:

        There is the boutique on Broadway (east side of street, just north of W 90 Street) called Rootchi. They can be expensive, but everything I have gotten there over the past 10 years has been wonderful and have given me a lot of pleasure!

      • Carnival Canticle says:

        Eileen Fisher and Peruvian Connection, on the same block of Columbus Ave. Very different from each other in style but both feature interesting, well-made clothes.

      • Carlos says:

        Brooks Brothers has two locations – I wear their clothes a lot but you have to shop their sales (which are very frequent) as their full prices are ridiculous.

    8. JP says:

      The new ice cream place where Gina’s was on Broadway and 92nd–Gelotti–seems to have closed suddenly.

    9. NY10024 says:

      Totally agree with Stu. Master Bike at 72 and West End is a great shop. Knowledgeable, helpful, and not pushy.

    10. JS says:

      Is Trek Bikes going to be renting bikes to tourists?
      Is that the primary focus?
      Stuff for tourists?

      Already two tourist bike rental stores on 72 (and BTW many more near Central Park South).

      • George says:

        The reality is that there are plenty of vacancies on the Upper West Side. Stores and services that attract more people to the area โ€” whether they’re tourists, or NYC residents heading over to the neighborhood just for an afternoon or evening, is a good thing right now.

    11. Sara says:

      I went to Beau Eyelash Studio this week and thought they did a great job. The space is very clean and attractive and the technician I had was very professional. One caveat is that I’ve never had this done before so have no basis of comparison but I was quite pleased.