Pupper West Side: Is Chauncey A Dog Or A Giant Teddy Bear?

Name: Chauncey

Age: 8 years old

Breed: Goldendoodle, though Mom describes me as “a little boy trapped inside a dog’s body.”

Profile/history: Mom and I found each other when she was going through a difficult time, so I’ve always been happy that I could be there to provide comfort. She’d been told that I wouldn’t grow larger than 60 pounds, but today I weigh in at a healthy 81 pounds. Whoops! Must be all those fruits and veggies.

Daily Routine: During the week, we’ll wake up at 7 a.m. and I’ll laze around while Mom does her morning workout in the apartment. Toward the end of her routine and during the cool down, I’ll start to get antsy because I know it’s time to head out to Central Park. We’ll stroll around and play fetch. Then it’s back to the apartment for breakfast and a few snuggles before she heads to work. I’ll get an afternoon visit from my dog-walker at AKC Canine Retreat. When Mom gets home, we’ll have dinner and take a low-key nighttime walk during which we often meet up with my poodle friends – Luciano and Romeo. On the weekends we spend more time in Central Park exploring or we might take a road trip to visit family in Connecticut.

Loves: Treats! Also my toys are two of my most prized possessions. One is a dinosaur and one is an elephant. And recently Mom bought me a giraffe, so now it’s officially an embarrassment of riches.

Does not love: I do not like the vacuum. Very sinister vibes coming from that contraption.

Favorite store/business on the UWS: Little Creatures on Columbus between 87th and 88th. One of the staff members there is very kind to me and he’s always generous with treats.

Favorite park spot: I guess I’d have to say my favorite place is the dog run on West 86th Street.

Favorite treat: Hands down a marrow bone stuffed with peanut butter, like the ones from USA Bone & Chew. Delish!

What are your favorite summertime events in the neighborhood? I am a huge fan of all of the food festivals or block parties held throughout the summer. What a great way to get outside and meet your fellow Pupper West Siders. Taste UWS is always popular and this year they had some fantastic new additions to the lineup including Mokum, Miznon, and Da Capo.  I also just found out that this weekend, Sunday, July 21st, Grand Bazaar NYC will be hosting a summer ice cream blizzard festival! Have you seen the weather forecast for this weekend? Highs in the upper 90’s! Ack!! You’ll find me hanging out by the ice cream trucks all day.

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    1. marta unker says:

      I love Chauncey!

    2. Maya says:

      Chauncey!!!! He’s a Loverdoodle….such a good boy!

    3. Lisa says:

      He’s so cute! That happy smiling picture at the top, my heart! What a doll.

    4. sg says:

      I love this regular WSR story…no doubt I’ll continue from my retirement home home in South Carolina