Two Men Stabbed at Dive 75 Bar

By Joy Bergmann

A shouting match escalated into the stabbing of two men by a third man around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning at Dive 75, a bar located at 101 W. 75th Street at Columbus, police said.

NYPD officers arrested a 41-year-old man at the scene and confiscated a knife believed to have been used in the incident. The suspect is awaiting charges, police officials said.

The two victims were transported to Cornell Medical Center and are reportedly in stable condition. The first, a 61-year-old man, suffered stab wounds to the hand and leg. The second, a 35-year-old man, endured stab wounds to his stomach, hand and buttocks, police said.

Deputy Inspector Timothy Malin of the 20th Precinct told WSR that the altercation began when the suspect could not be dissuaded from aggressively hitting on a woman at the bar and the two victims intervened on her behalf. That verbal disagreement led to a fight outside during which the stabbings occurred. Two Good Samaritans restrained the suspect against a vehicle until NYPD arrived, Malin said.

As of  7:00 a.m. Tuesday, the stairs and sidewalk outside of Dive 75 remained mottled with bloodstains.

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    1. Bill Williams says:

      Glad to see the old neighborhood hanging on!

    2. steve says:

      so it’s not just a name, then

    3. Henry says:

      I bet we’re looking at a recidivist who was set free by some liberal judge

    4. UWS40yrs says:

      Waiting for a commentor to blame this on de Blasio.

    5. Claire says:

      A bar fight, at a bar.

    6. Everybody Wang Chung Tonight says:

      Someone cheated at Chinese Checkers?

    7. Noma says:

      Proof that the broken windows theory is valid. de Blasio’s fault indeed.

      • AC says:

        You are correct!
        Attack the quality of life crimes (small petty stuff) and it knocks off the bigger crime. Unless you’re a true New York City resident residing in the city for over 30-40 years, you wouldn’t understand. Rudy and Jack Maple had it right.

      • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

        what the hell does this have to do with “broken windows policing”? was the guy who did the stabbing running a 3-card monte game in the bar? squeegeeing cars outside? urinating on the bar’s front door?

        you guys are just saying random things that you probably heard on right wing talk radio with no evidence or logic whatsoever.

        • Bob Lamm says:

          Thanks, Bruce. I’ve lived on the Upper West Side from 1947-1955 and from 1970 to the present. Tnat’s most of 60 years. But I guess I’m not a “true” New York City resident because I don’t have inane right-wing politics. 🙂

          But wait a minute! Isn’t it true that there was NEVER a single bar fight in the history of New York City before sickening Rudy became mayor? 🙂

        • Noma says:

          Look at the picture. Broken window.

      • EricaC says:

        Actually, there is a fair amount of research showing that crime declined at the same rate over the same period even in places where the broken windows theory wasn’t applied.

        Personally, I do feel better when small infractions are dealt with appropriately, so I resist the idea that it is not a good way of dealing with crime. Watching people break the law in small ways and get away with it is frustrating and it is certainly emotionally satisfying to see the bad actors get caught for small but persistent violations of the law and social norms – but intellectual honesty requires one to consider the possibility that other factors may have been involved and look at the evidence. It is out there. Google is your friend.

    8. Miguel says:

      If there wasn’t blood involved, the police wouldn’t have filed a report. And, yes, this is a tactic to keep crime numbers down. Bloomberg started it. DeBlasio embraces it.

      • Scott says:

        I was going to say the same thing. I bet if the victims staggered into the precinct to make a complaint, the cops would have laughed at them & told them to “hire a lawyer and sue the bar.”

      • Peterg says:

        Umm. Your source for that please?

    9. sam says:

      Its the chocolate they give out at the bar. Too much sugar gets folks excited. That, or the Jenga. Been many times, and I have never experienced anyone of the sort that might be carrying a shiv.

    10. Sarah says:

      Thank you to the men who intervened to defend the woman. If that guy was willing to take a knife to other men, god knows what he would’ve tried with the woman.

      • Jane says:

        Good for your comment about the decency of the men who were going to the aid of the harassed woman!

      • denise mack says:

        Reportedly, the woman had been rufied (by the knifer?) and he was attempting to drag her out of the bar. Her friend was saying that she didn’t know the man and someone stop him. The victims are firemen, there with one of their wives and told the man to get away from her.
        Not in stable condition either. One was in ICU after major surgery.

    11. Scott says:

      I always wanted to like this place but always found it lacking; I think they try too hard between the board games and the chocolate

    12. Mark Moore says:

      Isn’t the bar supposed to step in when a woman is being visibly harassed? Where was security?

    13. Mike says:

      There’s usually a doorman. Where was he at? Great neighborhood bar on the surface. But attracts too much dooshiness.

    14. Weird That Way says:

      Gosh. For more years than I can remember, I lived across the street from that bar. It is a noisy, disruptive establishment, a dive indeed. Often, they keep the door open so that those of us trying to sleep across the street can be rendered insomniac for a greater portion of the night. Close that menace down! But kudos to the fellow protecting a harassed woman.

    15. Stacey Klein says:

      please don’t show pictures of blood. This is very disturbing for people and can lead to vicarious trauma. Take the higher road in media!

      • Via Ventana says:

        Actually, don’t even report on blood. Or violence. Or bigotry. Or theft. Or racism. It’s all so disturbing. Instead let’s all watch reruns of The Brady Bunch.

        • David says:

          Eve Plumb a/k/a Jan Brady is selling her apartment at Nevada Towers, so let’s not discuss the Brady Bunch.

        • Kayson212 says:

          You have the option of whether or not to click on a story called “Two Men Stabbed at Dive 75 Bar.” I’m glad WSR covers this stuff.

    16. Marcia says:

      Love the victims standing up to
      Protect the lady at the bar! Love the Good Samaritans who held the the suspect until the puce arrived! Love my fellow New Yorkers!! Thank you!!!